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I keep searching and searching, but I can't find this question previously asked anywhere, so I'll do it for the benefit of mankind or something:

Is there any hope of Pillars of Eternity soundtrack appearing on Spotify?


I love it and I'd really enjoy listening to it shuffled into my other music while at work, but I'm not a big fan of downloading personal files like mp3/flac files on my work harddrive. There's already a bunch of indie and AAA games featuring their soundtracks on Spotify, and I would personally really appreciate if PoE soundtrack could join these.

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So um, Pillars of Eternity soundtrack is up on Spotify. Since I posted this topic about a month earlier, it's totally thanks to me. I would thank Obsidian, but since putting a soundtrack on Spotify is clearly an original idea, I will demand royalties of some sort. So thank you in advance, Obsidian, you guys are best.

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