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  1. Hi I started playing the game, it is good and I enjoy the start but quickly saw that there is no option to save I am not on an age where I can play video games all day last night I needed to go to a meeting and my entire progress got destroyed because of it. I already asked for a Refund from Epic Games will purchase it once there is Save ability in game EDIT - I did not know its only an issue with Supernova... well it means I won't play supernova then (I do suggest that you will atleast enable a Save & Quit Iron Man style Save game so that if after a Long session you need to leave your PC your progress won't go down the drain)
  2. Same issue Story Mode defeated a Shade Continue or Heal no matter what I check nothing happens
  3. That sound Great I liked every part of the implementation of resting. Being able to rest outside of Inns is a Good Thing, Limiting it to a certain number keeps the Health/Stamina Strategy still being Important No enemy Random Encounter = No Save/Reload when you are badly wounded which is one of the things I hated the most in Baldurs Gate. Bonuses to spending more money in an Inn is also Good... it always struck me as stupid why should I pay more for a luxurious room when the cheap one does the trick (though usually I would spoil my characters at a Royal Suite even though its stupid) The Only question i have is about the Maimed/Death Will Death be Permanent? if yes, how can we avoid a situation where AoEs are happening in a Closed room? especially after a teleportation of some kind. I am ok with the idea of having the risk of character being taken out completely, and not just maimed. But I would really hate it if it will be a Permanent Death especially if there is a lot of hard to avoid AoE damage in an area. Keep up the good work. Thanks for an hopefully great game.
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