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  1. Thanks for detailed reply. My problem is mostly with base weapon damage. Its just to low when attacking monsters with high DR. I am not sure do i miss better gear or thats normal game balancing. To deal proper dmg i must use spells and tons off buff/debuffs which is strange to me since i play on normal difficulty. Can't even imagine what would happen if i rise it.
  2. Just hit lvl 8 and came around Dyrford Crossing. In most of my encounters, whole my party, deals minimal damage with weapons they have. All weapon attacks are ineffective when fighting against higher DR. Is it same for you or i miss better gear? Maybe enchant more?
  3. English is not my native language. I am from small European country, Croatia. Pillars of Eternity is a text heavy game where immersion is created by reading tons and tons of amazing lines. I wonder is there someone who is trying to translate it to more languages. It would be amazing if this forum could connect such people and make PoE even bigger than it is.
  4. Great! Didn't knew that PoE have it's own Nexus page. Will check it out. Thanks a lot!
  5. I am still relatively new with the game and was thinking how to set controls to better fit my "muscle memory" that i got from many other titles played in a last few years. I am not saying these are bad but there are some unofficial standards we adopted from modern games. Default controls in POE are completley different so my muscle memory is a bit buged :D Highlight items would be better on ALT if you ask me, i would set sneak button to CTRL while TAB could switch between characters, sellect all or something else. Fast time to left shift (like sprinting in FPS)... I would like to hear your id
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