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  1. The DLC "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Scavenger Hunt Rewards" (product ID 1769589278) was uploaded to GOG servers since game version v1.1.1.0064 Release v1 2018-06-20. https://www.gogdb.org/product/1788509829/build/51322708397733622 Only that Obsidian did not let us GOG game owners to download it, to this day. They only need to set it as owned for all GOG game owners.
  2. Polish translation is done by Polish publisher Cenega S.A. and the quality is GREAT.
  3. I just wanted to let you know dear Obsidian that I am also waiting for scavenger hunt prizes to be released on GOG. Please do not treat GOG customers like second class citizens . Thank you.
  4. Hover over tool-tips are not always displaying. The term is being highlighted but no pop-up shows. It affect all windows. In addition Hover links color on item details changed from solid brown and green to dim gray which is hard to read. Missing buttons: Missing fancy drop-caps for Latin extended in Polish version. i.e letter "Ś" has no drop-cap at all, and letter "Ł" is transparent instead of green.
  5. Thank you for warm welcome. How to reproduce: - create new game - make mage, take Minolettas Missiles spell - choose Male - Smooth voiceset - other voicesets are bugged - enter the game and disable tutorial tips - after Calisca join your party stand next to her as close as possible and hit her with weapon or Minolettas Missiles. May need several tries to fire up the initial battle cry sound file - stop, let her heal up and attack again. - you may try to attack her from distance in half speed mode or from short range in double speed to see / hear the exact moment - as soon as Calisca take
  6. Greetings, During combat when player characters play a sound from its voice-set files - like battle cry, spell incantations, status notifications or any other voice effort and then take any other action, take or deal damage, the previous sound playback is cut off instantly and is being replaced by next sound. For example: - When player character "A" cast a spell and play incantation sound and then player character "B" take damage in same time, then the incantation sound from character "A" is cut off instantly. - When player character is poisoned and play notification sound "I am poison
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