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  1. Thanks a lot for all the feedback; I'm really stuck with which class may be more enjoyable to me. I have just understanding and testing some things, apparently with a paladin I will not do great damage, which would be a problem for the kind of character I want. I didn't mentioned that I probably will use this mod, which raises up to 5 Flames of Devotion per encounter, this build looks better considering that? Thank you for the corrections, now analyzing the new input: Bleak Walkers Weapon 100% physical Flames of Devotion +50% burn Intense Flames +25 burn Remember Rakhan +25% corrode Scion of Flame +20% burn Spirit of Decay +20% corrode TOTAL: 100% physical 90% burn + 30% corrode = 220% overall damage (3 types of damage for creatures immune to fire) Goldpact Knights Weapon 100% physical Flames of Devotion +50% burn Intense Flames +25 burn Enduring Flames +DoT burn Scion of Flame +20% burn Two Handed 15% physical TOTAL: 115% physical 90% burn +DoT burn = 205% overall damage +DoT burn This build limits my weapon options but does more damage in each hit, also, if the amount of DoT if is more than 15%, Goldpact Wins even using Flames. What is the exactly amount of Enduring Flames damage over time?
  2. I wander if is possible a DPS Paladin not specialized in any type of weapons (two handed, marksman, etc), that can be able to use all kind of stuff out there. I have two possible orders: Goldpact Knights (+Fire) and Bleak Walkers (+Corrode) this last one looks interesting because the variety of damage (If I found creatures with high fire immunity), but I have two problems with it: 1) I don't like to play its alignment (aggressive, cruel). Is that important to the lore or is just there to define a build? 2) Do I need a special weapon to have that corrode bonuses? This is the build: Human - Deadfire Archipelago (to hit more) Attributes Might 18 (+24% Damage +16 Fort) Constitution 10 Dexterity 20 (+30% Speed +20 Reflex) Perception 10 Intellect 10 Resolve 10 Abilities Faith and Conviction Flames of Devotion (+Fire damage) Zealous Focus (having average INT mainly is to buff myself) Sworn Enemy Liberated Exhortation Righteous Soul Haste Exhortation Talents Intense Flames (+Fire Damage) Remember Rakhan (+Corrode Damage) — for Goldpact Enduring Flames (+Fire over time) Critical Focus Scion of Flame (+Burn Damage) Spirit of Decay (+Corrode Damage) — for Goldpact Envenomed Strike Bloody Slaughter The final Flames of Devotion damage would be: [Weapon Damage] + 24% (Might) +100% Fire (Flames) +50% Corrode (Enduring) +20% Fire (Scion) +20% Corrode (Spirit) for Goldpact: [Weapon Damage] + 24% (Might) +100% Fire (Flames) +10 (Enduring) +20% Fire (Scion) What do you think? Is a useful build to play Hard with the lore companions?
  3. Thank you for the corrections, with the new skills information I've done this draft: Stealth 4 (+12) Athletics 5 (+24) Lore 4 (+2C +2N) 6 (+3) Mechanics 1 (+1C) 6 (+24) Survival 2 (+3) Total skill points 66 Assuming that the max skill level is 6, am I right? And I've calculated double skill points for each level: 1(+1), 2(+3), 3(+6)... is that how it works? And a few questions more: 1) Does Might improves melee and ranged damage as well? 2) Having MIG 18, DEX 10, would be the same as MIG14, DEX14 because I will do less damage, but faster. 3) I've read that the experience is shared trough the party, so the max level 12 is reachable alone or in party?
  4. mmm... so at level 12 I will have only: +6 Chant, +6 Invocations and +6 Talents, that's all? How can I develop Skills (Stealth, Athletics, Lore, Mechanics and Survival)? Okay, with this information and the wiki I've making a draft of my build, what do you think? Attributes MIG 18 (+1 Human) CON 10 DEX 14 PER 8 INT 18 (+1 Vailia) RES 10 (+1 Human) Chants 1º level chant - +10 Fortitude, +10 Will 1º level chant - +1.2 Move Speed, +10 Reflex 1º level chant - x0.9 Slashing, x0.9 Piercing damage 2º level chant - Increases reload time and speed of ranged attacks from allies 2º level chant - Frightening enemies 3º level chant - Increases the Deflection of allies Invocations 1º level invocation - Summons a phantom 1º level invocation - Creates three bolts of lightning 1º level invocation - Creates a thunderous explosion 2º level invocation - Charm effect on all enemies 2º level invocation - Paralyzes Enemy 3º level invocation - Revives unconscious allies (or Attacks enemies in seven directions if I'm good enough) Talents Ancient Memory (maybe this don't worth) Beloved Spirits (maybe this don't worth) If tank shield chanter Cautious Attack (x0.8 Speed +10 Deflection) One-Handed Style (more hits) Weapon and Shield Style (+deflection +reflex) Superior Deflection (+deflection) If DPS arquebus chanter Marksman (+5 Ranged accuracy) Gunner (+20% Ranged reload speed) Shot on the Run (Reload when moving) Two-Handed Style (+1.15 damage)
  5. Yes, I really appreciate all kind of advises, but my real problem is the progression, I'm clueless in "which" and "how many" Skills, Talents, Attributes, Abilities, Chants, Summons, etc, I would be able to learn in each level... For example, I'm planning to max MIG, DEX and INT, but I need to know how many extra pointsI will be able to pick through the next levels. Or, I really like the summon that releases a lightning, but if in the future I will be able to learn better direct damage summons, I prefer the phantom summon that will be more useful through the firsts levels. I don't even know if I will be able to learn ALL summons, all guides are centered on character creation but there isn't any progression guide, I'm completely clueless, jha!
  6. Yes, you can avoid the Character Creation step, I prefer to focus in what things I will be able to choose in each level.
  7. I've read guides, manuals, wiki, and still not understand well how to plan a character, this game really needs a character planner, but meanwhile I need a reference. I know that we can reach level 12, but is unclear how many stuff I can pick per level. I need a step by step Chanter's build guide. I know about the character creation process; my problem is that I need a schedule to a target a end-game build like this: (I'm guessing) Level 1 Character Creation (Chanter) Level 2 1 Skill, 1 Talent Level 3 1 Attribute Level 4 1 Ability ...till level 12 I want to be a not-summoning Chanter (a blend between a paladin with warrior-mage), for the race a Meadow Girl from Vailia, and for the gear I am tempting to use Arquebuses with the chant to rapid reload, would you tell me if that is recommended as well?
  8. The appearance could be more than purely cosmetic and it can be applied in many flexible ways. Imagine that during character creation, if you choose a different height you’ll need to fix it by two menus, one of advantages that you will need to rebalance by another of disadvantages (I don’t know the real game variables so I’ll be guessing the examples). Advantages menu for taller heights: +1 Strength, +1 Resistance, +3 Intimidation, etc... Penalties menu for taller heights: -1 Dexterity, -3 Reflex, -3 Stealth bonus, etc... So, if you want to be taller, you will need to configure your own advantages/disadvantages from menus that contains only the stats that are affected by body size (ie you won’t see Wisdom in Height menus). Here are a few examples of possible final configurations: 1st possible configuration for a tall person: +1 Strength /–1 Dexterity 2nd possible configuration for a tall person: +3 Intimidation /-3 Reflex 3rd possible configuration for a tall person: +1 Strength +1 Resistance /-6 Stealth bonus By this way you will have a unique character far from the basic stats. In the same way, when you see a tall NPC in the game, you won’t know if he will be strong or only intimidating. This system could be applied in more ranges by multiplying the basic points of advantages/penalties in some way like this: Smallest (+2/-2), Small (+1/-1), Average (+0/-0), Tall(+1/-1), Tallest(+2/-2). Also could be applied to all aesthetics even in asymmetrical ways. The following examples are for beauty: Ugly: x2/x2 to all Unsightly choses Unsightly: +3 Stealth /-1 Seduction (you are less noticeable by others) Normal: Average Beautiful: -6 Stealth -3 Speech/+2 Seduction +1 Luck (you are noticeable and don’t need to talk often) Gorgeous: x2/x2 to all Beautiful choses This can go even more deeper, for example, a beautiful person who wears a helmet can easily lose all benefits (Seduction) but continues carrying some penalties (Speech) while others may be gone (Stealth). The possibilities are endless and pretty easy to implement to the character creation stage. You better think about it.
  9. That could be perfect. I ever wanted that aesthetic be more than pure cosmetic, I searched about this topic at the forums and apparently nobody said nothing similar, so I want to extend this idea to an entire topic to be put in a deeper consideration. mmm we are at the second decade of this century... something similar to NWN2 will probably be the minimum amount of detail that people expect, less than that would be a little disappointing for a foundational project like this, especially considering that 2D backgrounds will save enough power to fully focus on characters. That's what it seems to me.
  10. I don’t like to group with children or “child-like” characters. That counts all kind of children, since those smarter than adults to those autistic ‘special’. Either adults who act or think as children, like Leliana in Dragon Age, or those too fragile are very annoying too. Even “child-replacer races” like hobbits, or those cute little people big-headed of anime or Japanese RPG, I really don’t like them! ha!
  11. I don’t like pets in games but there are lot of people who like them and I understand that, I only hope that we won't be forced to adopt them. If we’ll need to interact with animals I prefer those strange ones like Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, a self-sufficient undetermined entity that appears only in certain circumstances.
  12. sounds like halflife is your kind of RPG, perhaps the best editor out there, great atmosphere for its time, and a pioneer in graphics, many games used it's combat model, though character progression and such was lacking enough that people didn't consider it an rpg, system shock 2 was better in that regard, but generally isn't considered a rpg by players. personally i'd consider it a poor rpg, though a fun game. i consider dwarf fortress a fun game as well, and it has the worst graphics around, though i don't consider it an rpg (at least not the fort mode). not bashing your taste, just suggesting a game you might really like, perhaps even a genre. some FPS focus on your points 2-4, some of those have point 1 as well, and when they do it tends to be pretty substantial. I don’t like linear and boring shooter adventures, jumping from here to there doing ever the same things. I prefer RPG of any kind, since Sacred till Dragon Age, and I discovered the pattern of importance that I described there, but I accept others points of view as well. What I don’t understand enough is why in video-game communities many people seem to despise graphics, it has no sense to me. Maybe pen & paper RPG would be the best way to play a RPG, but in computer are many more useful resources.
  13. Almost no votes for Graphics, Combat and Skills? I'm beginning to think that you have in mind a book instead a videogame! For me is everything, in the following proportion and order of importance: [3/3] A Game Editor! [3/3] Atmosphere [3/3] Graphics [2/3] Combat [2/3] Advancement [1/3] Character Development [1/3] Choice-Consequence [1/3] Plot Sacred have no choice-consequence, nor development, nor plot, but you can’t stop playing them. Then advancement and combat are the fulcrum of any RPG. And the best probably is the atmosphere that maintains us playing and thinking about the game the rest of the day. Finally, the Graphics are what define a video-game, but I don’t know why is the feature most despised, if I will spend hundreds of hours in a game, I prefer doing it in gorgeous environments with a beautiful character. But nothing compares to an Editor to improve and customize all aspects; I enjoyed all kind of mods for Dragon Age, from customizing my skills to let Zevran joins earlier to my party, and much more. Mods are the must-have for any RPG.
  14. I dislike achievements, unconsciously they end forcing to play in a way that I didn't willed.
  15. Ah, so there is nothing official yet, I started to follow those video series and they are too interesting, thank you for the links. Regarding the wiki, I know only this one: http://eternity.gamepedia.com/Main_Page
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