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  1. Because there are people who have that crazy idea that having the ability to cheat isn't the same as having fun. And that's what an overpowered ability is: A cheat.
  2. It's interesting that you say five grands, cause that's exactly what the average Joel Potrykus movie costs (The budget for "Ape" was just 3000). His rule is to stay under 10000. He once said that if he was given 1.000.000, he would make 100 movies instead of one. And in my opinion his films are very impressive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Potrykus
  3. Now I understand. Schmetterling isn't the translation for butterfly (That's what you learn in school. Out of laziness I presume), butterflies are actually called Tagfalter in German as opposed to Nachtfalter or Motte.
  4. Butterflies include moths. Both in English and German. Looked it up on Wikipedia, just to be shure. And I just realised: Isn't joy of living a common term in English? There is even a movie of that name.
  5. My favorite one was always Backenbart. Yiddish has some cool German words in it, like schlepping (dragging around) or schwitzing (sweating), but I'm not shure if these are actual German words or if the Germans learned them from the Jews. By the way: I think joie de vivre translates to Lebensfreude, so in German you have both words.
  6. What really annoyed me was that Pallegina didn't even react, when I found out that the VTC is involved in slave trade. But she was really angry when I accidentally slaughtered the Bardattos and even more when I refused to do the main quest with the VTC (which should be kind of understandable under that circumstances, even for her).
  7. That doesn't mean they have to be that sober. And to be honest, I always liked the funny voice sets best. Like the druggy druid in ID. There has to be at least one.
  8. This forum was a nice little bubble in which you could debate, relax and forget that the whole world is doomed. Not anymore. I'll do the same thing as Josh: I'm out. I don't wanna be here when the rest of those creep kids arrive. Next thing will be daily posts about how SJWs ruined their masturbation experience.
  9. I wish Josh could have made those games completely by himself on a mountaintop isolated from the world with as much time and money as he wanted to. I totally agree with him in almost every aspect be it story or mechanics. OK, I don't like classless systems, but his would have been great. Edit: All this stupidity made me sad.
  10. I want them to build a circle and take out their cellphones. That's realistic behaviour.
  11. Looks like our special children get their own PoE now. With an easy to understand story and visually stimulating graphics, so noone gets bored. I think that's a good thing, we don't want to leave anyone behind. Nothing for me to be honest. I'd rather have an engaging story, excellent worldbuilding and good writing than playing with toy soldiers in my little fairy kingdom. But I understand that this can't work for all of us. I just hope that the weapons will do loooots of damage. It's frustrating for that kind of target group if the game does not give enough positive feedback on their actions.
  12. I remembered something. I know a guy from Russia. His family were German migrants from some generations ago and in the 90s he moved back here. I don't know were in Germany his family is from originally, but he has a very distinct way of speaking. The most noticeable thing is his frequent use of the word "Nu", spoken "Noo". It means something like "well" and he starts every second (German) sentence with it. I like it by the way, as it makes everything sound very calmly and relaxed. His German is not bad at all, he just has a slight accent, but it's just very different from nowadays German and therefore sometimes really hard to understand. However, "Nu" reminds me strongly of "Ac!" or "Ekera". I know that such kind of habits are common for German communities in Russia, as they were isolated and spoke their own German for a couple of generations.
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