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  1. I suppose the idea there would be to buff yourself to oblivion using spells so you don't die instantly and then smash things, which sounds interesting.
  2. I had thought about playing a Chanter because of the summoning, but the whole "singing in combat" thing doesn't really appeal to me as a player. Just feels strange to me as a character concept.
  3. Initially I had played through half of PoE I when it launched but quit because they were still ironing out all the issues the game had. Now that both PoE I and II seem to have most of the glaring issues dealt with, I figured now is a good time to go through both back to back. This playthrough will be on PotD. I’m trying to plan a party that goes from one game to the next, preferably with the same character setup. I’ve read about most of the companions and my team for PoE II would look like this: Eder (Fighter/Rogue) Pallegina (Paladin/Chanter) Tekehu (Druid) Ydwin (Cipher/Rogue) or Aloth (Wizard) Which leaves the question… what do I play as? I typically like to play wizards and I dislike playing as rogues or bards (chanters in this game). Though, I remember it being very awkward in the first game. I created a Wood Elf wizard only to be approached 20 minutes later by Aloth, who even had the same face as my character. It doesn’t help that if you don’t recruit him at all... The route I’m currently thinking of taking is to just dump Aloth, take Ydwin, and then play as a Wizard myself. With that said, I’d rather have the companions from the first game in my group, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d like to hear them.
  4. I don't mind how tanks work in this game, a character really shouldn't be able to have the best of both worlds. The point of the stat system in these games is so that you always lose out on something in order to gain something. If you want to make a balanced character, you can, but they're going to suck hard because they'll be outclassed in every particular role.
  5. They're good because they're one of the few races that have a passive that isn't complete ass, and out of the passives that aren't ass, this one happens to be incredibly broken. They get a free heal that can't be interrupted, scales with might, and can proc repeatedly during a single engagement. Ridiculous if you ask me. Of course I can blame you. It was additional work to implement a separate feature for custom companions that many people demanded, and it is a feature which increases your options and replayability regardless of how many pre-designed NPCs there are. We also have clear history of the Kickstarter campaign where people asked for it and it was presented as a stretch goal. So there is absolutely nothing in the actual facts that supports anything close to "oh they are so lazy". I also like well written companions. I don't wish there were more, but I wish the ones we had got more attention. ...really it was so hard to implement as to be 'an additional feature'? To me it look to be just dialogue shortcut so people don't have to run/type a script themselves to start creating a new PC. But I am not a modder - it might indeed be such a hard task who knows? I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the lazyness scale:) I think if they were truly lazy then they wouldn't have even included custom companions to begin with. What you have to realize is that quality voice actors cost a lot of money, think of it this way, if you had to dedicate a lot of your time to voice acting would you do it for free or for minimum wage? No, you wouldn't, unless you were in a position where you literally had to. That means that they had to take chunks straight out of their budget (which was already waning to begin with for a game like this) in order to even include voice acting. Basically, calling them "lazy" when you haven't considered things from a business point of view is incredibly short sighted of you.
  6. This party looks pretty good to me, the one I'm running right now is: 2x Fighter (tank) Ranged Rogue (DPS) Ranged Cipher (DPS/CC) Druid(AoE Nuker, Support) Priest(Support,CC) And I tore through hard like it was nothing, PotD hasn't presented me with an issue I can't overcome either.
  7. It's because paladins and rangers both suck and you're all terrible people for playing as them. Seriously, you should feel ashamed that you picked a **** tier class and should uninstall the game.. Just kidding calm down. It was a poll limitation, there was a limit at 10 options and there's 11 classes. Also with the amount of salt being spread around with all the "Paladins suck" threads, I figured it would be fun to dump a whole canister and laugh at the results.
  8. Compared to others in this thread, I don't think Paladins are terrible, I just think they get out-shined in mostly every role by another class. To be honest with you, I think a quick fix would be to increase the range of their aura from ~3 meters to 15 meters. Paladins can definitely be a good tank if you're playing as the PC because of the defensive bonuses you get from role-playing, but their auras are just about useless. The only good one is the +3 DR because it can benefit the other tanks, but their accuracy aura has no purpose because it only has a 3 meter radius. Essentially you're giving accuracy to units who don't even make use of it (tank), unless of course you have a melee DPS in the area. And before someone says "But what about Paladins who are in the DPS role", no... just no. Literally every class in the game can out-damage a paladin, they are probably the worst DPS class in the entire game at this point. The role they were intended to fill is the off-tank support role, but I just think they need a little bit more help before there is a merit to take them over another fighter.
  9. Yeah I can understand that, I think the line is blurred between a lot of the choices though. For instance, when you do what I said in my OP you get a +1 to passionate, but if you straight up say "you lied" and then mash his face in, you don't get a +1 to aggressive.
  10. I think if you're playing on hard or PotD it can be fairly punishing not to have your casters with any armor, because they're going to die instantly. Then again, you don't really want them in full plate because they're going to cast too slow in critical moments, which is where light armor comes into play.
  11. I think what you're going to miss the most from this build is the support you get from the priest, it really is invaluable in a lot of cases. On PotD melee dps tend to get shredded a lot, so this build isn't really that optimal. In short; Can you beat the game on PotD with that setup? Yes. Is it viable? Not really.
  12. So in this buried secrets quest, I twist Wirtan's arm, crank the **** of his shoulder and then kill him, but apparently this isn't an aggressive action, but a passionate one. I never understood this. Anyone have any explanation for this?
  13. I see what you're saying, but this entire game is basically pure micromanagement from the get go. I mean, your units don't even switch enemies properly without you pausing combat and explicitly telling them to. I just don't think that Paladins bring enough to the table in terms of support, their auras are just too small.
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