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  1. I’ve played a lot of games... and a lot of RPGs. My first video game that I got addicted to was Legend of Zelda - the most incredible RPG saga ever made (arguably). When I started playing Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, I was beyond impressed. Like, those games are SO well done. Amazing. POE is its own beast though. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with such an insane amount of spells, abilities and class combos to choose from!! Going through the Wizard tree I was like wtf there’s gotta be like 75 different spells in here, lol. Some of them sound so badass too. (Edit b/c too much reveal) Another thing I enjoy is the overall story and incredible gameplay and sometimes dialogue decisions impact the build you’re doing! I’m not gonna do a full review in here, I just wanted to say I think this is a fantastically well thought out and immersive game that I’m going to recommend to a LOT of my gamer friends. I am 100% addicted. RIP my life
  2. I've been thinking that part of the problem with specialist wizards is a lack of role definition, so I created a spreadsheet breaking down wizard spells by school for reference purposes. Maybe it'll be of use to someone.
  3. Snakeskin Grimoire Lvl 4 - Nannasin's Cobra Strike Ninagauth's Teachings Lvl 3 - Ninagauth's Death Ray Lvl 4 - Ninagauth's Shadowflame Llengrath's Martial masteries lvl 8 - Llengrath's superior elemental bulwark Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries lvl 6 - Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure Arkemyr's Grimoir lvl 6 - Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure lvl 8 - Arkemyr's Mercuriaql Madness Iron Glasped Grimoire lvl 2 - Concelhaut's Draining missiles lvl 7 - Concelhaut's Crushing Doom
  4. Hey all, I made a mod to add a couple of new spells into the game. You can download that from here if you want to give it a try. But I'm also looking for feedback on what other kinds of spells or abilities people might be interested in seeing, as well as feedback on what people think of new spells added. Thanks for your time!
  5. Hey guys, Sorry if this is already covered somewhere else, but Kalakoth's Freezing Rake (Level 8 wizard spell) used to only damage enemies, and now damages allies as well. If this is working as designed, cool, but the tooltip and spell description still says enemies. Also I didn't see anything in the patch notes so ??? Thanks!
  6. Since I last started the game, the area of effect templates when placing spells have completely disappeared. This is quite bad for gameplay, since I don't know which targets I'm hitting. Is this a known bug? What can I do? Or is their something in the settings that causes this? (can't remember I changed anything, though) I use the game with GOG Galaxy, so all updates should be there and I even repaired the installation but nothing changed. Please help!
  7. playing on POTD This mostly concerns Druid,Wizard (and Priest) and only their damage (offensive) spells. Chanter and Cipher both got at least 1 acceptable spell and since both chanter and druid dont use [spells per encounter] you can just reuse that one good spell over and over without issues just like the ability classes. Spells for utility are great, spells for buffs/debuffs/healing and summons are great. Damage spells are mostly terrible. - cast time is waaaay too long (7 sec+ on some spells) - cast time is often frontloaded making the spells more likely to be interrupted which in turn makes you LOSE the spell entirely (i.e. 4-6 seconds cast 3 second recovery compared to most abilities that take about 0.5 sec, good spells in the game are all 0.5 sec casts) - many abilities get accuracy bonuses while offensive spells get none making them significantly more likely to miss - spells often target reflex or fortitude both of which are MUCH higher than deflection most of the time - there is no good way to reduce reflex or fortitude without spending MORE spells before or gimping weapons (weapon modals) while there are a ton of efficient ways to reduce deflection and all of them benefit not only your offensive spellcasters but everyone in the party - damage for many spells is too low considering how terrible offensive spells are to begin with. Weapon damage and especially weapon abilities stomp offensive spells in terms of dps. - spells dont benefit from group damage buffs like chanters +15% fire for weapon attacks or paladins shared flames of devotion ot anything else for that matter that could be achieved by multiclassing and stacking bonus damage (like soul whip + lightning strikes) - Spells are extremely limited since you only get 2 per level. So the characters that use normal resources can spend these on their best ability over and over again. With spells you only get you best ability 2 times (1 time right after you get it which is horrendous, meanwhile ability users get maximum value right when they can grab something new) - Spell penetration is (for the most part) not that good. So even if you find someone you can hit with your vs. fortitude spell, chances are he basically just shrugs them off. - For the same reason spells rely MUCH more on power level (for penetration especially). Making them worse in the early and midgame since getting top quality weapons is really really easy even early on. - Full casters have no useful passives and obviously lose a ton of inhand potential because of that. - nuking enemies is much more important than overall dps, making some of the dot spells that have a lot of damage over a long time effectively irrelevant - friendly aoe on some doesnt help either... Even if some spells have good numbers all of the other things hold them back /discuss Please exclude exploits and that one super useful damage spell in the game you found (there are a few but most druid/wizard/priest damage spells are awful because of the aforementioned reasons) Like ningauths whatever found in his special grimoire. Please consider that needing other characters or items to make an offensive caster work is effectively just gimping your party in some other regard. Suggested solutions: Give all damage spells +accuracy (A LOT like 20 or sth). This would deal with the biggest issue spellcasters currently have. Spells arent lost when the initial cast is interrupted.
  8. There are a list with Spells only available with level up? I was thinking a Battlemage or even Arcane Knight could be more fun than Psyblade... But the possibility to use "free" spells for simply swapping grimoires left me hesitant to build my character. I want to get as many passive and active skills from a fighter/paladin as possible without losing anything important to a wizard.
  9. Uploaded a simple new item I created while testing new items. Adds a new unique spell book to The Dark Cupboard shop. The book also contains four new spells. I've tried to make it so the book/spells would give a boost to a conjurer wizard play-through and also have a theme. Book: Improves power level of conjuration spells by +1 Spells: Fiery Bolts - LVL2 spell similar to Minoletta's but does fire damage. Wishful Boon - LVL5 spell that grants random inspiration from Smart, Strong or Insightful. If the caster is a Conjurer (subclass) the inspirations are upgraded to Energized, Brilliant or Intuitive. Scorching Retort - LVL6 spell that creates a ring of fire around the caster. Any ranged attacks that hit the caster cause a retaliation of Fiery Bolts spell back at attacker (range 15). Serpent Song - LVL 8 spell that summons a Naga Warrior. It can be downloaded here Any thoughts or feedback let me know!
  10. Because atm they are underwhelming and un-fun. Complained in 1 about that as well. Saying this after a complete playthrough. DnD spells (in any DnD game up to now) were impactful - they felt powerful. PoE spells (except the best spell in the game- chill fog), even with a large amount of perception and accuracy, are unreliable and not worth casting except for crowd control in some situations. See much better results with non-wizards in my party. And the new grimoire/spell system is not intuitive at all. Every grimoire has assortments of spells that I don't like tbh and re-training seems a must for every wizard. With these spell/element resistances in the game, if wizards can not versatile, they end up being useless in half of the fights. Why not let us write our own grimoire and use that as a gold sink as well?
  11. Greetings, During combat when player characters play a sound from its voice-set files - like battle cry, spell incantations, status notifications or any other voice effort and then take any other action, take or deal damage, the previous sound playback is cut off instantly and is being replaced by next sound. For example: - When player character "A" cast a spell and play incantation sound and then player character "B" take damage in same time, then the incantation sound from character "A" is cut off instantly. - When player character is poisoned and play notification sound "I am poisoned ... babble " the poison deal damage at the same time which in turn cause character to play damage received effort sound file and cut of previous sound. In slow mode the sound plays for a little bit longer before it is cut off. - When player character cast a few spells in a row - only first one can be heard. Game version 2.03 + DLC 1 - Galaxy GOG auto installer. I'm not sure but if I recall correctly this bug was introduced in patch 1.03 - the one with new voice sets added and audio loop fix. There was similar bug in Neverwinter Nights 2 which has never been fixed. Pleas fix this bug. Thank you very much.
  12. Enchantments : It's written "Known Recipes", so, finding Enchantments Recipes seems to be a thing in Deadfire now. That's great, I always wanted to be able to find Unique Enchantments in the First Game. Unfortunately, there's nothing at the moment in the Backer Beta except the regular "Quality Increase" for Weapons, Shields and Armors. Vektor doesn't sells any, and the Racist Lady didn't want to open her store for me. B*tch... ------------------------------------------------------------------- High Level Spells : As for High Level Spells, there's some pretty cool Stuff. Look at the Damage on "Great Abjuration". Level VIII : Level IX :
  13. Sawyer answers a question about spells in his tumblr. I though it was interestingomondo so I'm posting it here for those who want to know (some) stuff about spells and spellcasting. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/163951614351/are-spells-going-to-be-revamped-or-changed-because
  14. I think this subject may interest some people, One of my concern on the 1st Pillars Of Eternity was that we'd get to know & see, every possible Enchantments we could do, like, from the very begining of the Game. And never had the opportunity to find that great treasure containing that awesome new Recipe for Weapons, Armor, Shields or Hats. Pretty sure it was a lack of time and ressources problem for you to make it happen. But now, killing Concelhaut, or Any Archmage should have this feature in Deadfire. Sneaking in his/her own private Library, looking for Unique Spells & Enchantments that only a powerfull Archmage know about. If I'm a Rogue, or have a Rogue, and sees that, an Archmage keeps his personal Grimoire in his desk. I'd like to have the possibility to sneak in at night, and steal it ! Obviously, Yselmir should manisfest & tell the Hero : "Hey, why not steal this Grimoire from him ?". Of course, Aloth, like the p*ssy he is, (I like Aloth...^^) would instantly disagree : "You can't do that ! it's one the most powerfull Mage's Grimoire in Eora, he must have protected it with all kinds of dangerous spells ! Even put a Curse that prevent others to use it !" etc, etc. Ok, all of this to say, I'd like Unique (hidden) Recipes in terms of Enchantments primarily, and maybe Weapons & Stuff in Deadfire. I hope they will be able to push that feature further this time around.
  15. Dear Obisidian, first of all, congratulations on your new POE2 campain, here's the 24595th backer. Can't wait to play it! I decide to get back to POE1 (both expansions included). Newest patch included as of today's date. I am experiencing graphic glitches - shaking spell descriptions mostly. Sometimes borders of NPCs stating their name or position. Earlier on previous patches I didn't have this kind of issues. I've uploaded the .zip file with all needed files to Dropbox, here is the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddbxeks6c0nyn4f/Archiwum.zip?dl=0 I'm using Mac on Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.5 - other hardware specs uploaded with other files (screenshot). THANK YOU for finding the time to read this and have a look into it. Best regards, Karnashuk
  16. Difficulty: PotD Best Team Role: Crowd Control and off-tank dps Team based or solo (if emphasizing defensive talents first) This is more a party based guide and I have played this build in a party but it seems strong enough to solo with a few adjustments. Introduction: The wizard is one of the most versatile classes in PoE, being able to adjust himself or herself on the fly to do whatever is necessary to help the whole party succeed in any hairy battle situation. This guide is aimed at suggesting a wizard build strong across multiple functions (cc, disruption, interrupt, one-on-one melee duelist), no glass noodle, a team-player first and foremost, yet a badass who can in a cinch pull victory from the jaws of defeat should the team be almost overwhelmed, and do so with style to boot . Some of these suggestions for talents etc in this guide will no doubt be familiar to veteran wizard players, and I also have to say my choices for equipment, armor etc, have been done to fit the overall concept of the archetypal in my mind battlemage), to match the overall package. But without further ado, enter the Royal Court Wizard, veritable jack of many trades, and perhaps even master of one or two. Race: Human, it is good for the might bonus and the overall theme of this character is to be best when the battle gets tough so the racial bonus is good. A case can be made for Fire or Moon Godlike but they have to helm and I find that is a bigger con to the needs of this purticular character than their racials. Coastal aumaua can be considered too but that would be a "Court Djinn" Background: Living Lands (Might bonus), noble or mercenary. Stats: Might: Max it Con: 6 Dex: flat Perception: max it Int: Max it (but you want to buff might and perception more) Resolve: 6 Talents: ! = principle to the concept of the class, R = Very Highly recommended O= Optional but good choices In general order I would take them: Arcane Veil ! your bread and butter defensive ability, essential first line of defense especially as you will be spending a lot of time in melee Blast R (team) / Fast Runner ! (if solo) blast - mainly taken for the extra interrupts and any on hit effects from scepter rods and wands Penetrating Blast R/O (team) / Hardened Veil ! if solo! boosting damage a bit from blast does not hurt and your high might takes care of the rest, at range you will cast cc spells mainly anyways and do actual weapon damage in melee anyways this is the most optional of the early talents. Interrupting Blows ! essential talent as you want to be a great interrupter it helps your team when you attack at range and you when you zone in on an enemy in melee, it also comes at the time you get lvl 3 spells and delirious alactricy of motion. Scion of Flame / or Secrets of Rime ! (Choose one at least - Flame if you go more melee, rime if you stick in the back ranks more) fire is good in melee because of firebrand + flame shield, fan of flames and the occasional fireball opener. ice is good because the strongest damage + cc spells at range are ice. all the ninigauth spells basically. Vulnerable Attack R at this point you can start to make your melee attack more devastating if you like those rapiers which you should Two Weapon Style R greater attack speed when dual wielding rapiers Weapon Focus: Noble R you can get accuracy from other sources like eldridge aim, it is nice but I personally take: Hardened Veil O basically means you will only be grazed even at higher levels when this is active which combined from the dr on your armor is quite sufficient Savage Attack O Apprentice Sneak Attack O / Savage attack and Baby SA can be skipped if going more tanky you can take superior deflection I guess and cautious attack. I prefer the "melee" variant in first line here - the concept of this build is to be very competent mob cc, but also be able to dual against the mob boss leaders. Spell Mastery: Level 1: Slicken (cc this good too good to pass up) Level 2: Combusting wounds Level 3: DAoM is probably best although if you think you can just use potions of it you can maybe take Fireball Level 4: Flame Shield or Pull of Eora or Ninigauth Shadowflame (especially on distant rime build) Equipment: Helm: Azalin's Helm Armor: Osric's Family Breastplate (Durgan refined) Gloves: Pilferer's Grip or Forgemaster's Gloves, Ryonas Vambraces Boots: Glanfathan Stalking Boots Rings: Ring of searing flames, ring of deflection, ring of protection are all good generally Belt: Girdle of mortal protection Neck: Liliths Shawl Note this is mid game: I am sure there are some more awesome items before or after depending on how you progress through the game. You want to boost perception, might, and Int. Weapon 1: Gyrd Haewanes Stenas (you get it early, it's great, has super accuracy so what's not to like, and looks good and "fits" (domination chance) on the character!) Weapon 2: Vierina's Leaves + Spelltongue or Sword of Dyonisos + Spelltongue. They are already great without durgan I am sure they would be awesome with it. But it is not necessary to durganize them. potions: regen, llengrath's di or bulwark depending on fight type, spirit shield or paralysis scrolls, figurine How she behaves on the battlefield: generally starts in the back ranks and cc's / disrupts enemies and conserves some of her strength, but if the situation calls for she buffs herself up with alactricy, flame shield, vital essence, arcane veil, martial prowess, switches to dual rapiers and stun interrupts a troublesome target like a battery siren or a brood mother. She dueled against battery sirens and brood mothers for me just fine that way on Potd and I would not consider my skills good enough for solo at this game yet. I am sure in expert hands she would be even more fearsome. I like the breast plate because it fits the "noble court wizard" theme. With pilferer's grip and durgan it is as light as cloth (15% recovery penalty) hella sturdy, has second chance even, and looks awesome. You can have zero recovery with robes but this is not really a "robe" wizard in my mind. Current Grimoire: Totally Badass: Edit: looking at the grimoire again, I will replace kolakoth minor blights with pull of eora though both are really but this wizard just goes into melee should spells be low 85% of the time so kolakoth mb is not really needed.
  17. The idea of this thread is to start a discussion about the direction of spell mechanics people would like the game to go in. As the host i'll start by sharing up some of my thougts around the topic. I will not discuss the obvious major mechanical change with the removal of vancian(spelling?) casting in the opening post since it seems to have been discussed quite rigorously already. The introduction of the new token mechanic to change target during casting coupled with the introduction of spell interuption greatly expands the possible range of spells and their impact since it allows for spells with far longer casting times that requires more planning. With the current token and interuption mechanics in the game it might be possible to justify a combine spell feature if the resulting casting time is long enough in relation to its power. Why do i want this? For one it would grant players a far greater flexibility and experimentation for players like me who love that sort of thing. More importantly perhaps is that it is the closest we're ever going to be able to create a spell of our own. I mean by the end of PoE my character was one of the most powerful wizards in the world who literally had the archmage Concelhaut as his pet, yet he had never done any spell experimentation or been able to create any spell of his own. What's up with that? I mean other than resource issues for obsidian . It would be even cooler (although admittingly possibly a nightmare to balance) if it was possible to combine different class spells with one another such as wizard/cleric or druid/cleric spells. What are your thoughts about the new mechanics that has been introduced? Any ideas of your own?
  18. http://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/156448088931/so-weve-got-obsidians-biggest-grognard-as-lead It seems an easier way to stop afflictions is coming, and some elemental magic can neutralize other kinds of damage. will we be able to set Slicken locations on fire? Cover enemies in water and freeze them? Or is this just for afflictions, and their removal.
  19. Hi all Sorry, if it's already been discussed. Is this only my bug or EP has no access to wizard's spellbind items anymore? It has a bag icon on HUD, and it's panel has some length but contains no items.
  20. Male spell chanting/casting voice is too low... it's there, but the volume is too low almost to the point that you can't hear it. Female's voice is loud and clear also for some reason, I recruited Aloth and his spell chanting volume is ok. Tested with a priest and wizard for both male and female and the chanting voice is too low on males.
  21. I just finished my battle with Maerwald in my Solo playthrough. I had one occurance of the battle state never ending, but that's very difficult to reproduce: After killing Maerwald I used Bewildering Spectacle on the fire blights which had ganged up on me, and I managed to confuse all of them, turn them to green circle. Since that broke engagement, I took the chance and ran away to the room where the conversation with Maerwald takes place, since by now we had moved to the corridor. Some time later, since combat state wasn't ending, I showed up in the corridor looking for the blights. They were nowhere to be seen, combat state wasn't ending, and I had to load game. Anyway, the bug I want to report is from another attempt at the same battle. I summoned the Animat with the Bronze horn figurine which I had bought from Gilded Vale's smith. We defeated Maerwald and the blights, but now the Animat won't go away. Not that I mind that much, but I still consider it a glitch Link to the savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bl9i9hwy7glmtqj/b4182f2badfd4ca2922d3e8a26c5b32f%2010866773%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel1.savegame
  22. I was looking at spell descriptions while updating the wiki and came across this: It says 0 seconds. My Dexterity is 18. When using the spell it works normally. I think just the description is wrong.
  23. Hey all! Stopped playing a short while after release due to bugs and general incompatibility with my crappy computer. I'm coming back into the fray and loving the game! I'm currently in act 2 with a level 8 solo wizard. I have a fully upgraded fortress and my gear is as follows: - Sanguine Plate (Resistances) - Rotfinger Gloves (2 amazing foe debuffs) - Belt of Blunting (Resistance) - Gaun's Share (leeching) - Some turban looking hat that gives constitution - Lilith's Shawl (stealth and perception) Haven't found boots yet. I've done every task in defiance bay and every quest except cinders. Haven't touched the main quest and haven't left The Bay. I've been relatively successful in all encounters so far. The hardest thus far has been the forgotten. They essentially just plop you in the middle of a bridge with like 7 decently geared enemies with nowhere to bottleneck. It was a pain but I finally downed them after loading like 15 times. I'm also having trouble with the cinders drake. I found an awesome spot where him and all of his minions are trapped in a straight line at which point I pelt them with everything I have including summons. Problem is all of his drake and kobold minions will die and by the time he comes around I only have enough spells to get him down to badly injured. He hits like a truck and I would have no defences left at this point. The spells I'm using are pretty much chill fog, fan of flames, concelhaut's ciphon, bulward vs elements, hardened arcane veil, mirror image, essential phantom, rotfiner debuffs, expose vulnerabilities and my 3 figurines. If theres an amazing piece of gear I'm missing out on or possibly a good strategy or spell I'm not using, some advice would be great. Thank you so much!
  24. Okay, I just got the game recently, and Durance just joined my party. When I cast spells with him in battle, they don't do anything. I put his AI on Support, and he doesn't cast any spells. Everyone else's spells and AI is working fine. What's going on? I really like the game, but this is really throwing a spoke in the wheel.
  25. My main character, a Cipher, for some reason does not get any AoE bonuses from Intellect, while other characters do. The character screen claims I'm getting bonuses, but the area highlight never shows the yellow zone, regardless of my Intellect. I verified that it's not only a visual glitch - the area is indeed not affected by bonuses. I tried disabling/re-enabling the area highlight to no avail. I also tried manipulating the attribute score through cheats in attempts to "unstuck" the calculation, and it actually worked (I got the yellow zone) until I reloaded from a save. I can no longer reproduce this... The version is, GOG. This kind of ruins my game... Any ideas? All relevant files (saves, logs, screenshots, dxdiag info) are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqto22xb8lfftzi/aoe_bug.zip?dl=0
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