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Found 17 results

  1. This combat OST can be played during any fight but it most notably plays during the Finale of the game on Tartarus, this was an excellent soundtrack during the battle against the Board. I should mention that I'm looking for a name if that's possible, I can't find any resemblance for it on the playstore
  2. Justin's music is really incredible, in my personal opinion some of the greatest ever written for games. I really believe that. I am a huge fan of Pathfinder Adventures and Pillars of Eternity soundtracks. So I bought POE Champion Edition for the soundtrack in FLAC, and not very happy at all: the sound is very distorted. I checked in my audio program and you can see the waveform is severely clipped (screenshot attached from Eora main theme) I asked steam for a refund because of this but they won't do it. Can Obsidian please re-release the audio without this distortion? Or can anyone please provide direction to alternative lossless source for this soundtrack? Thank you for help
  3. Can someone indicate where I can purchase the opening and closing themes from the game soundtrack? I loved it !
  4. Hi all. When I backed the game on Fig during crowdfunding campaign, there was a possibility to add Audio CD physical soundtrack of the game as an add-on reward (not part of any tier, but added physical item, like those tin figurines of Aloth, Edér and Pallegina were). However, the reward was not delivered with the rest and I didn´t find any info about it anywhere. I contacted the support about this and got no answer at all. This add-on cost 20 USD. Any info about this? Thanks for help
  5. Yes there already is am orchestra soundtrack for the game itself. The idea that is being shared by me, is if there is a list of tracks that the writers listen to while writing quests and character dialogue for the game? Such as Awesomesauce Mix Vol. I & II for Guardians of the Galaxy, or there is a series of songs that Stephenie Meyer listened to while writing Twilight. For choosing to share your time and Force, grateful am I.
  6. Hi! I preordered the deluxe edition and Im wanting to find my soundtrack? I have in game pet, so how do i get the soundtrack? I'd like to listen to it on the way to work.
  7. Having recently purchased Pillars of Eternity and both expansions through GOG.com... I was playing the audio files of the soundtrack today - what fantastic job by Justin Bell! I am truly amazed by the music, it has been a perfect complement/enhancement to the whole Pillars of Eternity experience. Loving it! I see that the files that I downloaded are named as such (MP3 & FLAC): pe-combat-a pe-combat-b pe-combat-c pe-combat-d pe-combat-e poe_dungeon_engwithan_ruins ... I see in a old post: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71806-tags-for-digital-soundtrack/ that it looks like Justin provided files with tags, etc. - but it looks like this was maybe only available for 'Kickstarters'? Just wondering if the OST from GOG.com should have been updated, or is this not available for people just buying the game now? Thanks for any help
  8. This may be a dead horse at this point, but I scanned the fora and didn't find this answered anywhere. So, the soundtrack that comes with the champion and royal editions of the game isn't complete, and I cannot for the life of me understand why, considering there is a complete version that I FOUND ON YOUTUBE. I mean, I could just get the files from the game folder, but imo this shouldn't be necessary. So why? WHY? WHYYYYY haven't the missing pieces been added in the meantime? I don't understand it and find it rather disappointing.
  9. Hello, I keep searching and searching, but I can't find this question previously asked anywhere, so I'll do it for the benefit of mankind or something: Is there any hope of Pillars of Eternity soundtrack appearing on Spotify? I love it and I'd really enjoy listening to it shuffled into my other music while at work, but I'm not a big fan of downloading personal files like mp3/flac files on my work harddrive. There's already a bunch of indie and AAA games featuring their soundtracks on Spotify, and I would personally really appreciate if PoE soundtrack could join these.
  10. Neither the MP3 or FLAC versions have any tags whatsoever and the PDF insert doesn't offer any details either. Can we get a text file or some info posted, please?
  11. Hey guys, I have a quick question regarding the soundtrack. Has anyone else heard music in game that is seemingly missing from the OST? I get that soundtracks don't include every sound from in game, but I find it strange that the track played for "Anslog's Compass" seems to be missing in the OST (as an example). I only ask because I love some of the tracks that are missing, and would love to have them in my library Anyways, thanks in advance for your knowledge and time. ~Valgor
  12. Ok, I have a few questions, but I want to say a few things about how I feel about the Soundtrack and my 2 cents all around. I have been letting the desire to post about the soundtrack simmer partly because I was hoping someone else would come out and do it (I am lazy), and also because wanted to really give it a listen prior to posting. I think if Pillars of Eternity had a single thing that I could say was 100% home run territory it is the Soundtrack. Kudos to Justin. So, first off... Big shoes to fill. I know a lot of people here, myself included, really love the music of the IE games. Everyone has their preferences, but I think many people here can agree these games had top notch soundtracks. From booming tracks like Baldur's Gate's main theme, to the melancholy tracks from IWD (Skeleton of a Town comes to mind), to the ambient music of PST. I feel Justin swings through all 3 of these territories while making it his own. Paying homage without pure emulation. The combat tracks are very Baldur's Gate (particularly a, b, and c), and have big drums, big horns, and frantic strings. Something that gives great tension. Combat d... my god. Combat d is easily my favorite. I almost picked up a sledge hammer and went bear hunting, chanting Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr all the while, the first time I heard it. It really is epic. It pulled me from the game in a good way. I just left the game paused for a minute or 2 and enjoyed. Every time that track comes on I feel like that is the most epic battle I have ever encountered in the game. That section at the 41 second mark... gets the blood going. The area tracks for the towns, cities, and wilderness are very much like PST's soundtrack while sometimes like IWDs. Some are very much ambiance only. They set mood, and I love it. Honestly, most tracks set mood, but the ones I am referring to are very minimalist. The tracks for Temple of Skaen, Woedica, and Heritage Hill are what I am referring to. They give the sense of dread, and some sorrow. The Temple of Woedica theme particularly reminds me of Baldur's Gate again. Just to clarify: when I say I am reminded of PST... obviously that isn't the music itself, but the purpose of the music. PST is mostly ambiance, and themes for characters, areas, etc that are there to draw a certain mood or feeling. Highlights for me are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuwXHOiSow4 Honorable mentions are Defiance Bay, Elmshore, and Ondra's Gift. Questions for Justin, if he reads this... I am somewhat disappointed the track from the trailer isn't included in the game (not to mention the Soundtrack). Why was this? Will new music be made for the Expansion? Please? I am sure more will be done for a sequel... if that occurs. I am betting it will. Other than the IE games, what other things were you listening to? Anyway, I hope this wins some awards. You earned it. You nailed the IE sound, while not sounding like you were trying to rehash it, and you made it your own. That is a tall order, and especially to get general positive responses from us curmudgeon of the RPG community. You also seemed to take a little from each BG, IWD, and PST. At least that is what I am hearing. Also, and this is a compliment... I don't know why, but Defiance Bay made me listen to The Orgy from the Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack. I can't put my finger on it. Hopefully others will sound off on their favorite tracks, and what they think in retrospect to the IE games. Kudos again.
  13. Hello Obsidian ! I just downloaded the Soundtrack, and there is no tracklist ! As an iTunes Maniac, I like to have a perfectly ordered MP3 Library : do you have any official track number list by chance ? Same goes for the name of the songs ? By the way, for people like me who want the OST cover in JPG ready to be imported in iTunes, here it is (when you download it, it's in pdf).
  14. Hi, is there any chance for game soundtrack? I'd love to have the music (cause it's simply brilliant) on me when moving round town.
  15. In past games such as BG most parts of the soundtrack have been slightly anachronistic "modern classical" music, with the exception of for example the tavern music, which I think added a lot of atmosphere to the game. In addition to this the tavern tunes were also really catchy. From what I've heard in the PE pitch video I have really high expectations on the music in the game. So my question are: First, how does PE compare with historical periods with regards to music? Is music mostly sacral or is there a rich tradition of profane music (in the different cultures)? Does music have an important place at all in them? Second, how much will the in-game music be inspired by real historical music? I'm perfectly fine with modern music as well, but it would be interesting to hear instruments such as the cembalo which sadly gets little room in modern RPG music. Other instruments of past time periods to be inspired by include the hurdy-gurdy and the keyed fiddle. I definitely would like something like this as part of a soundtrack. Some examples of European profane music from around the 16th century: But of course there are other parts of the world to take inspiration from as well, and also sacral music which I don't know much about myself. What do you think?
  16. Will Matt Stone and Trey Parker be involved in the soundtrack? The guys do music very well. They have a Tony after all. Hell by the time your finished reading this Blame Canada will be stuck in your head. Now I don't expect the game to be a musical, but a musical level would fit in very well with South Park.
  17. One of the stretch goals of Planetary Annihilation was putting money towards the music of the game. The music style of Project Eternity may not need to be strictly orchestral or classical music (some medieval / neoclassical / neo-folk stuff would be nice for various different areas / environments), but I think this is a great idea for a stretch goal. That's not to say that it need be exactly like that, but money towards the music/soundscapes/voiceovers/recording quality etc This is also not a post about the composer, as it seems likely that Justin Bell will get his shot for Project Eternity (which might be a good thing, as it was the earliest works of other composers for video game soundtracks that are usually their best).
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