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Copyright issue with ingame combat music



I am doing a series of streams / let's plays and upload it to YouTube.

Recently one my video was flagged as containing copyrighted music.

YouTube claims that combat music from Pillars of Eternity is copyrighted by some CD Baby company.

Particularly it is composition "Come Soft Winds of Death".



Come Soft Winds of Death - Justin Bell

Sound recording



CD Baby



Monetized by copyright owner

Is this in-game music?

If you don't recognize the claimant, some game companies use agencies to manage their copyright policies.


It seems that CD Baby really have some rights on the soundtrack:


I tried to dispute the claim, but was rejected.


Your dispute wasn't approved.

The claimant has reviewed their claim and confirmed it was valid.

You may be able to appeal this decision, but if the claimant disagrees with your appeal, you could end up with a strike on your account.



Is it possible to do something about this situation or ingame ost will be copyrighted?


You can find mentioned video and music here: 


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Hey, CD Baby is a company we are using to distribute our soundtrack and to collect royalties from streaming services (like Spotify). One of their options is to also collect royalties for videos on YouTube that are playing the soundtrack music.


Since Obsidian wants to promote people making Let's Plays we are currently in the process of having CD Baby not collect royalties for YouTube. They mentioned it could take up to a month to completely remove the claims from YouTube.


You can ignore the claim for now, and soon (within the month) it shouldn't be a problem.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

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A few months have passed since I started this thread, but copyright claim is still here.

As youtube says, my video monetized by copyright owner.




Shoud I start another copyright dispute with CD Baby?

Is it safe to make videos for youtube with PoE soundtrack?

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