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  1. what sub class for swashbuckler? also, is there a guide i could follow somewhereUnbroken / Trickster is probably the best for tanking. Devoted / Streetfighter for DPS, but you need to pick a weapon type for the whole game (not recommended for newbies). No subclass / Streetfighter may be better if you dont know what kind of weapons you like. There is a list of builds on this forum, it's the top pinned post. There should be a swashbuckler build there to give you ideas. Edit. Found one for you https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104050-character-build-the-iron-hammer-swashbuckler-unbrokentrickster/
  2. I would consider one of these: Fighter/Rogue (unbroken/trickster). This is one of the stronger tanking options in the game. This doesnt have the restrictions of devoted or the penalties of assassin or streetfighter. Should be fairly easy to play. One hand and shield style. Paladin/Barbarian (Kind Wayfarer/No subclass). You dont need to be dealing with self inflicted damage as a novice. Everyone will probably hate this idea and say its telling you to nerf yourself, but this combo is actually really easy to play. Dual wield with this guy. Open up fights with frenzy and flames of devotion your enemies to death. White flames will help to heal you and your party. Requires some role playing, but it's easy to be a good guy (Berserker is the power gamer choice I'm steering you away from) Wizard (no sub). Really, really strong spells at high power levels. Grimoires can give you access to EVERY spell. Makes this class more forgiving for bad choices. Pick up chill fog early. It pulses blind and is one of the most stupidly overpowered low level abilities in the game. There are tons of builds to choose from. Just about anything will work on veteran. Best advice is really "whatever sounds fun".
  3. Actually marauder really can get away with DUMPING might. The reason is twofold: 1) you get a ton of other weapon damage bonuses that are additive. 2) high might means more frenzy raw damage on yourself. You also get 5 might from frenzy. My marauder with no blessings looks like this: Mig 5 Con 18 Dex 10 Per 18 Int 13 Res 14 If I'm using blessings, human for bloodied synergy: Mig 6 (3 + 1 racial + 2 blessing) Con 20 Dex 10 Per 20 Int 15 Res 18 These stats are just base + racial + blessing While a ton of int helps barbarians, I feel you can get away with a lot less and still feel quite effective vs groups. For one thing you will eventually get resistance to int afflictions, so your carnage radius won't get penalized by frenzy and the extra 5 int won't be missed once you get geared or proper food. Constitution is something that you really want a ton of for a maurauder. 25 with frenzy is going to make it WAY easier to stay alive during frenzy . Coupled with having only 11 might under frenzy and voidward, higher level self raw damage is much easier to live through. It's bad enough that frenzy gets a power level bonus (penalty), dont feed that with more might. Go as LOW as you can tolerate being s wimpy warrior
  4. Maybe try exalted endurance instead of exalted focus. You could also bring a chanter and ancient memory through that damage. Its not a whole lot, and passive healing pretty much heals more than powder burns will do. Edit: I had Tekehu in my party, and I'm pretty sure his ancient memory helped the powder damage a lot.
  5. I'm a big fan of berserker streetfighter. Dump might, max per and con, leave dex flat, and use the rest for int and res (10 to 14). I'm running a character like that with the voulge and she is a beast. It may seem odd dumping might, but it makes your self inflicted damage less, and you have a ton of damage bonuses for weapon damage thanks to streetfighter. 5 is good so you end up at 10 with frenzy.
  6. Achievements for playing a game. Also known as trophies for sitting on your tuchas. Kinda like giving someone a medal for using a lot of marijuana. Pointless. I wholeheartedly support allowing people to play however they want. Obsifian should just add the challenges into the new game menu and, if they absolutely give a rat's patootie about achievements, code a separate achievement for no blessing challenges.
  7. My maurauder, berserker/streetfighter, is an absolute terror on PotD. I have her using two handed weapons and find it really easy keeping her alive and at least one of the conditions to activate streetfighter. Even when she isnt at full speed and damage, she has enough pen and damage types to make a huge dent. Using willbreaker and lord darryns voulge. Edit: not solo btw, in a party with a herald healer/tank and eder as a persistent distraction tank.
  8. I actually like the character progression in Deadfire. Multiclassing really opened up tons of character concepts and has made replaying this game actually fun. (I have about 110 hours of play time). That being said, I find PotD to be extremely limiting in how you can build your characters. The higher armor and penetration that enemies have makes your own armor an all or nothing affair and penetration enhancing abilities mandatory.
  9. Yeah, its actually quite illuminating seeing everything broken out by school. Further confirmation that wizard specialization is terribly designed.
  10. Sadly it seems his negatives from wildmind far outweights the positive, since all the positive aspect like debuffs or charm is already covered by base Cipher abilities. The problem is the wildmind explosion which if happens immediately kills at least 2 of my team members. I wonder if send him to melee range and let him be a bomb would be better, that way he stack up focus and wildmind explodes the enemies rather than my own, but dude is a paper in melee and dies faster than my wizard. As a witch, he's generally durable enough to make the inevitable kaboom count. But yeah, under no circumstances should you use him as a ranged combatant. Wild Mind is bad, but it's considerably more tolerable on a witch than on a straight cipher. Yeah, if you send him in alone as a kinda kamikaze type all by himself. Still sucky if he turns a pack of enemies invisible who then proceed to make your life hell...
  11. Exactly this. If your build is going to go high deflection and not get hit much, I highly recommend Nalpazca. Drugs are fairly cheap and easy to get. They are also really strong and worth using! Helwalker is also great, but taking more damage on a character that sounds like you want to be tanky, can be a bit harder to work with. Basically, it comes down to: Are you holding wounds for passives? Helwalker Are you spending wounds on actives? Nalpazca Are you trying to make your character weaker? Shattered Pillar
  12. Is a shame for such a cool character with a refreshing personality he is absolutely objectively the worst companion out of everyone AND sidekicks, wildmind need some kind of tuning to make Serafan worthwhile. Yeah remove it and replace it with something that gives +/- power levels or a wacky combination of miss to graze, graze to miss, hit to graze, graze to hit, and hit to crit for his cipher abilities. Keep the randomness, but remove the self wipe nonsense that makes him useless on higher difficulty.
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