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  1. Does anyone know when these will be arriving? I haven't been able to find anything saying when. Then again, maybe I didn't look hard enough.
  2. So, if my memory is correct, 3 to 5 years have passed sense the events of Pillars of Eternity 1 by the time Pillars of Eternity 2 begins. Question of the hour is, what has the Watcher been up to? Adventuring? Relaxing? Dealing with politics? Raising their kidnapped child (if they took it, anyway) It would be interesting if we could chose what s/he has be been doing. Maybe get some sort of small bonus similar to picking our place of origin in Pillars of Eternity 1
  3. Just put my name. Someday, I'll end up in the credits of ALL the Isometric RPGs! Mwhahaha.
  4. More gun options might be cool. Like How about a really strong character can use a cannon as a gun
  5. I had a thought I hope this doesn't sound ****-ish Maybe like, in game, on the Black Isle Bastard ship, there could be a list of 'Bastards Come and Gone' and you could use the names of everyone who helped fund the Bastards. Just a thought.
  6. If I have learned anything about crowd funded games that make a ton of money, they end up getting delayed a lot further than their original planned release date. Which is a good thing, mind you! It means the devs have more time to put in all the extra stretch goal content. I could be wrong, and Obsidian will have it all said and done by Q1 2018. But I won't bet on it.
  7. Blade of the First Bastard "Many years ago, a noblemen sired a son with his mistress, and upon discovering her pregnancy, disowned the woman and her unborn child. As the years went by, the boy grew to be a thief, a crook, and a general menace to society as a whole. Upon the death of his mother he learned the truth of his lineage from her will, and went out in search of his father. When he found his father and was prompted turned away, he struck his father down with an ornate, obsidian long sword that hung on a nearby wall. The boy fled, sword still in hand, and stole a ship that belonged to his father. Over the years this bastard would find others like him, children disowned by noble families; and together they would form the Black Isle Bastards. A crew of cut throat pirates that ransacked the ships of nobles all across the seas. Although the first Bastard eventually passed, his legends, and his crew would live on. This sword hung in the captains quarters for many years before it was passed onto you, the Watcher." Not a very good story, and kinda long. But I've had that sitting in my head for a while and thought someone here might get a kick out of it. I left out any real names or places, just in case Fluffy Senpai notices me.
  8. So, suppose we reach the Create an Item goal, what did you have in mind, Captain Fluffy, if anything. I know obsidian has final say, but you are the Captain of this crew of bastards, so I'm curious as to your thoughts.
  9. Magrans flaming ****! In the back of my head I was worried we wouldn't make it. But we are so close! I wish I could spare some more, but alas, money is to tight. Such is the life of On that note, I do have a question. What will the actually crew of the Black Bastards be like? (Sorry if this has already been stated, 25 pages is a lot to read!)
  10. I think it might be RNG related. Some times the Dice Gods just aren't kind, ya know?
  11. Here it possible that map you totally appear on the BIBs ship, and when the Watcher asks about it, the captain is like 'oh. Yeah one of the boys drew that a while back. Out 'dream Island'. Didn't uh... Didn't work out in the end."
  12. I must have spent half an hour debating who I would pick. In the end I went with Hylea because it seemed like the right thing to do for my super good Watcher. (who also lied to people a lot) In my eyes it seemed like a win/win for Hylea AND Berath The still living Hollowborn will become real children, parents who lost their children get twins with the soul that would have went into their Hollowborn child and all the left over souls go back into the Wheel. However, given what I know, I think the giving the power to the people of the Dyrwud (Galawain/Abydon/Mogran) so that they can have the will to live again is a great choice.
  13. So, anyway who has played the entirety of Pillars of Eternity 1 knows that by the end of the game you have some pretty serious weapons and armor on hand. Especially if you played White March. The question of the hour is, what will become of some of these items? The Hammer of Abydon especially because this weapon was very important. I would hope that we either get this items back at some point, and not that 'oh they were destroyed with your strong hold' That'd be kind of a lame excuse. Not to mention, if returning companions had Soulbound items, will they still have them? That would be a nice bonus. On the topic of the Hammer of Abydon, and the end of The White March Part 1, Do you think the Church of Abydon might view your character as some sort of Saint like figure if you restore Abydon.
  14. Shes not 'imaginary', they just see her in as a useless peasant women. Memory is a bit fuzzy but I remember Eder being like 'you mean the old lady? Don't know why you have her following us around but whatever' when you ask him about her. Either way, it'd be funny.
  15. Billion Dollar Idea: your character takes some weird drugs, and starts having weird hallucinations and sees "Joshugina" and your character freaks out. "Who are you? "Huh? Me? I'm Josh." "Where is Pallegnia?" "She's here. In my head. Or am I in hers?" "What?" "I am her father." And then your character passes out
  16. What can change the Nature of Man?

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