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  1. To be honest i would not mind, if they place all stats in the range of 8-10. Today i started a Monk with low resolve, never Again!
  2. Yeah, Personally I would love if they to add a queue to so I can place some commands so I don’t need to pause every 3 seconds. Like the one in Kotor 2.
  3. Guys We are BETA TESTERS! Your job right now is not playing the game and getting all exited! Is finding BUGS! Reporting then and giving your opinion on the Subject! Act like a professional tester (slap) Of course there are bugs of course is almost unplayable! But I wanted to test the game. I wanted to report bugs! I wanted to state hey Why the **** does the ranger boar respawn multiple times. Once you find enough bugs, Wait till they fix them, and test again! You are not in beta to enjoy the game you are there to help it make it better for all the other players! So suck it up, Test or wait for an update, or don’t test, but your not here to enjoy the game your are here to help obsidian to make this game the best it can be. So report those bugs, test that balance, and do your job as a tester!
  4. No Combat XP! for me! today testing i started a new game and went right to kill some lions, after some time i was, man i not geting any XP. And i was glad!!!!!! And im not troling, I just feel that if you start to plan ahead, if i kill 10 lions, then ill be level 5 and ill get X thing. Thats Just wrong, thats metagaming, And i hate it. For now ill keep the system Quest only XP, and thats it, and even then ill love to only level up at camp, once you contemplate in your past actions. But thats just me.
  5. Female Moon Godlike Chanter, Lol... Didnt expect those to be that popular, i Created a Barbarian and did the same, 6 Adventurer the Moon Godlike Chanter! Wow just Wow, I love the Chanter
  6. Ok I just Crashed from a chanter Bug. So post here all Chanter Related Bugs. First...I love the class, it was AWESOME! So, I chose to be able to summon 3 Skeletons as part of my spell list. But here comes the 1 bug. 1- First time y summon them it was with the fight in the main town, next I enter a building and I lost control of mi minions, So with the line you need to gather your party to move forth, I was stuck. *Saving and loading fix the problem, by making those minions disappear, so I was able to keep going. 2-Same Spell, I used in a fight and I summoned like 12+ of those and I blowing up everything in my path, so 1 Bug there. 3-after summoning a lot of those, the game keep poping the keep tab with you only can reclute, or dismiss on the keep, and like after that thing poped 10 times crashed! lets keep Chanting all those bugs guys!
  7. I just had this bug happend, I enter a building with a Chater summon the 3 skeletons, inside i could not move them(the 3 skeletons) and i could not exit the builind, with the memoarble line of: you need to gather your party to move foward. Saving and Reloading fixed the bug.
  8. I have a Holyday here, so i wanted to start testing as soone as posible, and as long as posible! So let it be soon! ok, Im already out of chamomile tea.
  9. Because there is only quest XP, I think it will be hard to not be conscious in the let’s collect the reward part.
  10. All I can say is Testing will tells us if it needs tweaking. Fighters regenerate Stamina faster, that means that they can engage in combat more often! So because of that his health will be more exposed the longer the fight is fight. So considering he will receive most of the damage in any fight, it makes sense that you have to take care of them. Most of the other classes when they are in a fight they need to disengage and be in deep trouble. So I think its fine.
  11. I’m not thankful of anything jet, I bet on obsidian to deliver a game that I would like, and in my mind it was a safe bet. In my mind I preordered a game 2 years in advance. Despite me not considering most of their games masterpieces, always filled with bugs and what not, I really enjoyed all of their games, even dungeon siege 3. Alpha Protocol, one of my favorite games, of course it’s like a really bad Mass Effect, but still. Every game they made felt Rushed, and this was the opportunity to no rush. Now its time to see if my bet played off. And if you deliver a new modern RPG classic, ill be thankful. If you don’t, it’s ok... I'm sure it will be a good enough game that ill like to play
  12. Ten days away, is there any new info? I want to start testing the classes and how to brake them. my altoholic disorder will be pushed to the limit.
  13. Soooo Exited for Beta!!! All those combinations! to test!!!!
  14. I pledged to beta this game, I Have participated in a fair amount of Beta tests, and I just want this game to be as good as it can be. And to be honest the getting surprised and spoilers and so on I don’t care about that I care about helping to give mi small opinion to a game that I have help funded. And in 5 years I want to “skill wanting to play this game ” so spoilers really who cares about those? (Many do lol) But still considering that one still plays BG and we kinda know all the ins and outs of it, doesn’t change the fact that is a good and fun game to play. But that’s just me.
  15. Also this is a 2d game with 3d character models. So having ragdoll effect, with no real up and down, in not something you can do.
  16. Actualy this means that barbarian take more stamina damage and less health damage, their formula is 1/6 instead 1/4, so the can take a lot more pushment than other classes. Fighters may have better armor, and defence. but barbarians have more helth, d10 vs d12,
  17. Just the thought of it makes me wanna or maybe Actually I’m against this! I hate the resting in the middle of a dungeon. It must make sense and that depends on the Dungeon. But lets say you are a cave. Inside the cave there are Bears. You kill some of them, and then you rest. So if you are careful the other bears may not want to attack you. In that cave I would have no problem. But let’s change the setting to, an Evil Mage Dungeon. Lets say you kill half his minions to get there, for me its moronic to be able to sleep there, and still feel the world is real, alarms should sound, the mage should try ambush you, not 3 skeletons and what not, but a big ambush, with traps waking up in the middle of a fireball, or maybe some of your companions as hostages, or dead even. All depending of multiple skill checks and what not, but it should always should carry a consequence resting in dungeons you are invading, where people should roam and live there. Resting in next to a room filled with bandits and with only the consequence that you where ambushed by 3 regular bandits its not enough. That’s why I support going back to some sort of base camp, maybe that I set near the big dragon lair, but still not inside his lair.
  18. As far as i know, health is like a long team resourse, how far can you go without going back to camp. So you can go into a dungeon and reach level 5 but your team has 5 hp points each, then you know there is no way to finish it, so you turn back to camp, rest and then you come back. there is no rest where ever you like in this game. AS FAR AS I KNOW. So adding anything that changes how you replenish HP, changes the idea of the resourse, so i dont think they will add nothing to heal it at least in lower levels.
  19. Thats good. ill be able to play ironman mode without woring about perma death. The only thing i hope is that every one that plays in expert mode plays also with ironman mode. So they dont do any reloding after every death shananigans.
  20. Ok Back to topic, Suckerpunchs are not cool man! like farting in someone balls! Not Cool!
  21. Point taken, but the last sentence is what worries me. What I gathered from the Obsidian interviews is that they want to make this in to a successful franchise. Now did they mean that they want it to find a healthy market(beyond kickstarter), or simply satisfying the people who kickstarted it so they can go another round (sequel/exp). I guess it's a question of if they have ambition to make a big studio out of Obsidian or if they are fine with getting paychecks for making games they love(?). I could see them making different styles of games based on the PoE world setting, like a single character sandbox and/or a MMORPG. Or they could produce games in a different genre, such as sci-fi, with a modified version of the PoE rules. They would already have the core code base written and debugged, so it should significantly reduce development costs. Just because a game is a niche product may not be a bad thing. Lets say, from now on, all PoE game, are all Kickstarted, They are funded, Obsidian substract taxes, and the rest goes into production. Then they work, can pay for X amout of time, so they work and work to please the backers, they beta the game with us in mind. Then they put it on sale, icing on the top. any money they make outside of the kickstart is done from a finished product (with some luck). Next they do a kickstart again, if they flop, they fire a bunch of people, and try to pitch another game to a publisher. if not, the they keep working, insted of beeing suported by a publisher, its suported by "pre purchases". This reminds me that we the playerbase can help fund something we want istead of something like "AE" wants to sells us. like an artist in the renaissance period that works for a noble, now we are paying this artist "or company Obsidian", to crate somethig for "our colective taste" more or less. Time will tell. The only thing i can say if they make a Good Game, ill have no problem with Kickstarting another project. or pre purchasing something 2-1 year in advance.
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