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  1. Some more Questions: 1. killing both, Raedric and Kolsc? ...after I came to the conclusion , that both are not worthy to rule: will I miss something in the game or run in any bigger problems that way? will you find anyone else in the later game, who can rule Gilded Vale? 2. What should be the next quests to get more experience? after finishing... Valewood Gilded Vale (without Temple) Esternwood Magran's Fork Anslög's Compass Black Meadow Temple Gilded Vale Caed Nua Raedrics Hold ...my MC is L
  2. are there any recommendations what to do first with Od Nua? ...or better not spending any copper on Od Nua until you bought better items?
  3. ...loaded an older save an added 5 instead of just 2 Mercs when entering the black hound the first time - what a difference, more or less a walk in the park with a party of 6... Some more Questions: 1. Health are there any spells that restore the health of your party not just restoring the endurance? As with just restoring endurance the risc of getting killed seems to increase significantly! 2. What's next? after finishing... Valewood Gilded Vale (without Temple) Esternwood Magran's Fork Anslög's Compass Black Mead
  4. I noticed - but I just didn't found that many "simple" quests so far... ...but didn't thought about stealing the crate! Chillfrog helps much!
  5. are there other (easier) quests that could be done first? ...as in the bandit camp there are also enough enemies with ranged weapons... EDIT: and I'm quite curious how to solo this battle...
  6. I restarted with a party of 3 (will add the other 3 on L5 or 6). Schemer's Needle (L3) Druid (L2) Wizard (L2) ...trying to do some "harder" mission fights (e.g. the Bandit Camp in Black Meadow) to gain XP - I'm curious about a few issues: how do you manage to get 2 or even 3 buffs before you got overrun? how do you target offensive spells efficiently? (there is so much delay, that I try to calculate where the enemies will be, but most of the time my party is already sorrunded... what are good offensive priest spells on L1 and L2? ...so far I start co
  7. what I understand so far is, that... the MC gains more XP then the active party-members the active party-members earn more XP as the passive party-members in the inn a smaller active party gains more XP then a larger one ...but does the number of passive party-members has any influence on the ammount of XP? ...and is it known, how big the effects of 1.-3. is? ...and does staying on a lower as possible has any effect like in IWD2?
  8. As I'm still L2, I think I will restart with the following party: Priest: Boeroer - Schemer's Needler (MC) Paladin: Boeroer - Ploi Druid: Heldred - Malakai Chanter: Heldred - Cira Wizard: Heldred - Tyrus Cypher: Heldred / Melee-Tank-build - but still guessing about the basic stats...
  9. ...as I just found the page with bonus abilities for the MC, I now understand why especially Schemer's Needler should be MC!
  10. Could the following be somehow plausible for the cypher-build? assumed base stats for hedreds Cypher-build: Starting ATTS: MIG 16, CON 7, DEX 16*, PER 14, INT 16, RES 9 *15+1 from Deadfire hedred posted following stats: Ending ATTS: MIG 19, CON 10, DEX 17, PER 17, INT 19, RES 10 on items I just found +3 CON from Marked Amulet. From enchanting / forging I couldn't find any further stat increases? Original Build by Hedred: NAME: template RACE: Human Meadow BCKG: Deadfire - Mercenary CLASS: Cipher Ending ATTS: MIG 19, CON 10, DEX
  11. thanks for all that help! ...it's mentioned somewhere, but... a) ...I didn't recognized this as ability b) ...it was not clear that this effect is that good Resumee: my young elvish druid girl now has to shapeshift to an old wildboar! that's me... ...but don't worry, I'm still playing parallel... ...just want to learn the mechanics as good as this is possible in one run for PoE II, as I plan to spend some more time on this one. As I want to use the Cypher-Build here - could you be so kind and roughly estimate the used base stats?
  12. Both?! What is the second one? I just find the "boar regeneration"... ...and as far as I understand this one, it gives "just" +2 Endurance every 3 seconds when shapeshifted, so depending on INT (assuming that INT increases shapeshifting) maybe 14 or 15 endurance per encounter - or is this calculation wrong? I assumed that "+7 to all" would save you more then 14-15 endurance per encounter - but no idea... about Stag Carnage, I'm not sure if there are not better abilities to learn... maybe stupid question - but is there any difference between the Bo
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