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  1. Quick Help window at upper right corner has a checkbox: "Auto close this window" When you click it once and save the game, you are cursed forever! If any time this help window pops up again - only the first line is visible now - if you let it Auto-close it will stuck with a forever repeating sound loop of a "paper-shuffle". Solution: Exit, load a saved game and after this watch closely __always__ for any these new quick help window pop-ups and don't let them close automatically or else it will close and the broken paper-sound will loop forever. Until you reload your saved game... Took me an hour and a new character to figure out from where the heck the sound is coming from / what the heck caused it.. aaarrghh!
  2. Lore fonts are okay. Story narrator fonts could be bigger. Character generator fonts are too small, they should be scaleable and respond to font scaling 130% in options. All the CharGen text containing windows should be full screen height, not the current botched "design". Replay and Done as well Sex, Race, Culture texts are way too small==> should be 2x size at least. The Male and its description window should be 2x bigger. Who designed this????! I would force him / her to slave weeks at the workplace to enlarge these miniature windows..
  3. Dear developers, Please increase all GUI window sizes - less empty space on the screen is left unused - so you can accommodate bigger fonts. I'm sure the ceiling above the developers heads would have cracked and lava filled fissures would have opened below their feet IF they increased all GUI window sizes so LARGER FONTS could have been accommodated ~ 2x current size. Can't get it, why is it important to convey as little information as possible by constricted little windows and nigh unreadable little fonts? Are the developers SHY of what they are writing so it is best left in small fonts so the fewer people can read it the better??
  4. Fantastic water effect! Hope your font size can be modded to be bigger! Please leave font variable in a CFG or INI file.
  5. You guys are absolutely fantastic! Very talented team. Competent in all areas of isometric RPG, your updates always deliver an awesome experience! Its uplifting to see you elevate the RPG scene. Same cannot be said about the Wasteland 2 Team's ability to do "isometric-style" graphics, sadly. Mr. Fargo would have made an excellent decision to drop plans for their current 3D representation and somehow convince You to create the isometric engine for Wasteland 2. Their GUI and battle-space art is nowhere near your quality level. Obsidian is truly creating a fantasy world in its own majestic class. At least I can console my heart with Project Eternity and feast my eyes looking at your screenshots and videos with joy. Congratulations!
  6. BOOO! Newsflash, Mr. Tim Cain, Senior Programmer and Designer, swords DO BREAK! Its understandable if you deemed not worth loosing man-hours properly adding breaking weapons so you can finish PE in time. There are special medieval sword breaking weapons, heavy iron maces and heavy iron flails etc.. shields and plate armor also can break swords due to inept sword-strikes as you might be very well avare of. If you decided that you do not wish to bother with managing BROKEN_WEAPON_STATE in your code from a pure programmers standpoint and you do not wish to bother to make DROPPED_BROKEN_WEAPON items disappear, you are destroying fun realism that made Baldurs Gate so great. Simple weapons do break, should break, because that means the character hit too hard - maybe it was a critical hit, then the cracks in the cheap sword spread too far. Or the character is a beginner fighter, and breaks regular swords often, which is fun to observe! Also the following is great fun: 1. start a physically strong character with no weapons, just rags on his/her body. 2. Then try to fight bare-handed - yes its hard - 3. Anything you can get from the enemy you can use: a leather armor maybe and a weak sword 4. Then watch that sword become damaged then break in the middle of battle. 5. Watch the weak armor become damaged and then unusable / broken / torn / too much holes, etc.. 6. Experience the Ladder of Ascension process until my character has a somewhat better equipment and take on stronger enemies with confidence. Thank You for reading!
  7. Drithius I totally 100% agree with above! Also I would like to see more features, like bashing doors, exploding doors with Fireball spell, massacre-able NPC-s, ability to make firebombs, ability to make Golems and destroyable walls, picpocket NPC-s and ways to steal large amounts of treasure - gold, mithril, valuable items from Noble's houses. Ability to create deadly poisons and Smear the stuff onto blades, darts, bolts, arrows, allowing assassination from a distance or Backstab with daggers that have deadly poison applied.
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