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Found 3 results

  1. The font size for all text needs to be double what it is now. I’ve been playing on a PS4. I have excellent vision, 20 x 15. However I find the small font size slows down the gameplay. It also tires my eyes. I’ve started using the zoom feature on my Sony flatscreen tv but that has gotten old quickly. Please allow an option to enable the user to increase the font size without cutting out parts of the video. GameStop suggested I might like this after Mass Effect and they were right. However it does not have a character with whom the player can identify or care about. Nor does it have secondary characters like Garris, Liara, etc that make the Mass Effect games so much fun. Perhaps you could fix that. Until a true Mass Effect 4 comes along, I’ll continue to play and enjoy The Outer Worlds. Thank you.
  2. dear team, you have built a great game here (I think), but why can not I make the font bigger? I speak only German and understand poor English. can you change something here in the UE? in the menu to adjust or make the font generally directly thicker and larger? I'm sitting 2 feet from the 55 inches and can read it only with great difficulty.
  3. Since PE is take some inspiration from Planescape Torment, I would hope Obsidian really tunes its' conversation/description and lore system UI well. One of the things that I really got upset with PST was the text was a bit unreadable at times because the fonts were to small. So, my simple suggestion is: 1. Make sure that there is an option to adjust the font size of the conversation system, inventory description, lore books etc. (anything with a some amount of written text). Some of us are no longer young-un's anymore and having to squint and read on a large monitor is not very pleasing, to say the least. 2. Color coding when different characters are talking. I AM NOT TALKING about Mass Effect Paragon BLUE and Renegade RED here. What I am saying is when there's a multi-threaded conversation between the PC and his companions, things can get a bit confusing. Color coding between different characters conversations could make things a bit less confusing. For instance: PC: I don't think it's right to just leave him there. Companion 1: Come on. Let's just leave him. He's not going to make it, we have to hurry. Companion 2: We can't just let a person die without even trying. PC: Let's see what we can do for him first. 3. If there's any codex or in-game books, could we have some form of control over the font size. The Dragon Age: Origins codex is a typical example of this annoyance. It's great to read but the font size is so darn small, I have to squint to actually read it. 4. Font used and Background Color Some fonts are hard to read. Please don't use stylish fonts to evoke a fantasy feel if it's at the expense of readability. Or allow us the option to change to a few different fonts. And please don't use a grey colored font against a chocolate background ... The Dragon Age Origins codex had something like this and it made reading near darn impossible.
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