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  1. Nope, it's not retroactive. Just loaded one of my Savegames -> still no achievement. Looks like you have to do the quest AFTER the 1.1 update. So no blessing points for my new game + from this one, heh?
  2. Thanks for reply! Just one question: is the fix retroactive or would I have to redo the Quest in a new Game with 1.1?
  3. Hi zusammen, im Archiv ist mittlerweile ein "laxa_exported" Ordner hinzugekommen, packt man den auch mit ins PoE2 Verzeichnis? Oder weiterhin nur den /exported Inhalt? €dit: hat sich geklärt, sorry
  4. Hast du ein Beispiel oder Screenshot? Bei dem Schiffskämpfen hatte ich sowas schon eingebaut. Leider nein. Besonders negativ aufgefallen ist es mir in so gut wie jedem Dialog mit Serafen und bei vielen der Principi Dialoge und Kopfgelder. Eigentlich jeder Dialog der Schiffe oder Kapitäne erwähnt .
  5. I just finished that questline with all those undeads / vampires on the island far in the south east. Quest is listed as completed but the achievement was not unlocked. I did the quest as follows: 1. Discovered that island 2. had no quest pointing me to the island 3. went from the "docks" straight to the left area 4. from there on i head north to the crypt 5. shortly after i entered that crypt i got the "Ghosts Paradise" Quest 6. i cleared the area 7. i opened the gate with the blood of the two vampires 8. i confronted the "boss", talked to him until he attacked me 9. killed
  6. Abermals vielen Dank für eure Mühen, ihr habt das Spiel schon bedeutend spielenswerter gemacht mit den bisherigen Fixes! Ziehe mir mittlerweile jedes mal ehe ich das Spiel starte den aktuellen Stand ausm GIT. Eine Sache würde ich in dem Kontext gern in die Diskussionsrunde werfen: mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich viele Sätze doppelt lesen muss ehe ich sie kapiere wenn in den Sätzen Schiffe und/oder Kapitäne genannt werden. Diese haben ja doch oft recht .... skurile ... Namen . Wäre es eventuell möglich solche Namen in Anführungsstriche oder ähnliches zu setzen? Das würde diese als Ei
  7. Looks like they affect which ships/factions attack you on the sea map, but not 100% sure.
  8. Hey there, just a small note: the quest "Bad Medicine" (or how it is called in english) in the middle region of Nekataka (in german its called "Der Schlund", dunno how that region is called in the english version) is not marked as completed in the questlog although i handed over the medicine to the priestess (and got my rewards). I got my hands on the medicine by stealing it without killing the mechant or his guards, just in case this is important.
  9. Thanks for the hint, you were right, i actually missed one chest and the Cornett of the Waves in it! So i was able to open that door but it is definitly borked (see screenshot, is it supposed to look like this? The shadow on the ground where the door disapears is flickering and the door frame itself turned into a very... pixelated? ... texture? strange!). https://imgur.com/a/3udZi5g Also i was not able to get the cornetts back after opening the doors (so i was unable to check whether or not i would have been able to turn them in). Doesn't matter, got that nifty stuff behind the door, i'm
  10. Hey there, this looks like yet another bug to me. Having the exact same problem: Went down that metal cage thing in order to look for that "pirate", exploring the complete cave (while already having that quest to get both Cornetts). After finding that Cornett of the Deeps the quest got updated. At this time i didn't even enter that other town region "Takano's Villa" in Serpent's Crown.... So i went on exploring the other levels of that cave ending up at that giant worm. As soon as you get near that mosaic (during the bossfight for example) the quest gets updated yet again saying th
  11. Ah didn't saw this thread when i created my thread with the same "bug". So just for the record / completness: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97702-german-localization-as-bad-as-in-poe-1/ At first i startet writing down the most anoying text errors i found but ... man ... there are SO MANY of them that i am more writing then playing and thus stopped this cr*p and switched back to english text. This is really really REALLY a shame because exactly the same errors were present in PoE1, too. No idea how much they had to pay for that external studio but they could simply just set that m
  12. €dit: Didn't saw this thead with the same topic: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97581-german-translation-problems/ So ignore my thread because the other one has more informations. /€dit Original Post: Hello there, although the game looks awesome overall i have to make a little complaint: The german localization (Text) is really terrible. It even has THE SAME issues it had in PoE 1 concerning the names of many items. For example: A (Battle)Staff (in German "Kampfstab" or "Stab") is named "Entschlossenheit +3" or "Wahrnehmung +2" which indicates that they would boos
  13. Hey there, are there any new informations about the little but nasty problem concerning that nifty Scavenger Hunt and GOG.com users? I know that there was an older comment from a few weeks ago but since then there was silence. Just asking because the game launch is tomorrow and comming from fig I chose the GOG key over the Steam key some time ago....
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