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  1. I agree on the healing aspect. Already using the belt of Bountiful Healing. Vets Recovery is most likely my next talent. Shod in Faith boots are used by my Barbarian along with Vets Recovery and Fulvano’s Amulet. It’s tough to choose who gets them. 2 pairs will be ideal. Maybe I will mold them?
  2. Plus this is a new build type for me.... so I will take any advice. Still in early game, level 7 now, so I can test. I do like dropping Circle of Protection as well, plus the 2nd level healing aura spell before charging.
  3. To slow the enemy down. Let’s my Wizzie and Priestess get their second round of CC or Buffs off depending on the enemy type.
  4. So, trying a similar build, but starting battle with Interdiction first instead of a Radiance, along side my wizard’s expose vulnerabilities. Then Devotions, then charging in next to my Shieldbearer and Barbarian who uses Cladhaliath (marking) ... trying to make Barb who gives party buffs. Tidefall, even in the hands of a Priest, is nasty.
  5. Currently working thru PotD with a custom party, Level 6 average. My Priest.... looking for some pointers on my Priest of Berath build. I will go after Tidefall for my Priest. Will add Fire Lash and Beast Slay enchant it. Added Scion of Flame and Vet’s recovery already added. Plan on adding WF Soldier and 2hand Style. Will be wearing the mail you get for attacking the party who still the Wael scroll. I the look of it.....Her build is 16 STR, INT and PER, 10 everything else.Meadow folk. What other equipment will synergies? She will be a front liner who throws Interdiction, Buffs with DotF and the casts Consecrated Ground. Then charges!
  6. I have never seen (or just plain missed) any posted build for a Fire Wizard type build. What’s out there?
  7. Hey, the bear cave caused me at least 3-4 tries with my Stag Druid (1st PC). Don’t knock it, it’s tough for newbies.
  8. OkIn all of my playthrus I have never received the GoSA nor the Mechanics Gloves. Urgh.... Thinking a stats spread of.... Stats: M - 14 C - 10 D - 12 (or 14) P - 14 I - 18 (or 16) R - 10 I was thinking an armor that gave more protections from magic. Kind of like Hand and Key as I think I can get the healing I want from the healing boots. Or one of the new sailor armors that meets my Lowery DR, will be Fort??? I like the Cap’s Hat, but Muncarra ia overpowering on a high ACC speedster. may
  9. Looking to run a new party with a Light armored Dual wield Fighter from Old Valia. A dispossessed Noble who is starting his life over. A Human from Old Valia who Dual Wields light/fast weapons. Eder can wield the two-handlers in support. Kana, Durance, Aloth and The Devil will round out the party. I guess I am looking for build advice/ideas. My first thought was building him like a melee Rogue, but then I see this will be a bit of a different creature. Critting will be ‘critical’ to the build. Two Weapon Style Weapon Focus: Noble Weapon Spec: Noble Not sure from there....
  10. No. It’s as bad a situation as the BG Dagger quest that Beams can’t seem to fix.
  11. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/File:WorldMap.jpg Check the good old map above. Traveling south along the Eastern Reach's coast form the VR you eventually hit Naasitaq and Josh confirms this. It is also said that Deadfire is the eastern border of the known world, and it's ridiculously long, so I figured what you can see on my map-ish attempt. Eastern Reach is on the southern hemishere, hence Deadfire has to spread form south of the ER (because Naasitaq's proximity to the south pole) to east from the ER (because it reaches the equator). Plausible? So? It's as I've said - travel south from the Eastern Reach and you reach Naasitaq, but where does it say anywhere that Deadfire is directly east of the Eastern Reach? Nowhere. Because it's southeast of it. Your map is too cramped that's why you can't fit Deadfire into it properly. I think it's more like the Eastern Reach is Southeast Asia and Deadfire is all those Indo-Micro-Mela-Polynesia islands that span all those miles down south to Australia (but here they go all the way to the south pole) and east into Pacific ocean. “Josh, hear my prayers! Please shows us a the sacred location of holy Deadfire...”
  12. and once again, Gromnir is playing at the margins. our first run were completed as a priest of eothas/helwalker contemplative... a build which we purposefully avoided avoided swift flurry as we knew from the beta how broken a crit build with swift flurry could be. even so, our character were powerful and the contemplative starting skill array were ideal for us as we knew we wanted points in insight, diplomacy, metaphysics and to a lesser degree, religion and history. the helwalker mechanic added a layer o' complexity early in the game, which were a good thing. the contemplative we played were a well-rounded character who could heal big, do eye-popping damage with spells and weapons, and were thematic intriguing. were actual considering a shaman for a subsequent run, though am current doing a cantor. unrelated: rodrigo mendoza were first character name, but all subsequent names will be chosen from list o' the following: roberto clemente, honus wagner, willie stargell, arky vaughan, pie traynor, max carey, ralph kiner, lloyd waner, paul waner and fred clarke. the cantor is bill mazeroski as am saving roberto clemente for a special build once potd is tuned better. regardless, am mild curious 'bout telemetry. if am ambivalent 'bout a build choice, may look to telemetry to choose the road less traveled. do our part to try what others dismiss. HA! Good Fun! Whoa! Missing some real Pirates there... Hello, Andy Van Slyke! Plus don’t forget about all of those famous Buccaneers.... Ronde Barber, Simeon Rice, Warren Sapp, LeRoy Solomon. Or of course some Raiders from the Principi. Fred Blientikoff, Marcus Alllen or Kenny Stabler. But of course you forget that in Deadfire we are the El’Capitan of the ship. So you’re obvious name for your next skipper should be Jim Leyland.
  13. The best addition. Loved the intro one my first play. Completely annoyed now. The best BG2 mod was skipping Chateau Irenicus.
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