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  1. You're dealing with amazon - in my experience they have been pretty cool about replacing defective products - just go to their contact page and talk to their support. Wavy pages? That might have just been something that happened during shipping (maybe it got really warm or something?). Mine had the same thing when it arrived but now it looks okay. Also, nice keyboard - is it Ducky?
  2. I don't think it's inside information but Bethesda is hosting their own conference I believe at E3. Usually when companies go through that kind of setup, they are going to either announce something or show us something. I'd say there is a good chance we'll see an announcement. Might not be FO or even another ES but most likely we'll get an announcement of some kind.
  3. I ordered the physical guide and my name was also a bit messed up due to an "&" in the names. In the actual game credits though it looks just fine so I'm cool with that. If anything, if they every decide to do another printing of the book, I'll still have the first edition, flaws and all. And it's a very nice book.
  4. Throwback....Tuesday? Eh, I'll stop trying to be funny. :D Anyone that played Classic Adventures, Sarah, Ninde, or the Innershade mod for BG2 might recognize these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTEt38aIKek
  5. We ordered Chinese delivery but I could barely taste it as I have a cold today. :/
  6. Thanks for the kind words! And yeah, it's great how active the modding community is after all these years. Can't wait for PoE either.
  7. Thanks, CoM_Solaufein! Nice to see you again.
  8. Hi theacefes, thanks for your question. None of the music you hear used pre-recorded VSTi phrases, it's all through composed. The pauses you hear are for dramatic effect, and function as a breath between phrases. Regarding the equipment, it's not really the equipment in question. It's very time consuming to get sampled instruments to sound real, so it really came down to prioritizing my time. That said, I think there may be some surprises yet that may make you a happy person. Thanks for answering my questions, Justin! And yeah, looking forward to whatever's in store.
  9. As I mentioned in another thread, the music melodies are fantastic and actually quite memorable. I can see myself in 10 years hearing the PoE theme and getting that nostalgic feeling. That being said, my only constructive feedback was that I felt the quality sounded very, very synthesized and the main theme (on the start screen) had some awkward pauses that make me wonder how much of the song was a product of the composer's own skill and how much of it was just copy paste VST note rolls. Walk-away questions I have are: was this a resource/budget limitation? Could a good stretch goal h
  10. Super first impression - the title screen and music. I love the main theme's melody. However the piece sounds very synthesized and the instrument library doesn't sound very high quality. Is there going to be a different version of the main theme (read: live orchestra) or is this it? Good job for getting to this point! It looks very impressive on the whole and I can't wait to explore more.
  11. Ordered the $250 version of PoE today. Now I'm watching my dog run laps around the living room.
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