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  1. I’m guessing you already checked your system requirements before buying. So I don’t know what to say to help. But hopefully you find a way or someone helps you. In the meantime I guess try looking at previous post or look online.
  2. Hello fellow players! I am having a problem where every time I enter the room with The Chairman. ( when he is standing in front of the cameras in the “Pit” area ) my game would crash. I’m playing on Xbox one. Does anyone know a fix?? Please and thanks in advance.
  3. That’s the exact problem I’m having! I been trying to figure out a way. But I have no clue how to get the mouse to work
  4. Hello beautiful people! I have brought myself from far away systems to Deliver a important letter from my boss! “So while I was play this fabulous creation of a game. A thought came to mind! I wondered if consoles had keyboard and mouse support! (I’m play on Xbox) So with that thought I grabbed my keyboard and mouse and plugged them into my Xbox. Now for the part which I thought was interesting... Once the keyboard and mouse where plugged into the Xbox. I went into settings and then I pressed the left arrow key on a setting with a slider (For Example: Gamma) and it went down in percentage aka the game responded to the keyboard’s input! But when I use the mouse or any other keys other the left and right arrows, nothing works... so I would like to know if there is support but it’s not fully out yet? Or it is and I’m just not seeing it, or doing the right thing?” “Respectfully - Fusion Nuclear” If anyone has knowledge please contact my boss via Wireless! Translation below.... if anyone has any knowledge please reply
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