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I've been experimenting with a few different command line arguements, and I was wondering: The game apparently supports DirectX 11, seeing as it can be ran via D3D11 with the -force-d3d11 command line arg, I've also confirmed it with API checks and the PoE output log.


My question is: If the game supports running via D3D11, why wasn't it 'officially supported', and such?. Obviously either the engine is cross compiling, or the game has a DirectX11 code path, as it runs with DXGI in D3D11, so I failed to see why it's locked "officially" at D3D9.


Two screens below, of both d3d9, and 11. If you open them both and view properly, you'll notice the directx 11 one is slightly darker - I suspect due to shader discrepancies.


#Edit: Forgot to mention - I'm just curious, is all.


DirectX 9.0c



DirectX 11


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On steam versions: right click the game in Steam, and click properties. Then set launch options, and add -force-d3d11.


If it's a retail, or GoG version: right click the desktop shortcut for PoE, and click properties. Then in the 'Target' field after the game directory(after the quotes "") hit space, and add -force-d3d11, then hit apply.



Seeing as this is not 'offically supported', use at your own risk, and all that jazz.

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Besides the game using a different API? ;p well, yeah, your GPU usage will be different depending on the card you have. I'd also imagine, at a guess, that the DX11 renderer would be buggier(speculation) because of it not being supported offically.


The point of this thread was to maybe get a response from the Obsidian guys, as to why it runs seemly fine with d3d11, but it's not mentioned, nor supported offically.



#Edit: here's a list of Unity's command line arguements: http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CommandLineArguments.html.


I've also tested the -screen-quality one, but unfortunately, it seems to do nothing. At least on Windows.


A better explaination of the screen quality preset here: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Engine:Unity. At the end of the page.

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Well, that more or less answers that then. Unity must have a cross compiler.


In that case I'd recommend sticking to the officially supported backend. In this case being d3d9.


I was merely curious.

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