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  1. On the link between Fallout and TOW: Nope. The time lines of both games don't allow for this. Hopefully Obsidian will include this in the MQ of the upcoming DLC next year though. Really needed for closure. Also not: it's a fair assessment to say TOW is the space version of Fallout Van Buren, which was supposed to be the Fallout 3 game which Interplay (now Obsidian) wanted to make 3 decades ago. With a deep MQ driven by a good number of game lore/NPC factions/NPC-PC development/player choice etc. Basically New Vegas on NPC faction MQ/side quest steroids lol. But unfortunately this nev
  2. TOW is a slow burner given the starter location in Edgewater IMO. By the time you get to Sanjar/MSI and the Chairman's obsequious, Prima Donna exec at Byzantium (and especially the Adjutant), that's where Obsidian's dialogue and NPC character development really begins to shine. So TOW game play is mediocre? Well folks that claim this (ESPECIALLY if the words "Fallout game" follows TOW immediately afterwards) either never played an Obsidian game, or are too vested in mindless pew pew FPS style game play. Or are too brain washed and conditioned by a certain AAA dev who took the intelle
  3. Yes there IS a LOT of side quests that may or might not be related to secondary and MQ objectives. You literally need to explore every nook and cranny of the settlements and especially wilderness areas like Monarch. Or you'll miss quite a few!
  4. funny how you can't find booze bottle collectibles to put in her room on the Unreliable. I keep running into books that end up in the Reverend's room
  5. Reading comprehension isn't exactly your strongest suit is it? The need to 1. insert oneself in a reply to a conversation which does not refer to them, and then 2. try to begin a side bar argument using a completely unsubstantiated personal attack completely reeks of narcissism.
  6. I'm not "hounding anyone off" or being partisan about anything. Bottom line is that poster has never really committed themselves to playing this game ---let alone a Bethesda one -- for any meaningful comparison. So their subjective post (to which they're completely entitled) is based on unsubstantiated ignorance, deliberately trolling, or combination of both. What that forum member has done with their post is equivalent to the trolling drivel that you'll encounter on Bethesda's official forum for F76. A decisively split fan base contending over the future of the franchise being an online
  7. folks, with exactly 2 posts (one not on this game forum) to their credit, @pyrimides clearly does NOT have any investment or interest in Obsidian (or Bethesda) designed games. Because it appears that @pyrimides might not even be a Bethesda or Obsidian fan boi given the fact their only other post was back in 2010. Asking for tech support to troubleshoot how to play totally different game genre on a PC..... Ppl please, ignore this poster's flame bait. Don't feed this forum troll
  8. No offense OP. But why is your PC self suck a d*ck? I mean just how much of a toxic troll is your PC in their daily interactions with NPCs with the Board/Byzantium to make their life such a living hell?
  9. 1. Ellie - for being Ellie 2. Felix - for his boyish charm, honest open personality, fierce loyalty, and go get 'em attitude. 3. Parvati - for her infectious naivety, and adorable mix of childish and eager puppy way in which she views the world outside Edgewater 4. S.A.M. - for being the strong, silent, methodical and efficient killer type. 5. Nyoka - for best in your face attitude and being the best drink buddy ever! 6. Vicar - competent as a ranged fighter. But his somewhat reserved, paternalistic demeanor and virtue signaling attitude can be off putt
  10. Yep. Some suggestions: After finishing the MQ for first time, give it a little rest. Go play FO4 (vanilla or heavily modded) for a while. Then return and play TOW on supernova. Play a dumb character (if you didn't do this previously. Or the opposite PC of what role you played the first time). Try to challenge yourself by taking all the character flaws as they come up in your game progression. Make sure you're eating, drinking and sleeping frequently to keep your combat skills sharp. And this time, reading all the food descriptions will be critical. Because accidentally drinking alcohol
  11. Yeah. It's called Supernova. You know. Where your PC must eat, drink and sleep daily. And the mode where your companions can experience permadeath. Sorry you didn't get the memo......
  12. I'm trying to start a list of unmarked and/or sandbox side quests you might end up doing outside of the MQ and other side quests like companion/NPC etc. I finally got to Groundbreaker which has LABYRINTHINE scale interior dimensions. Even for a generation style spaceship! Was exploring the immense promenade area when I came across these 2 apparently unmarked quests. These do not appear linked to any of the MQ or side quests. And greatly reward the player for exploration and taking the incentive to track down information they encounter on terminals, notes and other info sources in the world. S
  13. Well player housing has never been a stable feature of Obsidian designed Fallout games. That's a fundamental game engine feature by Bethesda. Seems you're confusing this feature with this sorft of ability in New Vegas perhaps? Did you rush through the main storyline? If so, how many hours per day/how long did it take your play through this first time around? And will you be RPing using a different character to see how this would affect the alternate game endings?
  14. 1st & 2nd pics: my PC...after I forgot to snap a mug screen shot in the creation menu. Didn't pay much attention to his athletic stats as I was too focused on maxing his stealth and charisma attributes. But it seems his normal default build turned out alright 3rd pic: wonder what the look on his face was when looking down to see that floor..... ps: I can't for the life of me figure out how to include pics inside the spoiler. Drag n drop or posting links don't work. Also how to position pic under specific lines of text? They're all showing up at the very bottom of the
  15. That wasn't a spoiler. Where was the spoiler content? It has no ties to a structured MQ/side quest (other than mention of an NPC name). That was just one of the many random messages you can encounter on the public terminals outside of missions.
  16. Alright I'll bite. If you're really being genuine here and truly not trolling, then please do yourself a favor. Try playing at least ONE of the legacy 3rd gen games you've written off as "mediocre" aka Witcher, FO3, and especially Fallout New Vegas (developed by Obsidian). But NOT Fallout 4 which is 4th gen and completely different single player FPS design btw. Best yet, play FO3 and compare it to Fallout NV game play. And really, really try to play AND comple Fallout New Vegas on survival mode (hopefully this will be the PC version so you can add all the critical PC mod community bug
  17. ....So apart from the "couple of hours" you invested in TOW, you've NEVER played another Obsidian game. And yet appear to be the resident expert with subjective game critic adjectives like "utterly mediocre" and "hopelessly tryhard" ??
  18. While hanging out on Groundbreaker, my PC came across this email from the SubLight Salvage & Shipping terminal to all SubLight employees: ...my PC was totally and completely hers the moment he read that. #LilyaWorship THANK YOU Obsidian for this immersive level of character development for all NPCs we encounter in the TOW universe. Especially for the great attention to detail you put into little game play features like this. It's immersive world environment features like this which make the player form a lasting impression with NPCs in the game world. Regardless of whet
  19. Yes I'm aware of the existing mods on Nexus (my home for all things TES, Fallout and KCD). But by lacking mods, I meant mods with more complexity besides the simple, primitive UI tweaks that currently exist. Something on the scale and scope of a global NPC AI overhaul mod. Or a mod the vintage of a Project Nevada for Fallout New Vegas as an example.
  20. You're assuming TOW runs on Bethesda's Gamebryo engine. Which Bethesda authorized Obsidian to use when they developed the open world that was Fallout New Vegas. An engine which Bethesda custom designed to support critical game design features like havok physics and other dev framework features. Which have been the main essence for why the Fallout/TES worlds have been so interactive historically.
  21. Unfortunately there aren't any mods for this let alone mods in general yet at Nexusmods. This will take time. Now why would you the player require some sort of visual HUD element indicator of the enemy AI awareness? Filling up an awareness meter is so archaic 2007 Assassin's Creed style. Why can't you just rely upon the two obvious senses you need to play the game aka your sight and hearing? Basically, how can you IRL tell if an animal (like a dog) is hostile towards you or not? Their aggressive/hostile body posture more than makes up for them lacking the capacity for language. Same for
  22. I agree. While I'm not a fan of the art deco and color scheme, I accept the graphics for the slightly whacky and cartoony tone they were trying to set. But the red arrows (and health meters) are the two features that feel out of place and immersion breaking. Reduces the game to a cheap arcade shooter game with every hostile NPC encounter. Especially with those repetitious animation attack scenes for each companion's special combat skill. But at least you can turn this particular feature off. The red triangles are both disconcerting and distracting.
  23. What's your basis for your opinion in the first statement? I base my subjective view on the extent of replay value (number of hours playing heavily modded versions of SA and GTA V). First, Rockstar got lazy and decided to shorten the MQ by dividing it among 3 characters instead of one. Rockstar also decided to conveniently forget that the state of SA consisted of A THREE COUNTY AKA 3 DISTINCT MAPS by GTA lore. Yet somehow, GTA V was magically transformed into a SINGLE WATER BOUND ISLAND with MOST of the map being underwater. With ZERO game play by means of underwater mission or side ques
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