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  1. On a similar note, when talking to Eder on the beach in the opening sequence, I could see shadows of clouds passing by. This is also one of the nice things that one don't really think about what it means for the construction of a living world. Nice work Obsidian!
  2. I like this new system better than PoE1, where I just had one grimoire and filled it will all spells I could find/bought. The idea of having different grimoires appeals to me in a role playing way..
  3. If I remember right, they are in a folder where you installed the game. Something like C:/programs/steam/steamapps/pillarsofeternity
  4. Really like this as well. These kind of small things have big impact of games (for me anyway )
  5. I have only played the beta a few hours and only started to explore the beginning of the main game. I will wait for the hotfix/patch and start over. However, I have backed the game and waited a long time for it, I can wait a little longer I am confident that the developers will fix the bugs. Overall, the support and open communication from the developers are great! Thanks obsidian for a great game that will be even better with a few fixes!
  6. Is mechanic still used to find hidden objects? And, does you have to be in stealth mode to find them?
  7. I feel that the camera is strange, centered. It seems that I cannot move around from the main character and freely explore the map... Am I missing some simple choice in the options menu?
  8. Just started to play the beta. Found that the option to auto-pause after using abilities make the game pause after each attack.
  9. Thanks, been looking for something that explains the roll Bu I still think it's wierd (or incredible bad luck ) that I haven't had a single visitor or merchant during the entire game. I have 56 in prestige.. Is the roll-rules the same for visitors and merchants?
  10. Yeah, and fully upgraded stronghold, killed Ada dragon (gives like 6+ prestige), and middle act 3. I had a lot of visitors in my play through before the latest patch. So something feels buggy
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