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  1. So I made a new POE I backstory and now there is no "Blade of the Endless Path" pieces in my stateroom... pieces of the Whispers are there. Anyone know what idiot choice in the backstory generation might trigger that?
  2. Oops. But that's worse, because there are more pierce-immunes Then swap to a crush weapon...LOL. The "penalty" is not that significant IMHO. Or don't do devoted and have a lot of weapon choices.
  3. Thinking of trying a POTD run with a full party using recruitable characters and only run single classes. I have not decided what my watcher will be, but I tend to run a lot of melee, so either a ranged or a wizard might be a nice change of pace. I would be interested in others thoughts about this and what classes you would go with for recruitable characters, and thoughts on single class watcher. Just realized the title seems like a party of all the same class - not what I meant.
  4. After running all over to report bounty collection and get the next one, I was thinking how nice it would be to send the report via a "courier" and receive the next bounty in a reply. It just seems like a waste of actual time to watch my character run all over to report in.
  5. I have finished with a devoted multi and am close to finishing with a solo devoted multi. At high levels, you can still use other stuff successfully, just not as super successfully. It is funny that I have run two devoted since I like a wide variety of weapons at hand.
  6. Since you started a thread on the solo challenge, I hope I can jump in. Do you get Berath's Blessing doing the challenges or not? I can't figure out how to do it if you do. Sorry for the sidetrack
  7. I am doing my first solo, although on veteran, with the War Caller build "The Sword Singer". It is a well-designed character and Voltron shows how to do it War Caller (Devoted Fighter/Troubadour Chanter) and Herald (Paladin Kind Wayfarer/Troubador Chanter) and explains the pros and cons of each variation. I have played around on solo POTD before and I lose patience in the early levels until you get some decent gear and hit level 10. I had a really bad time with the Fampyrs until I created a "custom" history so that Devil of Caroc (sp?) armor was available, which can be enchanted to sub
  8. What happened to the Orlan on the beach with the drunk? Was it just too pervy and they removed her?
  9. I have never "equipped" a torch, it just recognizes I have it in inventory and allows me to light it. Maybe it can't be in your hand.
  10. I love the more "vanilla" builds! I am not a hardcore min/max player, so these type of builds are very interesting to me. Great job!
  11. Started playing this last night. Early levels are pretty challenging but I am sure once you get the gear it will smooth out.
  12. I was looking at a straight paladin build that had religion almost maxed out. What benefit would that be? This was a DPS build, although it was not min/max.
  13. I like the fact that shattered pillar gains wounds from doing damage, not receiving it. My question is, does shattered pillar render Tuotilo's Palm worthless? Is there any other monk-specific equipment?
  14. In my mind Fighter (no sub)/Streetfighter is the quintessential pirate - lot of weapon choices, some dirty fighting etc. I am not saying it is the optimized combo, but it will definitely work.
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