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  1. to questions concerning Devil (somehow): increased stealth to 14 and expected that she should be able to sneak up to an enemy that way... but Devil was already detected 10m away from the target? What number of stealth does she needs to sneak in melee-range? Wouldn't "Halfmast" be a good weapon chioce?
  2. nice... as I didn't find anything so far - is there any in-game-value that gives you the overall "speed"? ...or how do you calculate this value? If I upgrade "Little Savior" to legendary and duplicate it with Helwax Mold - does the duplicated "Little Savior" keep "legendary"? EDIT: could test this myself, but didn't have a bog-dragon scale yet.
  3. "Gauntlets of Swift Action": what is affected by +15% atttack speed? melee ranged casting
  4. similar question: in which way will The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed be affected by Scion of Flame?
  5. how do you get superb and shock? ...or is this meant additional to the first two enchantments from the ritual? ...if so, which would be the recommended two from the ritual? EDIT: guess this should answer my question cladhaliath Q, can you add weapon quality? - Pillars of Eternity: Characters Builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) - Obsidian Forum Community
  6. if you give a talent like "heart of the storm" (+20% shock damage) to a druid... ...which types of damage will be increased? just melee (including shapeshift)? also spells, and if so all spells? damage from storms? or only +20% if the basic damage is "shock"?
  7. White March: ...early before Act III? ...after finishing Game? ...or what would be the best point from your point of view? ...gameplaywise, not which way is easier... ...after getting past the druid-trolls in endless paths (a battle that was really hard keeping all alive with a low CON-party),... ...PoE is already that easy in PotD, that's almost no fun anymore (guess I took one Level to much before starting Act II)...
  8. definetly - but right now battles take that much time, that after initial casting and shapeshifting, there is still much battle left after the druid shifts back... ...while Schemer's Needler does that much casting (as the only priest in the party), and will join melee very late therefore - that I'm not sure, if all the investments in melee will pay off. ...other question concering reputation: is "slight" more or less then "minor" ?
  9. ...with the Schemer's Needler as MC, Doemenel seems to be the best choice, although Misery's End seems to be rather useless. ...on the other hand Cladhaliath would be a great weapon for my druid, who is much more involved in melee as the priest right now... other question concering reputation: is "slight" more or less then "minor" ?
  10. 1. does it make any difference which faction you choose in defiance bay? if it makes a difference, what would be the recommendation? 2. is the Ring of Protection and the Ring of Deflection combi that superior, that almost no build here uses any other rings? especially as there seems to be some nice ring giving additional spell uses?
  11. A: as long as I have at least one weapon-focus? What still confuses me is the following: you can have both weapon-focus and weapon style - as long as you have any weapon-focus this will give the weapon-focus boni to all summoned and soulbound waepons, no matter if this is the fitting one or not - right? But what about the "weapon-style" talent? Do I need two-weapon-style for Parasitic Staff or will any weapon-style work? The question about shield was a little bit misleading - if my wizard is equipped with a shield in the moment as he casts Parasitic Staff - wi
  12. does Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff get a bonus from weapon-focus peasant? same question for Citzal's Spirit Lance - does weapon-focus soldier give a bonus? Should a melee wizard change to Citzal's at L5 as main weapon? If a wizard is equipped with a shield when casting a spell-weapon - does the shield works with a two-handed cast-weapon? I'm a little curios why several melee-wizards-builds use "weapon and shield style"...
  13. ...as Raedrics Hold and some Dyrford Side-Quests were quite easy, I'm somehow stuck with my L5 party meanwhile... ...don't know if I should go for "never far from the queen", but as crossing Aedelwan-bridge seems to end Act I, I'm not sure if this should be done that early... Dyrford Ruins, seems to be designed for a L6 or even L7 party and I would guess that "desperate measures" alone wouldn't give enough XP for L6... Am I missing some quests that should be done early?
  14. Some more Questions: 1. killing both, Raedric and Kolsc? ...after I came to the conclusion , that both are not worthy to rule: will I miss something in the game or run in any bigger problems that way? will you find anyone else in the later game, who can rule Gilded Vale? 2. What should be the next quests to get more experience? after finishing... Valewood Gilded Vale (without Temple) Esternwood Magran's Fork Anslög's Compass Black Meadow Temple Gilded Vale Caed Nua Raedrics Hold ...my MC is L
  15. are there any recommendations what to do first with Od Nua? ...or better not spending any copper on Od Nua until you bought better items?
  16. ...loaded an older save an added 5 instead of just 2 Mercs when entering the black hound the first time - what a difference, more or less a walk in the park with a party of 6... Some more Questions: 1. Health are there any spells that restore the health of your party not just restoring the endurance? As with just restoring endurance the risc of getting killed seems to increase significantly! 2. What's next? after finishing... Valewood Gilded Vale (without Temple) Esternwood Magran's Fork Anslög's Compass Black Mead
  17. I noticed - but I just didn't found that many "simple" quests so far... ...but didn't thought about stealing the crate! Chillfrog helps much!
  18. are there other (easier) quests that could be done first? ...as in the bandit camp there are also enough enemies with ranged weapons... EDIT: and I'm quite curious how to solo this battle...
  19. I restarted with a party of 3 (will add the other 3 on L5 or 6). Schemer's Needle (L3) Druid (L2) Wizard (L2) ...trying to do some "harder" mission fights (e.g. the Bandit Camp in Black Meadow) to gain XP - I'm curious about a few issues: how do you manage to get 2 or even 3 buffs before you got overrun? how do you target offensive spells efficiently? (there is so much delay, that I try to calculate where the enemies will be, but most of the time my party is already sorrunded... what are good offensive priest spells on L1 and L2? ...so far I start co
  20. what I understand so far is, that... the MC gains more XP then the active party-members the active party-members earn more XP as the passive party-members in the inn a smaller active party gains more XP then a larger one ...but does the number of passive party-members has any influence on the ammount of XP? ...and is it known, how big the effects of 1.-3. is? ...and does staying on a lower as possible has any effect like in IWD2?
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