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  1. Ok, so i tried playing (like hour and half) with arbalest and i dont see any diference.i didnt get any prone, but i didnt noticed any less dmg.-BUT!- What if there is a wizard.Its better to let him go with scepter and talents like blast and pene. blast?Along with weapon focus. What if priest go Magran with inspired flame?+10 acc. is pretty big deal i think.
  2. My ranged dps all got Arqebus with solider (Priest got margan talent) tallent.Accuracy and damage is pretty good, i dont see reason why i should swap it for Arbalest. Is prone realy better then DR reduction?
  3. Disclaimer : I know that Stronghold shouldnt even be in game.It was thanks to massive support on kickstarter.That doesnt mean its should be lifeless. So, i just repaired everything i could in my stronghold (and descend about 8 lvls in endless path).When i travel to it, i expect something.A cutscene, event, or even few lines...Nothing I realy hoped i could customized the look of stronghold, its halls.I hoped that Library, prison or lab will be interactive.I realy looked foward some personal chamber where i could stash all my special weapons etc.. Atacks on my keep are futile, only serve as
  4. People, these are companions.Their purpose is to guide you trough story, give you some information, and provide lore, humor and immersion.Why are you so obsessed with their atributes, skills and tallents? If this is your first playtrough, just forget all about min/maxing, effective builds, and sqeezing the last drop of efficency.I am pretty sure i ****ed up character creating since i forbid myself to gather any info before i play it trough at least once.And guys what, my party is capable.Enjoy your experience with this beautiful game... If this is your 2nd, hire adventurer or even better cre
  5. I thought about that.But since we talk about range chanter, he wont be much of a use in terms of invocations (maybe summons) since he wont reach the front lines.I would take druid instead (bear) .He will be much usefull, and can shapeshift in case of some mob break trough tank.
  6. I actualy keep enchanting my gear if i know that i wil use it.Like fullplate alrmor, big shield, firearms, or weapons if i have specilization. If you enchant your weapon with elemental damage, kith slaying and fine (then exeptional as you progress) its actualy pretty good.I have lot of unique weapons, but using only few of them since mine enchanted are better for what my class is for.
  7. So what numbers we talking about?I thought that 18 PER/RES is enough for tank, and leave CON at 10.And rest is spread to all stats.
  8. I dont know about penetrating shot.Firearms are slow as they are. But envenom seems realy great, gotta try it out WAIT!!! Does cipher get focus from envenom strike? O.o Its basicly his range dmg...that would be awesome, gotta try it out
  9. Isnt 20 PER/RES overkill?With big shield, i think 18 is enough so you can spread the rest to DEX/INT for saves.
  10. Guys you need chill the F out.Im running this game on old ...OLD pc.I got only 2G of ram, and some old videocard. The game is running just fine.Apart from increasing loading time as game progress, no real problem.
  11. Changed reload speed multiplier from 2 to 1.2 for Sure-Handed Ila. Ok, so there will be a nerf.I admit that im using my chanter for nothing more that summoning, chanting this phrase and shooting along with other gun-crazed team members.4 people with guns...Thats a lot of reloads.And it is realy effective.I dont say that this will broke chanters.But it will move them down in class tier... What about you?Will you still include chanter in your party?Will you respec him into off tank? Personaly i think i will give druid a try
  12. Please no, the micromanagement is fun element.The fact that you can choose target is why summons are so powerfull because you can focus your power on 1 target or tank with summons. i don't think you played baldur's gate much? you aren't understanding. you can micro control your summons. they just don't grant vision, so you can't use them away from the party (without using a scouting spell at least), you can only control them in the area where you have vision. but this way you can't use summons as scouts or send 6 summons to go fight while you sit at the dungeon entrance. Oh...was
  13. Of all things this was nerfed?Only way this could be OP would be party of 6 moon godlike chanters... I never realy cared for any of those talents.Waste of points for things potion/priest can care of.
  14. Sorry but I don't agree with most of what you just posted. Maxing INT is required for a class with AOE spells. Saying that you can't reach both front and back lines and then using that as an argument not to max INT on a chanter is just silly imo. I'm currently running a chanter as my main and I don't have this issue. Positioning is simple to achieve. You don't need 2 tanks, you need 1 and possibly an off-tank. If mobs break through it'll be at the start of the fight. So depending on summons that you need about 15 seconds or more to get to stop those mobs isn't realistic. I'v
  15. Please no, the micromanagement is fun element.The fact that you can choose target is why summons are so powerfull because you can focus your power on 1 target or tank with summons.
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