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  1. Thanks for posting the link here, Firo. Today I've found that some people tried to contact me on Reddit, but I'm not an active user and without email notifications turned on I couldn't get their messages not being logged in.
  2. It dates back to before Planescape Torment and the first Baldur's Gate Fun fact: the distributor that took the risk of translating (or rather fully localizing) those huge games was CD Projekt (yes, a future producer of the Witcher series). It turned out that the risk was worth taking. They trod new ground of other distributors. Both RPGs and CRPGs have always had very big audience in Poland.
  3. Thank you all guys for the kind words. I agree with you, this idea is worth pursuing and has the potential to be more than just one simple tool. Maybe it is a new voice in the language learning community choir. I've reuploaded the tool, it can be found here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00716358117680923504 Unfortunatelly I cannot update the original post, would be great if MOD could update the link there to avoid confusion.
  4. I like computer games. But I don't play much. Why? Because after every session with a game I feel guilty (sic). And I wonder if I could spend this time in a better, more productive way. So I had to come up with a good excuse and I've found one! Learning languages! But it's sometimes hard to play a game in a foreign language, especially at early stages of learning when you don't know many words. And it's no fun to play with a dictionary... The solution is a bilingual game but because I don't know any I had to modify a monolingual one. I chose Pillars of Eternity. I have some coding skil
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