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  1. Are you forgetting Hirivais for the final backliner spot? Druid’s are awesome. Stunned enemies with Rogue/Cipher in the mix are quickly dead enemies.....
  2. So, St Garam’s Park for marking, matches with Marked Prey. I will be using Sabre of the Seas, which has a crit ability, so I need ACC bonuses. WF Obviously. Pallly companion Aura for better attacking, wizard and Druid for debilitating status effects on first couple of rounds, Barb yelling and Chanter singing.... After pistol shot charge into melee Attacking the recipient of my opening blast with my wolf flanking for App Sneak Attack bonus. Looks life Swift Aim as well for the Pistol. That’s a good start....
  3. Yep. Hat is a must. As will be the Boatswains’Uniform. What Stilletto pairs best with the Sabre of the Seas? Looking for a good pairing and a Pistol that somehow causes a status effect that I can exploit by following up with my melee weapons. Will have Swift Aim as it effects melee as well as helps with the Pistol Speed.
  4. Help me flesh out my character! Requirements, not negotiable. Ranger Pirate as I want an animal sidekick. Requirements: Will be played on Potd with homemade party. Party is negotiable other than will have a medium armored Moon Godlike Pally/Shieldbearer, who sword and boards and will be my Priest to make it more challenging.... no Priest in Party. Main - Wood Elf Ranger Deadfire Archipelago Drifter - will be my trap stealth trap guy and Must have Apprentice Sneak Attack. Will use Sabre/Stilletto and Pistol. Pet is Wolf(Dog).” Go.....
  5. He should be in your throne room. Talk to him. Then he will appear later with items to sell that you can interface with via the Stronghold buttons. You won’t have to go to Caed Nua to buy his stuff. As long as he returns you can buy his wares while in the White March.
  6. Yes they stack. Follow up with Long Stride so u can hit the enemy rear positions and instantly take out his casters. Lightning strikes and the absolute that adds %bonus to lightning and watch them die quickly. Wear no or very light armor to keep the speed. Which will dRaw enemy attacks resulting in wounds to fuel your swift/lightning strikes. Veteran’s Recovery and a good healing item like Fulvano’s Amulet or Belt of Bountiful Healing and you become quite the whirlwind of destruction. Use stilettos against enemies that don’t have high pierce DR so you can utilize Azureth’s Stilletto that profs Jolting Touch. Name your character the Sizzler....
  7. Side quests first. Clear all areas west of Caed Nua. Be careful in Raedric’s keep. Lots of enemies there’s....
  8. I try to grab them immediately once I reach the first town. I move they Ciant Lis , go tot he vale, only save the cook then go to town. After Urgeat the Butthole’s speech, go directly to the inn, saving Aloth’s arse in the meantime but don’t pick add him yet, talk to the innkeeper to get your 639 do boost. This will barely get you to level 3. Then sell all gear (if you sold everything possible from your inventory at the camp you would get much better cash there) and you should have over 2500 in cash. Then hire 5 lvl 2 NPCs. They will only be 2k behind in XP.
  9. Between rest bonus and scrolls you still have issues with the door?
  10. You can kill Kana for his Arquebus as well as Eder for his Second Chance armor. With Fulvano’s Amulet, Vets Recovery, 2nd chance and Weapon & Shield style by 4th level you will be able to truly take off. Rest bonuses open up once you reach Defiance Bay.
  11. So I have been playing this game for several years. Loved every minute of it, limited minutes they may be with family, work, blah blah blah getting in the way. Bought PoE2 after release but my pc was borderline not meeting the minimum standards to run the game and trying to play it was frustrating. So I stopped until I would have a chance to upgrade my rig. Life has finally seen fit to allow me to concentrate on building a new desktop. I have ordered the parts and am waiting on the video card and monitor to deliver this week. Yay! New system should be valid for several years for gaming (Hopefully!). So, reading now I see PoE2 changed the combat system a bit and added a penetration piece to the formula. Can someone explain briefly - dissertation not required - the major differences?
  12. Hmmmm... I will need to look into single handed weapons that have stat bonuses. Thanks. They truly need to have a Boeroer NPC in PoE III.
  13. Does using the Helwax Mold on a Item that adds + to a stat allow for a possible doubling of that stat? WoY for example, will equipping two of them give you +4 Con?
  14. The fight right outside the keep was REALLY tough, took me 3 tries. But doable. There is a lot of enemies out there. Doing that fight I thought we be the hardest fight tbh, as was the rooftop battle with the officer and sellswords. But the spellcasters just pummel me while healing themselves in the Raedric battle. I was lucky enough one time to have Raedric arrive first. Used my knockdowns on him and chopped him down pretty fast. But was depleted enough to get overwhelmed. Will take your advice, go take over as master of Caed Nua then comeback with Resolution and Oidhreacht in hand.
  15. Attempting Solo in Hard. Never really got far with a solo build. Attempting to use a Dual Wield Fighter, Coastal Aumamau. Sword and Hammer, both Fine with Burn Lash. Level 6. Wearing Eder’s Scale. Blunting Belt. Rings of Lesser Prot and Defelct. Fulvanos Boots. Rymgrands Mantle. Helm from the Eothian church in Gilded Vale. Defeated the entire entire keep. Cant win the Raedric fight. Fire off a Arbalest pot shot and then I retreat to the bedroom doorway. Use a few Fan of Flames scrolls. But the mages and Priest just end up disabling me. Figurine hoes down quickly. Suggestions?
  16. I meant via the console. I see in a different thread someone mentioned adding Medreth via the console. I was wondering which Priests throughout the game can be added via the console and if any are Priests of other faiths than the standard five choices....
  17. Are there any NPC Priests way n the game that can be added via Console to the party? For example the NPC in the palace that you retrieve the fragment of the godbomb for.... and if so is there any NPCs that are Priest of some of the other gods?
  18. My evil team slaughtered the entire keep. Then once Kolsc moves to the throne, I killed him as well? Will this stop the Vampiric Raedric from returning? I lost no rep with Gilded Vale when eliminating Kolsc afterward, thought that was odd....
  19. I agree on the healing aspect. Already using the belt of Bountiful Healing. Vets Recovery is most likely my next talent. Shod in Faith boots are used by my Barbarian along with Vets Recovery and Fulvano’s Amulet. It’s tough to choose who gets them. 2 pairs will be ideal. Maybe I will mold them?
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