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  1. The reason why I waxed lyrical on the dog issue is 'cause I recently (well, not so recently anymore) lost my dog and I was really attached to him, and the dog in DA:O was remarkedly like my own (and the "relations with the dog" thing was a joke..). Since I never play a magical user, I wouldn't care for familiars, talking animals, pet swamp dragon-toads or stuff like that. I just would like a dog, that acts like a dog. I know someone who felt for their horse as I did for my dog, and the horse was her buddy when she grew up. I can imagine her wanting a horse as companion.
  2. I really liked the dog in Dragon Age, it was the only companion I'd always take with me. The other companions were between the annoying and the creepy, and I'd take them along only as cannon fodder or for a specific ability/ies lacking in the main character (or if I had to). Besides, the dog in DA reminded me a lot of my own dog, whom I miss dearly. Same size, same face, a thinner neck tho. So, I'd like a dog as companion. Possibly a pitbull/moloss-like dog, but I'm not too picky (if one could have a choice of how the dog would look like, it would be best), as long as the dog has a per
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