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Found 8 results

  1. Ydwin is the only attractive female companion in the game. And it's not that there is any competition, given the female designs in the series. Let's start with the romance girls - Xoti and Maia. Both have prominent male features - big jaws and noses, which makes their look average at best. It's like they belong to DA:Inquisition. Pallegina looked ok in the first game, but got her portrait butchered in the sequel. What a shame. Others hardly worth any mentioning in this regard, they also can't compete with Jaheira, Viconia or even Neeshka. Ydwin is the ray of light in the butterface darkness. I'm glad she's not a romance option, you can't entrust such an interesting personality in developers hands. The player can write the script himself and this is the best.
  2. In AD4 there are excellent cards in every category. I simply can't decide on any one card. If you can pick one, like and respond. Weapons Ranged - Shortspear +3. The only choice, but it's a good one. Melee - It's hard to go wrong with any of them. But I save Greatclub +3 to the end, and keep Demonbane Longsword +2 in my deck because it is rechargeable. At the end, you get a very nice MokMurian's Club. Spells Divine - Restoration. But you have to remember to use it before the encounter. Arcane - Poison Blast. Unfortunately, a variety of monsters resist poison. Armor Light - Robe of Enery Resistance. AD4 doesn't offer a lot in this category before the end reward Robe of Runes Heavy - Ebon Thorn. Very nice +2 to melee attacks Shields - Reflecting shield. I favor this type of shield over any other armor. But you get a better one in AD5 Items - so many good ones here Amulet of Inescapable Location, Flask of Fire (or Frost, or Magic), Greater Sage's Journal, Magic Spyglass, Necklace of Fireballs, Staff of Heaven and Earth. Ezren starts to shine with this collection to build with. Ally Eagle - among so many good allies, this card is a winner. Putting Eagle on Lini is a bonus!. Blessings Blessing of Gozreh - I'll always keep at least one in my party. Looking through this list, my post selection best card is Eagle. I've played a short deck with the Paladin and LIni. The Eagle is always a big factor when it enters play. Thanks and I look forward to your comments.
  3. Here is the final Best Cards in ADx review. I hope that you have enjoyed the post and especially the game. There are so many terrific cards in AD6, but picking the best was a simple choice for me. It's why I built a new Paladin. If you haven't figured it out yet, look no further. My pick for best card in AD6 is the Ring of Superior Protection. When I build a party for high level adventuring, every toon will carry one. Weapons Ranged - Slaying Bow. So good, I can't say enough good about this. I made a new Lini just so she could carry this. Melee - Slayer Scythe, but I have not seen the other melee slayer weapons Spells Divine - Invoke. More turns...this was an easy pick among several excellent AD6 divine spells Arcane - Sign of Wrath. But, I've never seen Whirlwind. Armor Light - Leopard Leather. If feels like adding +3 to dex and acrobatics is the best of the lot. Heavy - Adamantine Plate Armor. It works better if your toon already has inherent resistance. Shield - Entropy Shield has a reveal. But I'd rather keep AD5 Spell Ward Shield anyway Items Ring of Superior Protection - Everyone should have one. Supplement this with Sihedron Ring, or Ring of Energy resistance Robes of Zin-Shalast - A favorite of every arcane caster Ally Liberated Blue Dragon. I worked countless times to farm this guy. Now you can't part me from him. Clockwork Dragonling. Works fantastically with Ezran Scholar. Like and respond. I enjoy reading them. Thanks
  4. In the very first scenario, if you are earning the loot cards, you gain what I consider the most important card of the set. It is also the best card of AD5, Revelation Quill. Weapons Ranged - Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2, or Venomous Dart +2, or Acidic Sling +3. By this time, you will want all of them. Melee - Flaming Ranseur +3, Dancing Scimitar +2, Keen Rapier, Keen Scythe +2. Just keep collecting them all. Spells Divine - Sunburst. It's the spell you've been waiting for. Arcane - Two most excellent spells. Disintegrate and Gozreh's Trident. Armor Light - Bearskin is better than the alternative Heavy - Fortified Breastplate. It's surprising how useful it's reveals are. Shield - Spell Ward Shield. This is the reason you take one armor card feat and no power feat. Get it and keep it. The best armor in AD5 Items Mossy Disk. For toons that have trouble closing, this item is a real blessing (Amiri) Ally Pyromaniac Mage. Many good allies, but this one adds fire to both arcane and divine attacks Blessings Blessing of Thassilonian Virturues. It's a good one, but can use it's special function only by the toon that carries it. I'm sorry that I didn't narrow down some of the choices, But by AD5 were are seeing some of the best the game has to offer. But wait....AD6 gets better! Thanks
  5. In the last two decks, my top card choice in each was a blessing. Not again! This time, I pick a card that I will keep in my decks all the way through AD6. My top card for AD3 is Greater Aid. It beat out some other very good choices. So keep reading. Barrier Ranger Stash - This is a good barrier. It is a special form of Large Chest containing only ranged weapons. Weapons Ranged - Black Arrow Longbow. You have to finish AD3 to earn it. But it is the best of the pack. Melee - Trident +2. Hey, you don't have to be proficeint with weapons! Honorable mentions to Venoumous Dagger +2 ande Vicious Greataxe +1 Spells Divine - Greater Aid. See my comments above Arcane - Scrying for deck manipulators. Or Incendiary Cloud just fills my imagination. Armor Light - Steel Ibis Lamellar. I regard this as the runaway armor winner in AD3 Heavy - meh Shield - what were they thinking? Item Wand of Enervation (loot) very nice! Or Wand of Scorching Ray (but, it is still an attack) Or Pole, for non-arcane users Ally Black Arrow Ranger - a very useful card for range attackers Blessings Blessing of Norgorber. The really good stuff starts coming at AD4+. This helps you capture it. Thinks have started picking up in AD3. Just in time too. The next deck is going to be a lot tougher. Thanks.
  6. What do you think its the best firearm?And for what class? I use blunderbuse for my cipher, and arquebuse for any other ranged.I used pistol, and i didnt find it anymore less accurate then arquebuse.
  7. Hey So let's think about what would be the best DPS class in this game in your opinions, PotD wise. I've been playing with a paladin as a tank and a rogue as a DPS dealer. And da**, I must say when properly positioned, the rogue can do insane amount of damage. But he is so squishy though. One mistake and he's gone. I tried Cipher DPS wise. It's really good too. If the cipher pulls off his spells, he can do insane amount of AoE damage. But is it stronger than the rogue? I haven't played that much with ciphers, so i couldn't say. What's your opinions on the best DPS class guys?
  8. I've recently decided to re-install my old physical copy of TSL since I've heard of the new compatability between TSLRCM and M4-78 or whatever that new droid planet is called.So I start-up the game,make my guy,blah blah blah.Right after the opening cutscene of the Ebon Hawk docking into Peragus and awakening from the Kolto Tank,what starts happening?Massive amounts of lag to cause lag teleportation for my character. I'm running on lowest settings to the point of disabling shadows and grass and using Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 and I'm still getting massive lag.I have no mods whatsoever besides the mss32.dll fix,which I highly doubt would impact preformance,and I have everything running under compatability for XP2 and running said things as Admin.I have scoured the internet for answers,but I have found none.So I'm hoping one of you kind souls on here will help me out.Thank you in advance. :D Specs are as shown: OS: Windows 7 Home Preminum (64-bit) (Service Pack 1) Graphics Card: AMD Raedon HD 7640G Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU With Raedon HD Graphics (4 CPUS) ~1.9GHz RAM: 6GB VRAM: 512MB DirectX: 11
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