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  1. The spores are not difficult at all... Pull and take out the sporelings first and then take the 2 spores alone. Don't hit your allies when they are charmed. And then I suggest you to do every areas before Caed Nua, except the temple and Readric's fortress. Do those 2 after completing all the areas and before proceeding to Caed Nua. Should be totally fine. Prioritize deflection above all early on, especially for your tanks. And also DR weapons. From there it's all about knowing the spells and knowing how to position your chars. * And yeah, you're build isn't optimal. Watch some v
  2. Nevermind. I'm just gonna reload 6 hours earlier. So ridiculous. Whatever.
  3. Hey So I'm not sur what the hell happened, but after completing 3 bounties, my main character started to "slow run". Not sur how to call this. Let me explain. If I select every other party members, they run at normal speed. But as soon as I select my main character with my party, everyone start to run slowly (like if I changed the game speed to slow). And if I, for example, select Eder to make him run at a location and then switch-select to my main, Eder changes his speed to run slowly. Wtf? I tried changing the speed of the game to see if it would fix the issue, no. I tried go in
  4. Most important skills are mechanics, lore and athletic. Stealth is really nice though for positioning purpose, but other than that it is not needed. I would say 3-4 stealth is quite fine. Then, 2-3 atheltics, but you can up it for skills check. Highest atheltic check I had so far is 5, but I suspect you need more than that later in the game. 10-12 mechanic and lore. And finally, 3-4 survival. That's my suggestion!
  5. Hey, So I was thinking, is there any possibility for the people to actually voice act the texts that couldn't be voiced over yet in the game? Could be nice if there was one. Like for Skyrim, people added NPCs with voice overs and all that stuff.
  6. Dual wield is really great for melee cipher. For me, melee cipher is like a rogue but with spells. And then I always have a blunderbuss backed up in case I need to fill up my focus fast or in case I can't melee. So either dual wield or blunderbuss imo.
  7. Btw, a guy just posted a solo triple crown on steam community hub legitimately except the last boss. Just sayin.
  8. Yes, tenuous grasps can be used out of combat. So all you have to do is spam tenuous grasp until it works and the mobs are going to kill the confused mob. * And I'm not expecting anyone to go rush in fights and beat the sh** out of all the mobs on PotD. I know this can't be achieve without kitting. But seriously, mind control a mob and run? Geez. Everyone can do that, just needs patience. That's just my opinion. I was expecting some hate from my post, but yeah. That's how it is for me.
  9. Okay, I mean, sur congratulations on getting the achievement! But it's not a legit way to get it. The point of ironman is to play the entire game with only ONE chance. Not multiple chances. By allowing yourself to quit and reload fights, you are giving yourself multiple chances. Which is, like I said, not the way it should be done. There is also other issues I have with the way you got the achievements. First, you have avoided the fights as much as possible by kitting the mobs using your mind control spells (tenuous graps, weapon of treason (which can be used out of combat)). So it
  10. Geez. It's nice for you to share your party, but I just wanna say that PotD don't necessary needs a custom party. The game is "winnable" with only the companions. UNLESS, you're doing an ironman playthrough. But yeah, cipher or druid for 6th. Cipher = CC and druid = buffs/debuffs. Up to you.
  11. Fu** I totally thought retaliation was the fire godlike bonus (battle forge). So I'm gonna ask my question again, does battle-forged works for building up focus faster?
  12. Okay so shield doesn't stack. But this mean you still could have, what, +10 deflection permenantly? (it is +10 right? not sur).
  13. Wait wait wait... Does this mean... retaliate + psychovampiric shield = infinite deflection? Never used psychovampiric shield, but if you can spam it with retaliate, this mean you could get infinite deflection bonus???
  14. No way you can have 3k. Max you can have imo is 1k if you sell literally everything you gathered before he joins your party.
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