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  1. Have you made any changes to Grieving Mother's stats?
  2. Level 8 is basically end game, you will have plethora of options by then. Being able to grab Durance at lvl 2 with already 3 mechanics is much more useful especially when Aloth is pretty garbage without slicken. Have you not gone down into the Endless Paths? I had to stop at level 8(?) for a locked door I couldn't open (mechanics 10), and the levels above that had traps I couldn't disarm...with a custom adventurer with a mechanics bump from background. Granted my party is still level 5, but having a good mechanic is pretty important as you go deeper. As for slicken on Aloth... well, you do get spell choices on level up. There are a couple spellbooks in your path with good level 2 spells, so it isn't like you'll miss out by spending a pick on one of the best spells in the game. I haven't gone down into the Endless Paths yet. Given that none of the available companions is a perfect choice to be a lock picker and trap dectector. I was suprised that Obisdian didn't make one of the companions a rogue. Would I be better off starting over and rebuilding my fighter to have more mechanics or should I hire a rogue and be done with it?
  3. They're all pretty poor choices at it. I tend to put points into Eder as he's naturally in front, but Mother (once you find her) should be a good choice, as ciphers get a bonus. Durance sadly is the best choice in the time being, as levels can have significant distance between them, especially if you're killing people or familiar things. I'm considering going back to an earlier save and buffing up the mechanics on Kana. I just hate the idea of wasting points. Given that I have already reached Defiance Bay would I stand a chance of reaching the area where Mother is located? My PC fighter is currently level 4 and a have full party. I'm trying to avoid going backwards or starting over. Right now hiring a Rogue doesn't sound like a bad investment.
  4. I started a game with my PC as a fighter. I have picked up the companions who are a chanter, priest, fighter, ranger, and wizard. I'm running into problems of being unable to open locks. I'd rather avoid wasting gold on custom characters if I can help it. I checked the wiki and there isn't a rogue companion. I just reached Defiance Bay but I still have some quests at Gillded Vale. Who is the best companion to train as a lock picker and trap dectector?
  5. Thank you to everyone who responded to my questions. I pre-ordered Pillars of Eternity yesterday evening.
  6. I'm considering pre-ordering the game. I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'd like to get the pre-order bonuses. The only thing stopping me from pre-ordering right now is concerns about the difficulty of the game. I've played a little bit of Baldur's Gate and enjoyed it. However, I found combat a bit of a challange. Is Pillars of Eternity easier or harder than Baldur's Gate? I do have a few additional questions. First off, Have any off the backers been able to use the pre-order bonuses? The Pledge of Gaun ring sounds useful but the Space Piglet sounds more like a gimmick. I'm also curious, How do spells work in this game? Are they dependant on available energy points or can they only be used once per day? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
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