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  1. Amazing an dynamic game. Thank you Obsidian.
  2. Ok Thx for info. Some have talk with GOG has only English versions ....
  3. Someone can say that Polish will GOG and other language version after instalation? Sorry my english.....
  4. The game is long enough lands and in me consumes some memory. Everything works quite smoothly there were no problems but optimization is definitely the amendment. I have a mid-range computer and above all, already old graphics card (quad core and Radeon 4600) and in me are a little downtime in charge location.I during a fight with a larger group somehow slow characters działają.Nie know if this error if it is my wine of active pause has her options.
  5. After killing the enemy, should be illuminated magnifying glass. I do not know if we gathered all or not. Good Job.
  6. Very nice, small gig for the first hour.I had trouble with the promotion as a game crashed and I had to start with from the beginning. In the end I managed to qualify.Not signed up games. Sleep....
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