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  1. It's been done by a few people using cheddar. One used rogue and pathing abuse(me) and another is pretty deep in abusing retaliation barbarian parmesian. There's a few other people who have apparently done it before as well.
  2. I have to agree, I'm confused that I can blind enemies without eyes.
  3. I thought IE mod was just UI changes. Can you link so I see what else it does?
  4. Yep but I'm not even the first person to complete it, I asked on reddit forums if anyone else had done it and immediately got a reply of an image showing someone else doing it before me. The guide : Mozarella-Be a rogue Cheddar-Shadowing Beyond(It lets you drop combat) and backstab Swiss-Abuse enemy AI pathing Munster- Traps American- The movespeed utility talent and shot on the run Parmesian- PLAY TWO GAMES AT ONCE, one on easy with a full party using the same character stats, you can double check what will work and what won't, the FORCED battles are EXACTLY the same numbers jus
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31hoha/am_i_the_first_solo_triple_crown/ http://i.imgur.com/6PDv1mB.png http://steamcommunity.com/id/folsomdsf/ Obsidian, I am your biggest fan <3 I hope the DLC is just as good, I'll now be doing a 6 priest playthrough next. Also, your rest less than 10 times achievement is bugged, I did not get it on this playthrough <3 Edit: I just saw the irony that I posted this directly above the 'hard mode is too easy' topic. Edit 2: Oh and for the point of the post, I just wanted to thank Obsidian for making the game. Thank
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