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  1. Modders are always eager to start early, because modding takes a while and we want to release something in the game's lifetime. I had a few item ideas even before the game came out, but now that we know much more about the lore and world...tons of ideas for enemies, creatures, quests and items.
  2. That sounds like a contradiction. TotSC (from my memory) wasn't that small! What they describe definitely does sound like DLC and there doesn't seem to be enough time to make anything substantial if they're going to release it relatively soon. Kinda disappointing. I was hoping perhaps they'd do something with the fortress, which sadly, just as Skyhold in DAI, was left basically unused. No siege, nothing. I really wouldn't mind waiting for a proper expansion. :/
  3. The +1 MIGHT hat you can get from a looter at the Madhmr bridge is described as a yellow wide brimmed hat. Its icon however is the standard helmet and when put on it looks like a leather cap. edit: I wonder if it's related, but some other items in the past also didn't look like their icons. A shield looked clearly round, but was called "heater" etc.
  4. Does it say who the artist is? I honestly can't say and it doesn't seem to be Kieran Yanner. (who did the wallpaper)
  5. The Torment:ToN video showed off a movement/animation system using irregular speed and inertia. ("improved on PoE technology, or something like that) Maybe not for combat, but for just moving around, I would really love to see that being traded back to PoE. PoE's animations are fine, they do the job, but they look robotic and especially compared to Torment's movement, they just hurts the eyes a bit. I understand in RtWP combat these would change the mechanics too much, but for out of combat movement, they'd be wonderful to have. It's super late in development, I realize that. But, perhaps it
  6. Do we know what size the ingame portraits are yet? I feel like painting a few for myself. (and others possibly)
  7. I actually do. Joe was my least favourite of the gaming critics when he started on TGWTG (seriously, his first video, iirc, was "Why LOTR: Conquest is gonna be the best game evar!"), but quickly climbed to the top. Yes, I skip the cringeworthy costume bits, but he's usually fair and the right amount of objective.
  8. What I love the most about that video - the first attack with the sword. Yes, this is exactly what a sword blow does to a person in plate - NOTHING. It doesn't even throw him off balance. If only game developers and movie makers saw this.
  9. That is such an easy thing to do in games, but few ever address it. Mount and Blade for instance, automatically strips you of weapons and helmet when you visit a lord. And it would make for interesting gameplay too, as you'd have to rely on hidden weapons while in a city, or risk being chased by the guards.
  10. Yep, there's a big update coming. There's also an outsourced Android port in the works!
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