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  1. So it seems like Microsoft bought Obsidian because they were really impressed with The Outer Worlds' development. It might be a shame that there might not be a sequel to The Outer Worlds since Obsidian will likely be making games exclusive to Windows and Xbox after TOW1, and 2K/Private Division will retain the rights to TOW (unless Obsidian keeps it? Which I dont think so). I wonder if Microsoft will let them continue to make a new IP like TOW, though I wonder what else Obsidian would do? TOW seems like the New Vegas that everyone mostly wanted, albeit in their own fictional sci fi western setting. Post Apocalyptic has been done, they're doing Sci-Fi and western. I can't really think of any genre they could maybe cover . It's kinda why I feel like Obsidian might be doing an Xbox IP in the future. Maybe... Perfect dark And not just remake the FPS for modern day with better graphics free netflix tech news android 9and etc but actually make it more of an RPG? Possibly make the Alpha Protocol 2? I mean, I don't see a Halo RPG since the base seems very faithful to the core gameplay. Gears of War RPG? Pfffff. Shadowrun? Mmm, it would make sense but I do feel like it's a bit too obvious perhaps? Alan Wake 2... the idea of Obsidian making a survival horror RPG sounds bold and all, but having played Alan Wake, it was very linear and story driven so maybe it wouldn't fit Obsidian's style. Perfect Dark though, sure it has its hardcore fans but I think most people haven't played the game, but the brand could be recognizable to a new audience and the brand would be malleable for Obsidian to play around with. They'd be playing around with the franchise's identity like stealth, FPS combat, the futuristic world and aesthetics. Meanwhile Obsidian could add RPG mechanics, choices, factions, characters and companions who might offer support on the mission, and of course multiple ways to accomplish a mission. I think these factors would make for a commercial and critical success if they went with a Microsoft IP. Any other ideas or thoughts?
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