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  1. Well, at least you were straight up with me this time. I appreciated it. I'd imagine the problem lies somewhere in how your maps are cached/loaded?. Just a final suggestion on the matter. You may want to look into a conditional check to see if the console command is triggered, and if so refresh the NoFog command on reload. We had a 'somewhat' similar problem with the msaa not sticking when the game initially launched. I also appreciate you taking my feedback into consideration, cheers.
  2. Hey Aarik D, Thanks for replying. So, if I've got this straight here: this is not classified as a bug(?). Even though, for all intensive purposes the command which you supplied to your players, is literally useless other than for taking screenshots?. Quite a few people asked prior to the game releasing "are we able to disable to fog, to play the game without it", and the response was "yes, we have a (cheat) console command for removing the fog". You guys kind of omitted the fact that the NoFog command simply doesn't work. Fobbing it off to "well....it's a cheat, so it's not really
  3. So, I said I'd check back in on the game, and reinstalled it again today. Almost a year later, and this issue still persists.. I'm sorry if this comes off rude. But how difficult can it be to resolve a single command. Of which, hasn't been working since early beta, before the game was even initially released. The NoFog bug has been reported many times since then (I've checked). And still nothing has been done about it. You clearly created the command for showing off screenshots, and footage of the game pre-release. @Josh Sawyer even responded to my preorder question, personally in
  4. Well, that more or less answers that then. Unity must have a cross compiler. In that case I'd recommend sticking to the officially supported backend. In this case being d3d9. I was merely curious.
  5. Besides the game using a different API? ;p well, yeah, your GPU usage will be different depending on the card you have. I'd also imagine, at a guess, that the DX11 renderer would be buggier(speculation) because of it not being supported offically. The point of this thread was to maybe get a response from the Obsidian guys, as to why it runs seemly fine with d3d11, but it's not mentioned, nor supported offically. #Edit: here's a list of Unity's command line arguements: http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CommandLineArguments.html. I've also tested the -screen-quality one, but unfortun
  6. On steam versions: right click the game in Steam, and click properties. Then set launch options, and add -force-d3d11. If it's a retail, or GoG version: right click the desktop shortcut for PoE, and click properties. Then in the 'Target' field after the game directory(after the quotes "") hit space, and add -force-d3d11, then hit apply. Seeing as this is not 'offically supported', use at your own risk, and all that jazz.
  7. I've been experimenting with a few different command line arguements, and I was wondering: The game apparently supports DirectX 11, seeing as it can be ran via D3D11 with the -force-d3d11 command line arg, I've also confirmed it with API checks and the PoE output log. My question is: If the game supports running via D3D11, why wasn't it 'officially supported', and such?. Obviously either the engine is cross compiling, or the game has a DirectX11 code path, as it runs with DXGI in D3D11, so I failed to see why it's locked "officially" at D3D9. Two screens below, of both d3d9, and 11. If
  8. I've also proposed this, previously: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74489-fog-of-war-options-please/
  9. What do people have against Wizards? lol. They're pretty gimped as it is, in this. And I don't mean, "huehuehue, but yu can save al ur spells for a baws, then eazy kill pwuueew". I mean from an enjoyment factor, in comparison to other classes. And especially in comparison to other games' Wizard/ pure caster class. You obtain all of these cool spells, you hardly ever get to enjoy, because you've to "save them" for "when you'll need them", or basically the rapture. Plus the Idea of the Grimoire from an RP perspective, is really cool, and I like it, but all it effectively does is increase
  10. There is a console command for it. It's the only Fog related thing provided, and it doesn't work, as I mention in the OP. I also gave an example in this thread previously. This apparently, has already been reported during the beta, here. I know that they might consider the NoFog bug, not a priority at all, but considering that's literally the only function of that command, and it doesn't work.. lol. Even though the command is a bit unsavoury, given that it uncovers the map before exploring it. I'd gladly take that over the blackness We're stuck with currently. Obviously, it would be b
  11. People like throwing the 'strategic and tactical' card around a lot. But, seeing as I'm scouting/sneaking everywhere anyway - I always detect enemies before they do me, so it makes little difference. Also mentioning - is that not what the original 0.0 black fog is for?. You've already explored the area, so I don't see what the problem is. I personally play on normal, because I'm mostly interested in the story, and such. But, I don't see why anyone would oppose this change. You might as well say "don't add any difficulty levels other than Path of the Damned". Because adding options for it,
  12. Well, at least somebody agrees. The artists went and did a great job on the beautiful areas, and then they got covered in blackness. It's like going into an art gallery, and seeing a painting you really like, and asking to buy it. Then the guy says "one moment, and I'll throw a tin of black paint over it, before we sell it to you" ;p I'm not requesting that this change be forced on anyone, I'm simply requesting some options for it. For the people, like myself, that can't fully enjoy the game with this. I'd like to stress, that I'm not trying to cheat, or exploit the game. I believe it
  13. I've been doing the same thing. Sneaking + fast mode almost all the time, while out and about, because of hidden items etc. It's a bit ridiculous. Imo, it should be perception that counts towards finding things like that, and sneaking should exclusively be for ..well, sneaking.
  14. I agree, personally. I mentioned maybe adding some FoW options, or at least fixing the NoFog command in this thread, but nobody else seemed to agree, unfortuntely.
  15. Fairly standard Wizard. Trying to go for a hint of Sparrowhawk, from Tales from Earthsea. But just a little ;p Wizard explorer, being led by an unknown force / intrigue. I guess. You're fairly limited in the way of visually customizing your character's features, etc, but I did try to make him look as much like the portrait as I could =)
  16. Very impressive list of fixes, given the time frame. Glad to hear of the range being increased for Wizards as well. It was quite annoying having them running practically into melee range to cast a lot of their spells. I'm sad that there is no scaling/zooming fixes, or the NoFog console command which doesn't work correctly, though =(
  17. I agree tbh. I've taken to not reading the novelised expressions for voiced paragraphs. Instead try let the voicing convay this information, in itself. (I obviously read it for the non-voiced stuff, though). I find it a bit jarring, when a lot of the time - a full paragraph of dialog will be voiced, then on the same character, the next line is just blank, vocally lol. It's very inconsistant, imo. I appreciate that the voicing is limited with funds, etc. but tbf voicing 15 lines, then 2 lines no voice, then back to a voice the next line is jarring, whatever way you look at it. Maybe the
  18. I think you missed my point. Nowhere have I said, that I want to be able to uncover a map, before it has been explored. Nor have I said that I wanted to be able to preemptively see encounters, or cheat, or whatever. I did suggested that, as one of the options. I listed multiple, in case they couldn't implement one. Simply a normal FoW, that is removed as you oncover the map. Not simply a lesser one that persists even after you've oncovered the entire thing. My suggestions are purely cosmetic, before the other min-maxer, stats/functionality crowds come looking for my head
  19. You're arguement makes little sense. "You're suggested option makes the game easier". All of the game's options will make the game subjectively easier. The pausing options make the game easier for the people who want various auto-pause triggers. The "Game" option almost all affect difficulty, in some way. My reasoning for wanting some Fog of War options has nothing to do with difficulty. I simply want to be able to see the bloody game ;p without most of my screenspace consumed by blackness, to admire the nice scenery, etc (albeit, blurry scenery, because of the interpolation zoomng problem
  20. I didn't mean the complete black (0.0) fog, but the just about black (0.1) fog that persists after exploration. Not to mention, the map is almost eligible, because of it, also.
  21. Hey Obsidian, Is there any chance of you adding some options for the Fog of War, please?. I mean, there's a whole page of options(21 options for it, in fact) for pausing the game ... and 0 for the FoW. Firstly, when preordering, I was under the notion that I'd be able to at least disable the Fog, by means of the console, but that's not a viable option - because it doesn't work correctly, and only glitches out the fog every time you enter/exit a building, or area, or anything, really. I'm personally not a big fan of FoW in general, but the FoW in this game has gone a bit overboard,
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