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  1. Magic missile has always been op in the past IE games and pen and paper D&D, I've played a lot of 3.5 with the correct feats magic missiles will do a whopping 300++ damage (can't remember exact numbers) no need to roll for damage cause it's maximized oh and did I mentioned that it's also quickened?? LOL and yep you guessed it no save, no defense against it outside of magic resistance (I f****** hate autohit spells). Now that said most people are ok with it (personally I think it's op) because it uses up spell slots. In 4th edition not so anymore. Spells scale in the past games because
  2. People will just abuse the AI and mobs will die to disengagements attacks a lot. Then people will then suddenly complain that the AI is dumb.
  3. Would it be nice to add a save replay battle feature. With all the pausing, especially in large battles it would be nice to see how it plays out in actual real time. Now I'd imagine with the current system save files get bloated, I'm no modder but maybe limit said files to 3 or something.
  4. Yep I agree. I personally don't hire hirelings and manual resolve every attack on my keep that way you actually "gain" money maintaining the keep.
  5. A 9th level spell? This first installment of PoE is a low-mid level campaign (not that that stopped the devs from giving casters game-breakingly powerful spells like mass Petrify, mass Paralyze, mass Confusion...). Priests do get a number of powerful Burn damage spells, especially the higher level ones. They're one of the few classes I think it makes sense to give Scion of Flames. Yes I know, like I said I was "EXPECTING" them to be on par with 3.5 clerics which are complete powerhouses... y'know given Obsidian's history with D&D based games.
  6. I rolled a priest first expecting it to be as equal as the D&D 3.5 cleric. Was disappointed cause of the lack of offensive spells, not saying that priests aren't a good class they are just well suited for support in PoE. Rerolled a druid atleast this class has a spell that resembled Storm of Vengeance, shame that wearing full plate has a huge downside still.... This is the class that reminded me the most of 3.5 clerics.
  7. You might also want to check spell descriptions "FOE AOE" means it only targets enemies so don't be afraid to target spells on top of your party, "AOE" means it targets everyone within the red circle but doesn't hurt your allies in the yellow circle the higher the intelligence of the caster the bigger the yellow aoe becomes. This is also the same if the spell has "FOE BEAM" and "BEAM".
  8. My Aloth has the same problem as well, he is currently at lvl 10 with 10/10/10/10/3 spells per rest. He did have telda's ring and ring of the solenan equipped.
  9. The dice for this matter doesn't matter they can still make the same mechanic using a d20 dice, although the accuracy and save bonuses that we get now in PoE will come in decimals.
  10. Spells hardly ever fail in PoE cause of the graze mechanic, cause of this status effect spells are really really strong. In the past games you either miss or hit.
  11. As Druids/Priests/Wizards gain power, their weaker spells eventually shift to per encounter use. It all says says this at character creation.
  12. I personally think its the graze mechanic, I suppose grazes are ok when it comes to damage but debuffs are still effective when you graze. Petrify graze for 10 secs is just ridiculous.
  13. I noticed this one as well. Was playing yesterday, recruited Eder he's lvl 3 same as my PC and checked his stats and his weapon focus is there also with defender stance iirc, decided I'm not happy with my character rerolled another one today though this time, I went straight to Gilded Vale (ignored the wolves and bandits with the chef in valenwood) recruited Eder he's level 2 this time (my PC is level 2) and noticed that he doesn't have his weapon focus and defender stance, figured I'd just get those the next level and to my surprise I can only select 1 fighter talent. All of this is in p
  14. Well at least scion of flame works. Still would be nice to get a dev resopnse, its like what Hatred said kinda hard to test these things.
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