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  1. "Pollaxe" is the correct spelling and the most common one."Poll" is an old word for the top of the head, and here probably refers to the length of the weapon. "To poll" means to cut hair, and pollarded trees are cut at head-height.
  2. Uh... is this the first game you've ever played? Because I've seen much, much worse - and more times than I have appendages to count them with. None of that applies to Galaxy. You decide where to install the games. You decide whether to auto-update or download patches of your own choosing manually. And you own the games you buy - you can download installers and make backup copies, for example. You can use Galaxy purely as a download manager or a patching tool. But clearly that's not good enough for you, because you hate it on principle.
  3. That's certainly true and something that should be fixed. CDPR seems to have some pretty good programmers, one might think they'd be able to handle binary deltas.
  4. GOG Galaxy handles updates just fine. I don't miss the days when I had to find, download and install patches manually.
  5. People that don't check their facts and think D:OS had a smaller budget than PoE are also comical...
  6. Sounds good to me. I never liked how an entire spell level suddenly changes from 4/rest to 4/encounter, that's just too much of a leap. I would've just made the change gradual, i.e. 4/R > 1/E + 3/R > 2/E + 2/R > 3/E + 1/R > 4/E.
  7. http://www.gog.com/game/forgotten_realms_the_archives_collection_two Oh wow. Thank you! Don't thank me, thank CD Projekt. They've done a huge amount of work to gain the rights and to port the games for modern systems despite of how unlikely it is they'll ever make any real profits from doing so.
  8. You still haven't worked that out of your system? Go hit a punching bag or something, there's no need for these tantrums.
  9. Happens to me ~50% of the time. Might be related to how I often get "assign" button instead of "recall" button in Stronghold Actions panel, also a purely graphical glitch.
  10. You're inventing your own lore here. Fire blights aren't made of fire, they're (fragments of) souls bonded with fire. But just because they can channel, control and use fire, that doesn't mean they can necessarily withstand arbitrary amounts of energy and heat. And we know they do have limits, because they can't just create/absorb more fire and grow bigger. Don't get me wrong, I like that blights are immune to their own elements - it does make sense and it's good for gameplay - but it's not something the lore as we know it demands. That said, flat-out immunity to a specific type of physical damage very rarely makes sense. Why, exactly, are earth blights immune to slashing? An axe would still carry lots of momentum and act as a crushing weapon, even if the blade couldn't cut into the rock for some reason. And if the blade hit an edge on the surface of the rock, it would still concentrate all that momentum over a tiny spot, effectively dealing at least some piercing damage. High resistances - even very high - do make sense, immunities don't. Making some of the toughest monsters in the game arbitrarily immune to a specific physical damage type is an example of what I call artificial difficulty.
  11. There's an easy workaround: play normal mode and delete your save files manually when you die.
  12. No, wearing plate armour doesn't require any special strength. Shows how much you know about armour, especially considering how you call it "plate mail". Aloth has perfectly ordinary, lean frame and MIG and CON that give no penalties. Kana is a huge aumaua; Sagani is a muscular, stocky dwarf, a long distance hunter and an archer; both have high MIG and bonuses from CON too, so why on Earth would the not be able to wear armour?!? Museum plaques are notoriously untrustworthy. 200+ pounds seems more than a bit implausible, seeing how most full plate armours weigh less than 50 lb. Armours specifically made for jousting could sometimes weigh up to 100 lb, but they weren't used for combat. -- Seriously guys, go look at some re-enactors. You'll see that the majority of them are perfectly ordinary men, not some hulking mountains of muscle. Typically a good portion of them are outright nerds (no offence) with physique that goes along with the title, yet they have no problems moving about and doing combat demonstrations.
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