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  1. That was my thoughts as well. It's a mystery to me why they'd even make a Grimoire that has these bonuses, if they only wanted to make the one. I didn't even know there were these unique spells in the books, so for me the choice was fairly obvious, even with the instant interrupt. But in my second playthrough I'll definitely try to look for some of the unique spells. I do hope though they'll add something later on, at least some minor bonuses to some of the spellbooks.
  2. Interesting, thank you. I had not noticed they might contain unique spells otherwise not obtainable. That would definitely make the whole grimoire hunt more interesting if that's the case.
  3. Heya! I've just finished the game (And explored the vast majority besides the main quest), and I was wondering if I missed any of the grimoires in the game that has any sort of special ability? I only found the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry with any special abilities. Did I miss them somewhere else, or is it the only one?
  4. Yeah that'd work, but I am an achievement whore too so :3 Yeah that's probably what I'd end up doing. Just thought I might as well ask before I started my run
  5. Hello everyone, My question is fairly straight forward. Is there any way to make it possible, either through mod or some other means that I just haven't found, to make me able to actually save, or quicksave, during a Trial of Iron run, and NOT have the game quit to the main menu? And also to make it so I'm able to load my savegame, without having to quit first? I find it an annoying waste of time having this extra "go to main menu every time" step. I can guess why it's there, in the spirit of the challenge etc, but to me it's just more of an annoyance then anything. Thanks in advance.
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