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  1. Description - Crash to desktop when using map to exit Neketaka by sea from Periki's Overlook. Crash occured when the character reached the end of the map of Neketaka. Reproducible? No, tried to reproduce but no crash occurred.
  2. Holy crap, congrats dude! I tried Trial of Iron on PotD and got wiped with a full party pretty early on lol .
  3. Some are. Some are awesome. And then there's Rapelay. Hehe I've never played that game, never going to play that game lol. That said, you got me curious on what the actual rape rate was in Japan, because it seems like they have a higher acceptance of rape in their media than we American do. Interestingly enough, the rape rate in Japan is 1 per every 100K people, while in the US, it's 27.3 for every 100K people. So despite having much more rape portrayed in their media, Japan has 27 times less rapes than the US does. Strike one against rape culture theory I guess lol.
  4. My problem with the FF videos (and I'm a woman saying this) is that she has openly admitted that she hasn't played all of the games she reviews. I would agree with you completely if she were doing game reviews. The trope videos, as I understand them, are trying to identify recurring patterns over a large number of games. What makes you think she is upset? She is doing cultural criticism - looking at games to find patterns and pointing them out. If anything, it would be better to hire people who had never seen the games to objectively look for examples of the tropes: 1. Provide a standard to identify the various tropes that a disinterested person could follow to identify examples of the tropes 2. Get a bunch of people to count the tropes in various games and cross check that different annotators give the same answers by having several people do the annotations 3. Update the annotator guidelines if the people don't agree and redo the annotations with new people when necessary 4. Crunch the numbers That would give a clearer signal than somebody who plays the games and is emotionally invested in them. It would make a good kickstarter project for someone wanting to uncover the truth about these tropes whatever that truth turns out to be. Sorry man, but if you wanna critique something like games you have to actually play it or you will end up making mistakes like saying that Hitman series is about murdering women and hiding then in dumpsters, instead of making the least aggressive approach and achieve the murder like a professional Hitman. Other observation is, of the 16 targets only 4 are women. Killing the narrative that the games is violence against women.(Blood Money) Yeah exactly...the problem is that her "research" is backwards. She assumes that her tropes are are a systemic problem in gaming, then she goes and looks at a bunch of Lets Play videos to find clips that support her conclusion. This is NOT proper research. You can't assume the conclusion before you even start lol! If it was honest research, she would have a hypothesis that some trope is prevalent through gaming, then should would do some kind of statistical analysis to see how prevalent it is. For example, a good metric may be something like: "Of all best selling games in 2014, only 10% of them allow you to play a female character." That fact is made up, but you see what I mean. Without statistical analysis, cherry picking scenes to make it "seem" like you are right is worthless.
  5. Gonna be honest, I don't see what's "wrong" about people wanting to protect artists against being bullied into changing things. I don't agree with everything that people on the "anti-SJW" side of the argument say, but I do agree with the general idea that bullying or shaming someone into changing something that you find offensive is messed up.
  6. Yeah sure, but did you read what Obsidian changed the joke to? It basically mocked the person complaining how horrible it was. Personally, I think it was a brilliant move . Cool, I haven't seen it. I think this person is pretty pathetic. If these are the kinds of things that get her outraged in life then she must have a pretty sweet life. Getting mad about a bloody limerick in a fictional game in a fictional universe is really the best thing to get pissed about right? All these Wars and bankers sucking the economy dry are just pathetic in comparison to a LIMERICK. RIGHT? /S Yeah but like, that limerick seriously makes people want to murder trans people. It happened to me, not even kidding. After reading that limerick I bought 10 copies of Rocky Horror Picture Show and burned them all out of rage.
  7. Yeah sure, but did you read what Obsidian changed the joke to? It basically mocked the person complaining how horrible it was. Personally, I think it was a brilliant move .
  8. Makes sense to me! Every time I hear something ludicrous like Apple being based in Ireland, I know there's some shady crap going on there, and you expressed what that crap is pretty well . It seems like it all comes down to the conundrum that the people with the wealth make the rules, and they're not going to make rules that will cost them...which just leads to more wealth inequality. Also, I did some more research into the wage gap, this is a pretty good video on it:
  9. I don't know if the tweet in the OP was real, but if it was, SJW's would not care about it. "Save the children" is a conservative argument, and no one in gaming gives a crap about them . SJWs care about women, marginalized groups, and identity politics. Not violence, you're getting your authoritarians mixed up .
  10. I don't have a huge amount of knowledge on the subject, but I definitely don't disagree with you about the modern day wealth distribution problem. But at least to me, it seems like this kind of thing happens regardless of what government system there is. People will find a way to corrupt it. They will exploit tax loopholes, they will buy off watchdog agencies, etc. etc. Honestly, I don't really know what to do about it, it's a problem that has basically always existed. And every solution I can conceive of seems worse than the problem. IIRC, Communism was supposed to be a potential solution to this problem, but it seems like most communist countries have devolved into dictatorial regimes. Once again, you can't stop human nature. Maybe the problem is just that the change in times has produced new challenges? For example, the government of the US was conceived with the idea that people would try to corrupt it, and I think that the checks and balances system worked for a while, but now it seems to be falling apart. There are so many different things that exist in today's environment than exited in the 18th century, and there is no way that the founders of the US government could have thought of them.
  11. No, Capitalism - by definition - is a system of free market enterprise based on impartial competition. You're thinking of Cronyism. Oh? In that case, capitalism doesn't exist, and never has. Capitalism, much like socialism, communism, or any other governmental system, is subject to corruption. I don't think you can ever implement a governmental system that is not corruptible. The best you can do (IMO) is have a system that provides the most freedom and security for the people, while having the highest resistance to corruption. Personally, I prefer capitalism over socialism because I don't like the idea of all the power being concentrated in the government. At least in capitalism the power is split between the government and the modern day equivalent of merchant princes, so I feel like there can be a bit more resistance to corruption there. However, as 2008 showed, this can still be corrupted .
  12. I have. Their explanations aren't that strong IMO. A relatively small part of the gap can be explained by things like childbirth. The major cause though is that professions where women are in the majority are lower-paid than professions requiring a similar level of skill and/or study where men are in the majority. Construction workers are paid more than nurses, for example, and nursing is every bit as demanding as construction work. Erm, according to Google construction worker average salary is ~$35K, and a nurse's average salary is ~$66K. Regardless though, I get your poin, I mean just look at teachers! I won't argue with you that some professions are underpaid. But hey, that's capitalism. I don't think it's any kind of conscious gender bias. Salaries are controlled by supply and demand, and they definitely aren't "fair" by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, you can get a 4 year BS in IT, and make WAY more than someone with a doctorate in Chemistry.
  13. This wage gap thing is always something that people bring up, but I really think it's a misleading statistic. This article explains why far better than I can. http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2013/08/gender_pay_gap_the_familiar_line_that_women_make_77_cents_to_every_man_s.html The way I see it, men and women are just different. They have different challenges, and even different inclinations. These differences manifest in certain ways, one of which I feel leads to the wage gap.
  14. Yes, I am, and it was a mistake to propose the thought experiment to start with. This is a complex issue and can't really be illustrated with anecdotal evidence. It needs systemic analysis, and such an analysis would be a pretty big undertaking. And I'm actually a little bummed that Sarkeesian chose not to do that systemic analysis with the resources made available to her, but instead did a quite a lot of cherry-picking when making her case. Her argument would have been much stronger if she had done otherwise. Does it matter if some female NPC's are submissive? Of course not. It does, however, matter if female NPC's are usually or by default cast into a few predefined roles: waifus, woman-in-the-fridge vengeance plot drivers, background decoration, or objects to be rescued. Which is, unfortunately, where most of 'em have ended up, until the past couple of years at least. I could easily list a bunch of standout women characters in games too, but they stand out precisely because they're the exceptions. Perhaps a better thought experiment would have been, of the games you've played which feature men and women as characters, how often are the men portrayed as someone you'd want to be? How often are the women portrayed as something you'd want to possess? I 100% agree with you about Anita, and your view that systemic analysis needs to be done. And if that analysis were (honestly) done, and it did show that there is a very large systemic bias towards "macho" male characters all across gaming, I would acknowledge it. Until then though, I am going to have to go off my personal experience, which says that there is no such bias. Moving on, I think that your next thought experiment really depends upon the one answering. You ever hear the phrase "women want him, men want to be him?" This refers to a desirable male, and the idea is that women want to possess him, but men want to be him. The reasoning for this is simple... Straight women, want men, so they simply want to have the man. Straight men, want women, so they want to be a man who can get women. So if you ask me, a straight man this question, of course I would want to "possess" the female character and want to be the male character. But a gay man, or a straight woman may respond differently. Also, possess in this context doesn't literally mean "own," it more means more "sexually desire."
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