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  1. Many thanks for the clarification. That was my understanding aswell but because I'm a compulsive nerd, there was no way I could have started a new game without that clarification. Best regards from Brandenburg to my old hometown
  2. But isn't more dex always better or does it somehow start scaling worse regarding dps?
  3. Many thanks! I remember that there is a spell that improves casting time. Would dumping might and having high dex be feasible? I just tried to do the math regarding might and dex and it seems to me that since the base multiplier stays the same, dex would actually give you more dps + faster casting time...
  4. Hi there, I played Pillars a while ago and I'm looking for a challenge. I'm looking for a solo PotD melee Wizard build that I can... build upon. Any help would be much appreciated.
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