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  1. Thanks. I hope so too. Glad to hear from someone with experience in translation! Western languages (perhaps especially true between English and German?) share a lot in common. In contrast, Chinese is way too different.
  2. Dear Obsidian Dev Team, Have you ever wished there was a Chinese localization for POE 1? Well, numerous Chinese fans have dreamt of it for very long. Now, I proudly present to you, my high quality Chinese language pack! I released it last Saturday at SteamCN, the largest unofficial Steam forum in China. https://steamcn.com/t334498-1-1 And my post has gained popularity so fast that, after mere 3 days, over 10,000 people have read it, and it is already the second most heated post of the Chinese localization ones this year! (The top one is for Hollow Knight, only twice com
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