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  1. Thanks for posting the link here, Firo. Today I've found that some people tried to contact me on Reddit, but I'm not an active user and without email notifications turned on I couldn't get their messages not being logged in.
  2. It dates back to before Planescape Torment and the first Baldur's Gate Fun fact: the distributor that took the risk of translating (or rather fully localizing) those huge games was CD Projekt (yes, a future producer of the Witcher series). It turned out that the risk was worth taking. They trod new ground of other distributors. Both RPGs and CRPGs have always had very big audience in Poland.
  3. Thank you all guys for the kind words. I agree with you, this idea is worth pursuing and has the potential to be more than just one simple tool. Maybe it is a new voice in the language learning community choir. I've reuploaded the tool, it can be found here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00716358117680923504 Unfortunatelly I cannot update the original post, would be great if MOD could update the link there to avoid confusion.
  4. I like computer games. But I don't play much. Why? Because after every session with a game I feel guilty (sic). And I wonder if I could spend this time in a better, more productive way. So I had to come up with a good excuse and I've found one! Learning languages! But it's sometimes hard to play a game in a foreign language, especially at early stages of learning when you don't know many words. And it's no fun to play with a dictionary... The solution is a bilingual game but because I don't know any I had to modify a monolingual one. I chose Pillars of Eternity. I have some coding skills so I’ve created a small application that allows me to have this: This little program can combine two (or more) languages in the Pillars of Eternity game. Why? For language learning purposes. This way you can play the game in a language your're learning but still don't miss the single word because everything is also written in your native tongue. For example: if you're native tongue is english and you're learning spanish, you can create a en/es mix. Everything will be primarily writen in english, but spanish translations (if possible) will be added just after, like that: "I really like to learn languages." «"Me gusta mucho aprender idiomas."» If your spanish is good enough you could even create an es/en mix, so everything will in spanish with english translations. You can event add a third language buy running this program again! You can create a mix of any of the languages available in the game: english, german, spanish, polish, franch, italian, russian. Please note that it's not possible to have every single text in the game available in two languages because of available space limitations. For this reason GUI (game interface, like menus, buttons etc.) is available only in the first language (the same applies to some item names and other texts in the game category). There are three categories of text in the game: conversations quests game (everything that doesn't belong to one of the two previously mentioned, like items, abilities etc.). You can pick any combination of categories for which you want to add a second language (for example just conversations or conversations and quests). DISCLAIMER This program DOESN'T MODIFY any game files, just adds new ones, so IT'S SAFE. But I have to write this: I can not be held liable for any potential damage caused by it. Also note, that I'm not associated with the game's manufacturer in any way. NOTE I wasn't going to publish this lump of code, I've just wanted a quick tool for myself. But then I've realized that there could be someone that may find it useful, so I'm sharing it, with some 'improvements' that make it easier to use. If you're a programmer and you're looking at the code (which is available in data/mix-languages.php, the rest is just a PHP distribution): usually I produce a better quality code I’ve created it for myself but then I realized that someone may find it usefull too, so after some changes, I’m sharing it: Pillars of Eternity Language Mixer: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=06377743606892622671 Just download it and double click a shortcut named „PoE Language Mixer”. It’s pretty easy to use and it will guide you step by step. Also, if you like it, I have a request, just keep reading. POLITE REQUEST This is totally free. But if you find this script useful, you want to help me and you have a Facebook profile, blog (or any other place where you're socially active), please share this page: http://nighthee.com " (or any of its language versions or subpages). Thank you and happy gaming! Cant EDIT: links edited out until I get word back from the squad. Cant supplementary EDIT: Returned links to the post.
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