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  1. To be honest i would not mind, if they place all stats in the range of 8-10. Today i started a Monk with low resolve, never Again!
  2. Yeah, Personally I would love if they to add a queue to so I can place some commands so I don’t need to pause every 3 seconds. Like the one in Kotor 2.
  3. Guys We are BETA TESTERS! Your job right now is not playing the game and getting all exited! Is finding BUGS! Reporting then and giving your opinion on the Subject! Act like a professional tester (slap) Of course there are bugs of course is almost unplayable! But I wanted to test the game. I wanted to report bugs! I wanted to state hey Why the **** does the ranger boar respawn multiple times. Once you find enough bugs, Wait till they fix them, and test again! You are not in beta to enjoy the game you are there to help it make it better for all the other players! So suc
  4. No Combat XP! for me! today testing i started a new game and went right to kill some lions, after some time i was, man i not geting any XP. And i was glad!!!!!! And im not troling, I just feel that if you start to plan ahead, if i kill 10 lions, then ill be level 5 and ill get X thing. Thats Just wrong, thats metagaming, And i hate it. For now ill keep the system Quest only XP, and thats it, and even then ill love to only level up at camp, once you contemplate in your past actions. But thats just me.
  5. Female Moon Godlike Chanter, Lol... Didnt expect those to be that popular, i Created a Barbarian and did the same, 6 Adventurer the Moon Godlike Chanter! Wow just Wow, I love the Chanter
  6. Ok I just Crashed from a chanter Bug. So post here all Chanter Related Bugs. First...I love the class, it was AWESOME! So, I chose to be able to summon 3 Skeletons as part of my spell list. But here comes the 1 bug. 1- First time y summon them it was with the fight in the main town, next I enter a building and I lost control of mi minions, So with the line you need to gather your party to move forth, I was stuck. *Saving and loading fix the problem, by making those minions disappear, so I was able to keep going. 2-Same Spell, I used in a fight and I summoned like 12+ of thos
  7. I just had this bug happend, I enter a building with a Chater summon the 3 skeletons, inside i could not move them(the 3 skeletons) and i could not exit the builind, with the memoarble line of: you need to gather your party to move foward. Saving and Reloading fixed the bug.
  8. I have a Holyday here, so i wanted to start testing as soone as posible, and as long as posible! So let it be soon! ok, Im already out of chamomile tea.
  9. Because there is only quest XP, I think it will be hard to not be conscious in the let’s collect the reward part.
  10. All I can say is Testing will tells us if it needs tweaking. Fighters regenerate Stamina faster, that means that they can engage in combat more often! So because of that his health will be more exposed the longer the fight is fight. So considering he will receive most of the damage in any fight, it makes sense that you have to take care of them. Most of the other classes when they are in a fight they need to disengage and be in deep trouble. So I think its fine.
  11. I’m not thankful of anything jet, I bet on obsidian to deliver a game that I would like, and in my mind it was a safe bet. In my mind I preordered a game 2 years in advance. Despite me not considering most of their games masterpieces, always filled with bugs and what not, I really enjoyed all of their games, even dungeon siege 3. Alpha Protocol, one of my favorite games, of course it’s like a really bad Mass Effect, but still. Every game they made felt Rushed, and this was the opportunity to no rush. Now its time to see if my bet played off. And if you deliver a new modern
  12. Ten days away, is there any new info? I want to start testing the classes and how to brake them. my altoholic disorder will be pushed to the limit.
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