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  1. That was "Dark Corners of the Earth". Another great Lovecraftian inspired extravaganza. But Bethesda was not the publisher I think. Developer was the extinct Horrorsoft (Elvira mistress of the dark, Simon the Sorcerer, etc). Too bad they cancelled its sequel: Destiny's end.
  2. Even with my problems with FO4, I thought it worth the money I paid for it. So what? I did and I feel cheated. Next time I am going to look for some reviews before buying.
  3. I am totally hooked up to this game. I keep trying builds over and over and over... @apolloooo Nice review. Enjoyed reading it.
  4. I wasn't able to locate the place for that quest. I finished it the hard way... Not very satisfying though.
  5. I am having a very hard time after reaching railroad crossing. Now I am being one-shot killed by some enemies. I have almost 100% stealh/sneak but isn't enough. On top of that you are alone against the world, so sometimes it's pretty difficult to clear some areas (and you must do it). I am thinking about restarting again but with easy difficulty and normal xp mode. I think I am going to ditch crafting for the time being too. The reason is I am usually encumbered due to the massive amount of junk I hoarded.
  6. I am enjoying it a lot but I do agree that it's pretty difficult sometimes. My char is a sniping ninja. I have a gripe with weapons in this game. Most guns suck and Assault rifles feel specially underpowered (man, those frigging burrowers take a lot of damage to go down). Also, it seems there are no shotguns at all, as far as I am concerned. Melee is okay but you cannot win with just melee. As for someone talking about ventilation shafts earlier: you can actually eavesdrop through them even when opened: just use right mouse button + eye icon. I am right now at the railroad crossing
  7. If you persevere after the first couple of quests/areas, i.e. after reaching Junkyard, there's no conceivable way you can run out of anything. You start getting a lot of money, even when merchants don't buy everything (if they did, you'd have literally hundreds of thousands) - to the point where you're soon leaving a lot of loot on the ground and only taking what you want / what is great. If you focus on one weapon style (Guns / Xbow / Throwing / Melee), and one defence style (high CON, heavy armour w/ STR, or dodge/evasion), then you'll be fine on Normal. And then you can throw in Psi, a
  8. I have started from scratch after completing quest 3. It seems there are no companions aiding you in your quest(s) and this game seems to call for a min-max character build. I had made a very generic vanilla character previously. Also the bartering system sucks big time and you will probably be getting out of ammo due to this.
  9. I have completed the first mission but navigating those labyrinthic maps withouta MAP or MINIMAP is an utter PITA and a major letdown for me. Annoying to say the least. I can't even get my bearings all the time.
  10. Hmm. Maybe I made the same mistake and died early. How do you make sure you are in the right area? PS - I am not playing right now. Pretty busy with an NWN2 custom campaign.
  11. Yes I do, but I am terrible looking at compasses... :D Yes, I know the red pointer points north...
  12. I ran away from them and got an achievement... I didn't even had a weapon then. BTW: My main gripe with this game is that it seems it doesn't have any form of map/minimap right? My sense of orientation is awful to say the least.
  13. Got it (less than 14 €). Playing it now. Seems a very nice game, done with love.
  14. I am getting it too. And I think it will be released shortly.
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