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  1. Is a shame for such a cool character with a refreshing personality he is absolutely objectively the worst companion out of everyone AND sidekicks, wildmind need some kind of tuning to make Serafan worthwhile.
  2. Sadly it seems his negatives from wildmind far outweights the positive, since all the positive aspect like debuffs or charm is already covered by base Cipher abilities. The problem is the wildmind explosion which if happens immediately kills at least 2 of my team members. I wonder if send him to melee range and let him be a bomb would be better, that way he stack up focus and wildmind explodes the enemies rather than my own, but dude is a paper in melee and dies faster than my wizard.
  3. You either have a bunch of insane, evil or shady companions or you end up having that companion being benched by most people if not out right deleted (killed) from the game. Although Verse from Tyranny is a great anti-hero companion though. I guess Maia is a tone down version of her.
  4. Is he just gimped by WildMind now? everytime i use him he explodes my party or cause a wipe because of hideous negative debuff from wildmind which reminds me to bench him and just go for Ydwin. I've no idea how to build him as a pure cipher, may be a melee so he can explode enemies too?
  5. check here https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100913-ive-finally-found-a-way-to-stabilize-framerate-and-stutter/ and also there https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906843374108/ I actually tried that and my entire graphics gets huge amount of artifacts for some reason with triple buffering on, and FPS still doesnt improve much. The main issue is the massive drop in FPS after a while in play.
  6. Seriously this issue has been plaguing my interest in playing the game for ages. I have GTX 970 with 8 GB ram and Intel I7, run witcher 3 at consistently 60 fps but this game, it always start out really smooth then gradually slow down to a crawling 20 fps with constant stutter. Anyone have found a way to stop this gradual fps drop and memory leak?
  7. Does that mean she predates the gods?Can someone confirm that the dragon part isn’t conjecture? I don’t recall there being anything even close to this spoilery in the dev stream. I thought by lore dragons are just intelligent adult Wyrum? but the game makes them seems so magical for some reason.
  8. Pillar's combat and debuff/buff system is undoubtably better than DOS2 here. DOS2 is literally position skills then DPS race to the bottem while occasionally buff yourself with action points (elfs are still broken in this regards). Late game it is even more absurd to spam a screen full of arrow storm/meteor shower/lighting storm, who needs disables when you can kill all of your enemies in one turn? Lone wolf is again, broken as hell coupled with execution + elf ability for nearly 4 turns worth of AP. The beta involved alot of better strategies but the armor system for DOS2 suckass and makes the combat pretty boring outside of meme strat like stacking oil barrels for Twitch luls.
  9. It's worse than it looks like since Is okey, you are helping her since .
  10. My party composition is: Eder: Fighter Maia: Ranger Tekehu: Chanter Xoti: Priest Me: Wizard all pure class.
  11. The Witcher 3's, and almost any AAA game's, worst weakness is that they completely spoil themselves by always pointing the player directly to the objective. Back in the day, you could look up a walkthrough of a game if you were stuck; today, such a walkthrough comes built into almost every game, and it can't be turned off. If it can be turned off and you do so, then the game becomes unplayable because the HUD provides all the information necessary to finish the quest, not the game world. The game never leaves anything for the player to figure out or discover in regard to quests. It's always a matter of religiously following the quest marker and step-by-step list of objectives. Paying attention to the 3D world—or knowing what you're even doing, where you're going, and what the quest is about—is optional, the HUD and minimap being the main components that call for the player's attention. You can be completely clueless as to what you're doing in any quest in the game and finish it. Fortunately, PoE and Divinity: Original Sin aren't poisoned by this design. Having to know what you're doing in a game instead of blindly following a dotted line nowadays is considered "archaic" design by many. This, among many other reasons, is why I think it's silly to even compare IE-style games and something like The Witcher 3. They have next to nothing in common from a design standpoint. Divinity games did those weird no clue quests and it was awful. I played DOS2 and Divinity, both suffers the problem that at one point walkthrough is all you going to get or starve yourself on limited exp, it encourages you to game the bloody system and spend hours on walkthroughs instead of immerse yourself in the game. Deadfire quest descriptions are nice enough, but still lacking like Aloth's quest, expecting you to literally look for the entire map, DOS2 system is even worse, helpful quest guidelines such as "I found this gem stone, wow." "I discovered a ghost, wow" "I found an abandoned ruin, wow" literally zero directions in most of the quest, it does not test player intelligence, it test player's patience to dig the entire map (not to mention it'd be empty most of the time since you cleared the non-respawn mob), it is frustrating rather than "intelligent". I expected my protag to be smarter than find a stone and not questioning where could it be related, and that is what we are lacking in quest log currently. Witcher 3 might suffer from quest markers, but game is still doable with exploration aspect since the game is filled with helpful witcher sense clues that let you dig further without trying to find a needle in a haysack.
  12. I seen a video where someone killed the final boss on POTD upscaled without phase transition, i can only do this on normal, anyone have any idea how to do this? It seems every time i even do slightest big damage he just goes invulnerable and transforms.
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