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  1. You guys keep talking about Arquebus being best for ranger have you tried using 3 Blunderbusse's ( LEad Splitter, Micar Roar + Exceptional/Superb ) and Dulcanale with vicous aim , no arquebus build comes close to damage for me mostly due how there are no good unique arquebus'es to quick switch who could compare to those 3 unique blunderrbuss/pistol
  2. I mean you people can play scruby characters without making forum threads , and poluting it :D ? cant you ? Also why you even consider NOT going 20 Intellect on chanter is beyond me .... INT is like the only stat that matter for a chanter , THE ONLY STAT THAT MATTERS
  3. PoTD has toooooo many trash enemies to move around with melee char , it gets better after defiance bay because even POTD becomes that easy that your rogue can just go 2hiting stuff while tanking anything , but that is the same with any other class after defiance bay , meanwhile early you might aswell have him using warbow and getting carried to defiance bay , also some fights are just terrible for a melee to be there (not enough space to move arround ) , thats why i havent played a single melee DPS in many playtroughs . You also could use Pike early for extended reach and stand behind your tank .
  4. Well you know.... some people build rangers to do damage and they dont do any if pet die's ( not talking about laughable warbow builds that fits some nerds dream )
  5. Enemies running around in circles because path finding doesnt exist is more hilarious , when your characters do that it becomes enraging not hilarious .
  6. Same here , got to gilded vale and cant barter for **** , i aint buying anything to waste gold that i scarce early so i can avoid the bugs , just fix this and fix it today on the beta build if you got any decency obsidian
  7. only unenlightened people demand single player game nerfs Cant EDIT: substituted a word.
  8. Unique Blunderbusses+Unique Pistols > Arquebusses for quick switching all the way , there is 1 usable unique arquebuss and you want to have that one on a support character like priest to give marking for your ranged dpser anyway . Lead Splitter , Mica's Roar , Dulcanale - arquacrap can dream to be this good .
  9. Tears of casuals is like first thing for a game to be recognized as decent ... PoE long way to go but the river starts flowing step by step , Oh please Sir casual shed more tears
  10. Are you guys playing on normal or something? Its not like your tanks can engage even half of enemies on POTD ( 8 engagement slots vs 20 enemy ) , and if you try to flank with pets or melee damage dealers they have to be tanking while being flanked themselves
  11. Thing i dislike is this pathetic punishment by developers to people who want to slaughter their annoying caravan , i mean Odema & CO get slaughtered by few bandits that are piss easy , but when you decide to kill them Odema and his guard's are tougher than actual bandits who kill them , Lol SJW design
  12. I would go for dual Sabre's they are best melee weapons , also OSA gives +20% which is great ( its not +20 dmg like last patch anymore )
  13. Main trade off melee vs ranged imo is : Time Spent Moving/Positioning , Terrible Pathfinding , Terrible encounter design with too many enemy that limits moving alot , no? thats why i think Melee were given better talents than ranged?
  14. You guys realize that we are the ONLY patch beta testers :D ? Or you naively believe that obsidian isnt going full eric cartman at the moment :D
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