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How Do I Extract the Ambient Sounds?



So I went through all the files in the game last night trying to locate the ambient sound files. I have the soundtrack and love it dearly. But what I really want is to be able to extract all the ambient sounds (rain/thunder, tavern talk, etc) and put them on a disk or cell phone. I simply love that stuff.


Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? I don't believe they were in WAV format? Would they have to be converted somehow?


Thanks in advance!

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There's no easy way to do this unfortunately. Unity makes it very hard to. One option would be to download fraps, open a level that has the sounds you want, turn off the voice and music in the options, and capture some footage. Then you have to convert the video to audio... Its kind of a pain :/

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Thanks for the response. Love your contributions to the game btw.


Your solution isn't the easiest, but it's definitely something I can try. I'll let you know how I get on.


Any chance of getting an Ambient Soundtrack release??? I'm SURE there is a market for that kind of stuff SOMEWHERE..... :yes:

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