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  1. Currently I have 5 character builds below and have not decided on a 6th. So tell me your opinion. And tell me what you think about the builds below, and yes the barbarian is a very unique interrupting build which is fun! This is for hard difficulty because PotD is ridiculously difficult and made mainly for min/max groups. And yes I can get 6 chanters to beat PotD easily but that is just not fun. Pillars of Eternity Characters Fighter - Fire Godlike Mig: 19 Con: 9 Dex: 4 Per: 18 Int: 10 Res: 18 Skills: 2: Rapid Recovery 3: Defender 4: Way Defender 5: Vigours Def
  2. Might 18 con 15 Dex 19 per 3 int 3 res 19 SS + lightning strikes both are fire godlikes
  3. In PoTD atm I have 2 monk tanks with heavy armor shields and 1h and they die so damn fast and I've maxed all defensive stats. What can I do to make this easier? I also have 2 ciphers spam debuffing.
  4. Bloody Slaughter All All attacks at enemies with low Endurance convert +20% of Hits to Crits. Crits done this way have +0.5 increased crit damage multiplier. Two-Handed Style All While wielding a two-handed weapon, deal x1.15 damage. Barbaric Blow Barbarian The barbarian deals a massive blow that deals 1.25x damage, causing additional critical hits and extra critical hit damage for both the blow and any resulting hits from Carnage (30% Hit-to-Crit). Carnage also hits a bigger area. Savage Attack All By attacking with unbridled ferocity, attackers are able to sacrifice melee Accuracy (-5) fo
  5. You can't enchant unarmed. So isn't the best idea to go weapons? And if so which ones would be ideal?
  6. I've been playing on hard and have noticed it getting a bit difficult at times. I wanted to remake my party as I think it can be min maxed much better. Two tanks seems like the best option. What would be the two best tanks? 1. Fight & Paladin 2. Paladin & Paladin The paladin auras seems to be insane but I do not know if any part of the aura stack. When is it a good idea to get high perception? would this be something to get on any one who attacks fast for melee/cast interrupts? Would a party build such as: Fight/Paladin or Paladin/Paladin Barbarian Wiz
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