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Found 2 results

  1. I feel like this game lacks content. I have played through the hole game and give back to see whether or not I had missed any potential quests and could not find a thing to do. I did not expect this game to be fallout but I expected it to at least have some measure of fallouts scale when it comes to questing, exploration, and encounters. The game lacks content of all kinds whether its weapons, weapon modifications, quests, enemies, and environments. The game had a good storyline, some good factions, and good npc's but content centered around all these elements was seriously limited. I hope that dlcs will help make up for the lack of content of they ever decide to come out. Even fallout 1 and especially 2, which obsidian made in the late 90s, had more content. This game's universe is great but it is severely lacking heft.
  2. To begin with, I will only be playing on normal this time, so am not too concerned about building some uber potent character. Rather I'm just looking for feedback so I don't make total trash. Back in PoE1 I really wished I could have mixed wizard into my cipher. The reason being is I wanted to make a self buffing melee caster. That now looks possible, so its my go to build for PoE2. The idea is to, on the wizard side of things, focus on the defensive buffs with short cast times and zero recovery time. The cipher then is used to provide melee damage from soul whip and provides its own buffs as well as debuffs to hostiles ("steal" spells). This is largely driven by this deep-seated belief that a caster in melee is a caster with death wish, so needs to be buffed from here to kingdom come. I understand that fighter is the better option for a soul blade since they provide their own defensive buffs plus melee oriented abilities, however, I have an innate distaste for fighters (have always) and also have really wanted to make this build. Another build I am considering is an Inquisitor (Gold Pact + Beguiler or Soul Blade) however there was already a thread going about Inquisitors, and I do plan on going through as a Bleak walker + Barbar (my other PoE1 character was Walker) doing an "evil" run. As for stats MIG : 12 (I figure most damage will be from melee weapons which already get a +20%) CON: 12 (again, I fear being a caster in melee even if I am buffed to wazoo) DEX: 12 (not going to be casting too many things with long cast times PER: 14 (Low base accuracy compared to a proper melee class) INT : 15 (for buffs/debuffs) RES: 10 (doesn't seem as if I'll be in need of the Will or deflection) Living land as back ground and elf, because I like elves. For weapons I figured I'd likely use a club so I can occasionally brain people to make my spells hit. Thoughts? edit: As for Soul Blade vs Beguiler. . . The Soul Blade: I figure the extra damage is needed since I'll be using the wizard side of things only for buffing. Also, getting concentration on kills seems like a great thing to have in melee (counters knock downs right?). Beguiler: Debuffing to easier melee damage as well as some more self-buffing, though this seems somewhat redundent (on top of double caster multi-class). edit2: Should have made it explicit. I'm planning on an unlocked wizard so I can get both Enchantments and Illusions. Also, maybe conjure some nice weapons.
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