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  1. That was "Dark Corners of the Earth". Another great Lovecraftian inspired extravaganza. But Bethesda was not the publisher I think. Developer was the extinct Horrorsoft (Elvira mistress of the dark, Simon the Sorcerer, etc). Too bad they cancelled its sequel: Destiny's end.
  2. Even with my problems with FO4, I thought it worth the money I paid for it. So what? I did and I feel cheated. Next time I am going to look for some reviews before buying.
  3. I am totally hooked up to this game. I keep trying builds over and over and over... @apolloooo Nice review. Enjoyed reading it.
  4. I wasn't able to locate the place for that quest. I finished it the hard way... Not very satisfying though.
  5. I am having a very hard time after reaching railroad crossing. Now I am being one-shot killed by some enemies. I have almost 100% stealh/sneak but isn't enough. On top of that you are alone against the world, so sometimes it's pretty difficult to clear some areas (and you must do it). I am thinking about restarting again but with easy difficulty and normal xp mode. I think I am going to ditch crafting for the time being too. The reason is I am usually encumbered due to the massive amount of junk I hoarded.
  6. I am enjoying it a lot but I do agree that it's pretty difficult sometimes. My char is a sniping ninja. I have a gripe with weapons in this game. Most guns suck and Assault rifles feel specially underpowered (man, those frigging burrowers take a lot of damage to go down). Also, it seems there are no shotguns at all, as far as I am concerned. Melee is okay but you cannot win with just melee. As for someone talking about ventilation shafts earlier: you can actually eavesdrop through them even when opened: just use right mouse button + eye icon. I am right now at the railroad crossing, core city (not visited yet), hathor camp, part. This is getting more and more interesting.
  7. If you persevere after the first couple of quests/areas, i.e. after reaching Junkyard, there's no conceivable way you can run out of anything. You start getting a lot of money, even when merchants don't buy everything (if they did, you'd have literally hundreds of thousands) - to the point where you're soon leaving a lot of loot on the ground and only taking what you want / what is great. If you focus on one weapon style (Guns / Xbow / Throwing / Melee), and one defence style (high CON, heavy armour w/ STR, or dodge/evasion), then you'll be fine on Normal. And then you can throw in Psi, and crafting, etc., as you see fit. As long as you don't split your points across all kinds of weapon skills, or do something like pick guns and low perception, you won't be screwed, though of course you may not be optimal. Agreed. Another year, another build. I have restarted again. This time I hope my char is more focused than before (too many skills covered). This time I am going to give crafting a go. It seems very useful. And yep, I restarted after reaching junkyard. Very solid game. Graphics quality doesn't bother me at all. The lack of map it does though. I get lost frequently or don't know where I am heading most of the time. Exploring on your own can be fun/rewarding too (and many times, deadly). I have discarded persuasion this time. I am looking at a sneaky ninja with guns this time. As for ventilation shafts, they are pretty useful for evading enemies, snooping around and reaching certain areas.
  8. I have started from scratch after completing quest 3. It seems there are no companions aiding you in your quest(s) and this game seems to call for a min-max character build. I had made a very generic vanilla character previously. Also the bartering system sucks big time and you will probably be getting out of ammo due to this.
  9. I have completed the first mission but navigating those labyrinthic maps withouta MAP or MINIMAP is an utter PITA and a major letdown for me. Annoying to say the least. I can't even get my bearings all the time.
  10. Hmm. Maybe I made the same mistake and died early. How do you make sure you are in the right area? PS - I am not playing right now. Pretty busy with an NWN2 custom campaign.
  11. Yes I do, but I am terrible looking at compasses... :D Yes, I know the red pointer points north...
  12. I ran away from them and got an achievement... I didn't even had a weapon then. BTW: My main gripe with this game is that it seems it doesn't have any form of map/minimap right? My sense of orientation is awful to say the least.
  13. Got it (less than 14 €). Playing it now. Seems a very nice game, done with love.
  14. I am getting it too. And I think it will be released shortly.
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